• 29 July, 2021
  • - Pooja Karkala

How Interior Design Improves Your Mental Health - 5 Proven Tips

Take a deep breath. Exhale. Let go!

Lately, we have been staying indoors round the clock, and it's anything but fun. But what if you could replace the insanity, and fill your home with peace, and tranquillity? The minute you step into your space, the feeling of "finalllyyy I'm home," is unbeatable. But how many of you really feel at peace when you enter your home?

"Peace at home, peace in the world" - Mustafa Kemal

If you were looking for ways to calm your mind, and improve the way your space impacts your mind, we got it covered!

5 Ways Interior Design Affects Your Mental Well-Being

1. The Psychology Of Color - How, and Which Color Can Alter Your Mood!

Do you have a specific colour that brings out your best mood? Maybe a good memory associated with it? A colour that invokes "I'm feeling lucky today" vibes!

Each colour has an impact on your mind! And each colour has perceptual attributes such as hue, saturation, and lightness. Hue is the purest form of colour, saturation describes the intensity of colour, whereas lightness depends on the presence of black and white in a color. These attributes of colour interact with the human mind and form a certain degree of preference in them.  

Scientific studies show that cool-toned colours such as blue, cyan, and green bestowed a sense of serenity and calmness among major groups of people (1). These colours were rated high on the mood scale.

Tips On How To Add #Colour To Elevate Your #Vibe

  1. Take time to make the right colour choices for your home to uplift your soul.
  2. Explore the perfect colour combinations that invoke freshness in you.

  3. Go for a colour palette that transmits a sense of repose, and placidity.

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2. Use Minimalistic Furniture

Piling up unwanted furniture will turn your house messy, and inaccessible. An open house with clear space creates a sense of openness in your thoughts. Room layout, and furniture placement are major contributors to an area that looks spick, and span.

Tips On How To Optimise Your Furniture To Heave Away Stress

  1. Streamline your surroundings, and only preserve things that you are extremely fond of.
  2. Eliminate furniture that creates chaos or distracts you.  
  3. Add a piece of your favourite furniture that makes you smile every time you walk into the room.
  4. A little piece of vintage chattel can add a great character to your space.

Don'ts Of Furniture

How do you feel when you enter an unorganized place? stuffy, annoyed, and flustered! Now picture yourself in a clear and open place, and observe your emotions. Aren't you relaxed, carefree, and composed? That's exactly how spacing can affect your mind. Here's a short Don'ts on furniture arrangement.

  1. Don't junk it all in one corner
  2. Don't overmatch too much
  3. Don't block the windows
  4. Don't place everything against the wall

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3. Let There Be Light!  

"Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you."

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When the natural light shines on you, there's an illuminating sensation created within. This very feeling allows us to get up and get going for the day.

Perks Of Allowing Natural Light In Your Home

  1. Makes any space look larger

  2. Adds life to the colours, and various surfaces of the furniture, walls, and floors in your home.

  3. Increases serotonin (2) (you know, the #happyvibes)

  4. Helps you save electricity.

How To Allow #Light To #Enlighten Your Spirit

  1. Install panoramic windows

  2. Add skylights

  3. Use reflective tiles

  4. Add pastel, cool-toned colours

4. Include Elements Of Nature

We don't realise how often we are surrounded by the elements of nature. They are the life force for our ultimate well-being.

Placing minuscule plantations inside your room can be therapeutic (3). Earthy elements like stone, crystals, and wood create a warm environment. A little hint of nature can uplift your spirit on the whole.

So, let's look into some awesome tips that allow mother nature to be your interior designer.

  1. Incorporate natural wood furniture for a rustic and country feel.

  2. Add a water feature

  3. Bring in little green friends to help depollute the air.

  4. Use recycled products

  5. Create your own little spa area with scented candles.

5. Unclutter To Unwind

Do you reallyyyyy need that all that stuff? All the piled-up things that you have been hoarding! Do you even use them anymore? If you have nodded 'No', then it's time to pull up your sleeves, and clean up the space.

Pay attention to your surroundings, and observe every object. If you instantly feel unpleasant about a particular object, dispose it immediately. With these little adjustments, you can transform your house instantly. A cohesive design creates room for serenity, and productivity (4).


Aertsen: How We Help Promote Your Mental Well-Being With Interior Design

  • At Aertsen, our expert designers have worked on diverse projects, making people feel much happier in their homes. Each house is planned, and designed with a vision to establish harmony by using scientific aspects of design. We very well know that happiness begins at home, and that's exactly what we exercise in our service. To see how our designers can help, make sure to get in touch.


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