Design | April 29, 2023

10 Arresting Dining Room Design Ideas To Wine & Dine In Style

A dining room is one of those areas which promote communication, unity and companionship. The absence of the dining table can disassemble how a family interacts, often binding each to their specific rooms. So, losing yourself in ambiguity while designing your dining room isn’t an option. Lucky for you, this blog will walk you through our top picks for stunning dining room design ideas. Moreover, just placing a dining table in the middle of the room might facilitate a place to dine for your family, but to make the most out of the space which promotes togetherness, you need to establish a proper design that resonates with your family.

Note: Though the dining table is the centrepiece of any dining room, other design aspects of the room are equally important. So, we have also tried to emphasise the importance of lighting, colour palette, layout and other décor elements. Additionally, as home decorators and designers, we believe no two homes are the same hence we have included a variety of designs to meet everyone’s requirements.

1. Nordic Dining Room

Dining Room Design Ideas

Kicking off the list of dining room designs, the first one comes with a subtle resemblance to the Nordic design style. Nestled near a fireplace, the wooden dining table is surrounded by natural light piercing through the windows and neutral white walls. Meanwhile, soft curvy furniture and an earthy colour palette concoct a cosy and inviting space, accompanied by a flawless layout. Despite being in such proximity to the living area, the dining area commands its own separate atmosphere and establishes a clear line of communication between all the adjoining areas. As far as lighting is concerned, the chandelier above the table is precisely placed to create a dim ambience for when the sun’s out of town, however, you should integrate lights according to your preferences. We recommend adding recessed lights on the ceiling or some accent lights around the area.

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2. Dining Nook

Dining Room Design Ideas

Technically not a dining room, but rather an extension of the kitchen. We had to include this design idea because of its sheer design genius. Many small homes today, lack the space to have a proper dining room, in such a state of affairs, this dining room design can relieve the dependency on available space. As a bonus, access to food and other necessary utensils is enhanced by ten folds. However, the reason we are so impressed with the design is because of the astute use of natural light, which doubles as an aesthetic upgrade. Imagine sitting down for supper and getting lost in the serene views of your backyard. Furthermore, the small nook does not obstruct the kitchen’s layout, nor does it diminish functionality.

3. Lawless Centrepiece

Comfort and style are never the same for two different people. While for some, a mid-century dining set is a perfect addition to their dining room. For others, a mix and match of various furniture is the way to go. This dining room design in a studio apartment perfectly portrays that. Perched over a traditional area rug, the dining table and the chairs surrounding it follow the same design style. The table, placed near the window, adjacent to the kitchen takes advantage of the layout by giving itself an identity through the furniture and decor elements. Meanwhile, its proximity to the kitchen and window enhances the functionality and provides lots of natural light.

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4. Muted Luxury

Dining Room Design Ideas

Surrounded by layers of opulence, this dining room is as spacious as it gets without being oversized. With walls decorated with textured paint, and floors embellished with tiles and wooden inlay, the homeowner went all out to design this extravagant dining room. Featuring a live wood countertop, perched over custom metal legs and surrounded by chic chairs, the designer, in this case, created a truly luxurious dining experience. This is further aggrandised by golden-accented pendant lights hung over the table. The overall vibe of the room makes them comparable to high-end luxury hotels, if you have the space for such a dining room design – go for it.

5. Nature-Infused Dining Room

Drawing inspiration from nature, the designer of this dining room has filled it with green – plants, décor elements and a wall of the same colour. Perched over an area rug, in the middle of the room, a round wooden dining table is a reminiscence of the same inspiration. Accompanied by white walls and other décor elements, the space creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere. The table can facilitate four people at once, six if you force it. The area is not really for an extended family, it would rather work great for a small apartment, or for a small family. The room has more than adequate lighting options while natural light pours in from the right side window especially making the space come to life.

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6. Twisted Neutral Dining Room

Dining Room Design Ideas

Sometimes things may seem out of place, but in a good way, if that makes sense. The design is all about surprising you with something unexpected, like in a modern calm neutral room – a live edge wooden dining table surrounded by classic wooden chairs. The table itself has so much character when compared to the plain walls, but they come together to create a popping dining room that can uplift your mood. But that is not to say, the room is boring, as various décor elements including a couple of abstract paintings and wooden flooring add colour to the room. The true beauty of this dining room is its ability to astonish the onlooker effortlessly.

7. Traditional Black & White Dining Room

With a beaded black wall in the backdrop, surrounded by expensive designer furniture, this dining room is the embodiment of elegance. The colour palette primarily consists of black and white. These colours are meticulously integrated into various aspects of the room to enhance the aesthetics of the room. It goes as far as to influence the furniture, birthing a mesmerising décor.  The marble dining table in the middle is made entirely from white marble, while the black chairs surrounding it, help the table pop even more. Moreover, the console table near the dining table, pushed to the wall besides enhancing the aesthetics, also acts as the crockery unit. With dark features such as this room, lighting plays a key role in keeping things functional. So, the designers make way for a combination of natural and artificial lights to illuminate the room.

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8. Japandi Dining Room

Dining Room Design Ideas

One of the greatest advantages of minimalism is its ability to create a calm and airy atmosphere and so does this dining room design. The sheer absence of colours in the room gives it a safe and familiar vibe. Meanwhile, the beige wooden table introduces a drop of sophistication. Japandi interior design is big on utilising natural light to illuminate the space, and this dining room design stands true to that principle. However, the room also has recessed lights fixed on the ceiling, when natural light isn’t available.

9. Dining Room Booth

Dining Room Design Ideas

Here is something you won’t find in most homes, a booth-style dining table arrangement in a neutral white dining room. The room is decorated with an amalgamation of modern and classical design elements, even the table is influenced by this design style. On one side, the L-Shaped booth sofa is accompanied by wooden chairs on the other side of the table. As far as lighting is concerned, the architecture takes advantage of skylights, wall scones and pendant lights to illuminate the room. Even though the room’s walls are drenched in neutrality, a variety of décor elements break through that neutrality and add some interest to the space.

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10. Neo-Classical Dining Room

In the rare case you live in a castle or a palace, or would like to turn your home into one, this dining room design is the way to go. Rich white walls accompanied by deep green chairs, this dining room design is drenched in classical extravagance. What especially stands out are the tall white walls ornate with beading and skirting decorated with POP ornamental designs. The room effortlessly exudes luxury and opulence through the selection of premium furniture and intricate details in the décor elements. The wooden dining table with a white marble countertop surrounded by green velvet chairs gives meaning and character to the room. While the pendant lights, black wooden floor and a sprinkle of green throughout the room spark interest.

To sum up, a dining room is more than just a space where people consume food, it’s a binding space that helps the home come together. Hence, the dining room design is as vital as any other room in the home. Hopefully, this blog helped you settle on a dining room design for your own home. Happy designing!