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In the new age, why leave our homes behind from becoming intelligent? Upgrade your abode with the latest in-home automation that we offer!

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Home automation is here to fill the voids of efficiency and security in your home. We provide a wide range of options to make your everyday life effortless and convenient. The latest technology advancements are helpful in delivering the roles of connectivity and efficiency at your fingertips. We strive to bring to you affordable and intelligent solutions for your home automation needs.

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Pert is a leading innovative brand, providing intelligent technology for all home automation needs. Their systems are designed to seamlessly adapt to your living and working environment, allowing you to monitor and manage the same in a simple and convenient fashion. As your family grows, so can your smart home.

Elevating spaces with ambience, intelligence and intuition. Keus lets you Interact with your home in multiple ways; voice, app or a smart click. You decide. Designed with the latest technology, Keus products are meant to be fast, non-disruptive and easy to install. Their products provide you with remote access from anywhere around the world. So you can spend your time with your loved ones, doing the most of what you enjoy.

Honeywell Home Automation is an innovative new home management system designed to drive all of the major elements that affect your comfort, security and energy consumption, including heating, lighting, curtains and blinds, security systems and power sockets. Instead of using different hardware boxes in a variety of locations, you can control everything wirelessly via Honeywell Home Automation using a tablet, phone, or a range of stylish wall control units.

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The designing phase was quite a journey, but the Aertsen team made it extremely simple and fun for both of us. Javed and Tej from the design team helped us pick out the right materials by understanding what we needed, and we got what we were looking for.

Mr. Prathik

I had a fantastic experience with Aertsen. They understood what we were looking for and they delivered the project in what I feel is a record-breaking time. Another thing I would like to add is that they always kept us in the loop. We were always informed about what's going on at the site. In short, we really appreciated how transparent they were with us.

Mr. Santosh

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