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At times, one just wants to experiment with styles and colors - go right ahead! Our range of exclusive furniture is at your fingertips for you to fuel your inner designer!

Eyes Locked On A Magnificent Furniture Piece?

We've got you covered. Anything from a small accent table to a family couch- Exquisite furniture available for your convenience! To enhance your experience we offer a widespread range of top-notch quality and style, coming in from around the world to magnify the beauty of your home.

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One-stop shop

We offer all Luxury brands from across the globe under one roof.

Better value

Regardless of the brand you choose, we offer an excellent deal

Quick installation

Our experts are trained to assemble products efficiently.

Complete Range Of Imported Furniture

Flying in from all over the world, we offer a range of choices from Turkey, Italy, Germany, Austria, China, Hongkong, Malaysia & Indonesia. Providing you products from best-in-class manufacturers ensuring quality and longevity for each product. Your home can now be fused with international styles and standards.

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A Range Of Stylized Furniture


Arm Chairs

Coffee Tables

Dining Sets

Bed sets

Aertsen’s Own Label

Curated To Craft Perfection

To achieve oneness and find YOU in every detail, we manufacture all your products in our facility.

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Our Clients

The designing phase was quite a journey, but the Aertsen team made it extremely simple and fun for both of us. Javed and Tej from the design team helped us pick out the right materials by understanding what we needed, and we got what we were looking for.

Mr. Prathik

I had a fantastic experience with Aertsen. They understood what we were looking for and they delivered the project in what I feel is a record-breaking time. Another thing I would like to add is that they always kept us in the loop. We were always informed about what's going on at the site. In short, we really appreciated how transparent they were with us.

Mr. Santosh

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