Bringing your vision to life with premium products.

Aertsen brings you a range of offerings that will build your dream home the way you envisioned it.

Modular Units

Design solutions that will transform your lifestyle. Modular kitchen, wardrobe and storage units that are easily customizable to your taste and style.

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Dedicated Custom Work

Building and installing every detail with clean finishes. A team of dedicated workers who will attend to your renovations, wallpapers, painting, glass partitions and more.

Home Appliances

Premium built-in kitchen appliances partnered with brands like Bosch, Bora and more.

Elegant Furniture

Carefully designed furniture customised in colour, texture and make, to transform each space.

Decor Elements

Every little detail matters. Curating only the best to harmonize with the entire design of the space.

Design Consultation

Want to design your home yourself? Consult with our designers for quick solutions.

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