Details build aesthetic.

A Room Without Décor Is Like A Body Without A Soul

Accessorize your room to achieve that extra glam it deserves. Choose wisely, Décor can make or break the vibe of a room.

Glam Up Your Room!

We are here to guide you on your journey of accessorizing your home to ensure no corner is left unstylized. To give you a full fledged experience, we take your requirements into consideration and present to you detailed Décor solutions that complete your home.

Add-On For Choosing Aertsen

One-stop shop

Aertsen has a widespread range of Décor you can choose from. Our designers will help and suggest the best suited for you.

Better value

With your additional personal touch, each Décor piece speaks ‘you’, helping you create personalized spaces.

Quick installation

All artifacts and Décor pieces can be assembled as per timeline of the project, without any hindrance, giving you a flawless masterpiece.

Interior Lighting

That Lights Up Your Mood!

An Eye For Detail.

While you're busy selecting the hues, textures, and Décor for your room, don't miss out on the subtle additions that curtains & blinds, and some good wall Décor can bring to your room aesthetic.

Curtains & Blinds

Wall Décor Accessories

A Few Words From

Our Clients

The designing phase was quite a journey, but the Aertsen team made it extremely simple and fun for both of us. Javed and Tej from the design team helped us pick out the right materials by understanding what we needed, and we got what we were looking for.

Mr. Prathik

I had a fantastic experience with Aertsen. They understood what we were looking for and they delivered the project in what I feel is a record-breaking time. Another thing I would like to add is that they always kept us in the loop. We were always informed about what's going on at the site. In short, we really appreciated how transparent they were with us.

Mr. Santosh

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