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10 Bathroom Countertop Materials Every Designer Loves

Have you ever wondered why almost all countertops in the bathroom are made of some sort of stone? Whether it’s marble, granite or quartzite – it’s always a water-resistant material. And it makes sense, right? Since it’s in a bathroom, it’s bound to face constant watery action. But why stone exactly? Why not metal or even plastic? To answer that question and many others that you might have in your quest to select the best bathroom countertop material, here’s a list of the best materials designers love for a bathroom countertop. Not just that, delve deep into why each material is used and what are their pros and cons. So, without any further ado, let’s jump into it!

Are Stone Countertops Better Than Other Materials?

To be blunt, which material is better than the other depends upon the individual’s requirements and preferences. While some people prefer the veiny appearance of marble, others would rather stick to something budget-friendly and low-maintenance. So, to answer your question – no, there is no “one size fits all” kind of solution when it comes to countertops.

Why Stone Over Wood For Bathroom Countertops?

Logic would tell you stone makes for a better countertop in a bathroom because of water. Even though that is an irrefutable fact, the truth is several wood species are naturally resistant to moisture and decay. That is not to say they are better than stone countertops because even these wood species require a robust sealing technique and regular maintenance for long-lasting life. Stone countertops, in contrast, don’t have this issue and don’t require that level of commitment to last longer, and that’s why people prefer stone over wood.

Are There Any Other Materials Used For Countertops?

Despite the popularity of stone countertops, there is no shortage of countertops made using other materials, especially metal and plastic. Metal countertops are extremely durable and are available in stainless steel, copper and zinc. On the other hand, plastic countertops such as laminates, solid surfaces and recycled plastic are also quite efficient.

Best Bathroom Countertop Materials

All caught up? Now it’s time for what you are here for! Here’s a list of the best bathroom countertop materials.

1. Granite

Bathroom Countertop Materials

Starting with granite, a material that is both widely popular and surprisingly affordable, thanks to its distinctive veining, patterns, and colour variations. However, its appeal goes beyond mere aesthetics. As a product of Mother Nature’s creativity, each granite slab becomes a unique masterpiece. Now, why is it the top choice for many? Well, the answer lies in its undeniable beauty. Furthermore, granite countertops boast exceptional durability, low maintenance requirements, and outstanding stain resistance, ensuring a timeless and long-lasting addition to your space. The fact that granite remains relatively inexpensive, despite its exceptional quality and desirability, is truly remarkable.

Wondering where the best granite in India comes from? India is one of the major producers of granite, and the hotspots for these naturally occurring stones are – Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala.

Available Colours: The colour variations for this stone ranges from whites, blacks, reds, greens and blues, with various shades in between.

Price: ₹1500 to ₹4000 per square foot (The prices may differ depending upon a vanity of factors such as quality of the stone, colour, origin, thickness, and the location of the supplier.)

2. Marble

Need something more luxurious? Marble countertops are your best bet! They are the epitome of luxury and elegance. What’s more, Marble is long being used in all sorts of settings, be it traditional or contemporary. Besides its stunning aesthetics, marble is also known for its intricate veining pattern and smooth/glossy finish. The naturally forming veins and colours make each slab unique and one of a kind. If you are still not convinced why marble is one of the best countertop materials, here is why! They are not just a sight for sore eyes but are also heat resistant and completely natural. Not to mention, having a marble countertop in your bathroom increases the value of your home.

Bathroom Countertop Materials

As alluring and stylish marble is, they also come with a few drawbacks you should know about. Most significant is the fact that marble needs regular sealing and delicate handling to keep it looking awesome. Also, marble is porous and softer compared to granite, meaning it’s more prone to scratches and etching.

Available Colours: One of the reasons marble is so popular is because of the various colours it’s available in, such as white, beige, grey, green and even some of the rarest colours, like pink and blue.

Price: ₹60 to ₹6000 per square foot (The prices are influenced by several factors, such as colours, origin, and thickness, with some premium and rare marble varieties being even more costly.)

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3. Quartzite

Bathroom Countertop Materials

If you want the looks of marble and the durability of granite, quartzite is the way to go! They are the amalgamation of every good quality of the previous two materials, making them even more sought after than marble. But wait, there is more! Quartzite is not just harder than marble – it is also less porous and mimics marble’s attractive patterns along with distinct veins. And because of these incredible qualities, these slabs tend to be a tad bit more costlier than other materials. Sadly, that’s not the only drawback – this material requires regular sealing and proper maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition.

In case this material seems like the perfect match, you can source this material from Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Utter Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

Available Colours: These slabs can be found in a variety of materials, including white, grey, beige, pink and other rare colours.

Price: ₹100 to ₹8000 per square foot (Premium and exotic varieties may command higher prices, while other common types may be more affordable)

4. Soapstone

Despite what the name may suggest, the material has nothing to do with soap beside the stone feeling like one. One interesting titbit about soapstone is it primarily consists of talc, as in talcum powder – widely used in summer. But that is nothing to do with the matte finish this material is known for. And what’s even better is that this material develops a natural patina over time, which adds to its charm and character. As if that wasn’t enough, the stone can lighten or darken over time when treated with mineral oil or left to age. Additionally, its inherent low porosity makes it a far more appealing choice compared to other options.

Even though it has so many great benefits, the stone is not as hard as granite or quartz – they are more pervy to develop scratches on top of the patina. Does soapstone seem like your cup of tea? If yes, the best soapstone can be sourced from Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh.

Available Colours: Soapstone generally comes in dark grey, but shades of green, blue and black are also available.

Price: ₹3000 to ₹6000 per square foot (The prices may fluctuate depending upon the market)

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5. Quartz

Bathroom Countertop Materials

Even though quartz may sound a lot like quartzite, the two are completely unrelated. In fact, one is man-made, and the other is the result of nature’s craftsmanship. Quartz, as mentioned before, is an engineered stone made from naturally occurring quartz crystals mixed with resin, polymers and pigments. So, in a way, they are natural but brought together through the skilful hands of humans. What’s more, because they are man-made, they offer wider design flexibility and can mimic other naturally occurring materials like marble and granite. But what truly makes this material better than others is that it’s non-porous and doesn’t require sealing.

Because of its versatility and low maintenance requirements, it’s a very sought-after material, and the costs reflect that. If you like the idea of a quartz countertop, you should know how to get your hands on one. Since they are engineered rather than found and cut, you can source quartz slabs from manufacturers in India. Some of the more notable names are Prism Johnson Limited,  Sharda Granite And Marble Pvt Ltd and Tile Italia Mosaics Private Limited.

Available Colours: Since it’s an engineered material, the variations in colours can be unlimited.

Price: ₹4000 to ₹8000 per square foot (The prices may vary depending on the manufacturer and quality)

6. Solid Surface

Just like quartz, a solid surface countertop is also a man-made material but differs in its composition of ingredients. And akin to quartz, solid surface offers a wide range of design possibilities. They can be fabricated into any shape and design, making them perfect for both traditional and contemporary settings. But what sets it apart from others is its ability to create integrated sinks and backsplash, eliminating any seams. On top of that, it can be manufactured to mimic other natural materials – resulting in a specific look without all the drawbacks of the natural material.  

Furthermore, solid surface countertops are non-porous, stain and heat-resistant, making them perfect for daily use. If a solid surface feels like a solid option for your bathroom, you can source this material from reliable manufacturers like Hyundai L&C, Durlax and Plexzar Solid Surface.

Available Colours: Being an engineered material, the possibilities for colour variations are virtually limitless.

Price: ₹2500 to ₹5000 per square foot (Prices may differ depending on the manufacturer, quality, colour and other factors.)

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7. Laminate

Bathroom Countertop Materials

Laminate is one of the cheapest of all the countertop materials, yet it’s highly versatile. And that’s one of the reasons why the material is so popular among homeowners. It provides a cheaper alternative to expensive options like marble and granite as it can mimic any natural material. What’s more, it’s a non-porous material, making it easier to clean and maintain. However, since laminates are largely made of plastics, they are not heat resistant and highly susceptible to scratches. Plus, they are not even as durable as other options on this list. Basically, you are compromising some of the advantages of other materials for a cheaper alternative.

Sourcing laminates is not that hard since they are available in most home improvement stores. Some of the well-known brands for laminates are Formica, Merino laminates and Virgo laminates.

Available Colours: Laminates are available in all sorts of colours, patterns and designs.

Price: ₹300 to ₹800 per square foot (Prices may vary depending upon the brand, colour and quality)

8. Concrete

Concrete might seem simple enough, but it offers a modern and industrial aesthetic with a smooth and minimalist appearance. This countertops have grown in popularity because of their ability to be customised, giving homeowners the option to achieve any look that compliments their home. But what makes it unique is every concrete countertop has its own imperfections and texture, adding to its charm and sophistication. That being said, concrete countertops are prone to staining and chipping. Also, without a sealant, it’s porous, making it a bad choice for the bathroom.

Concrete countertops aren’t readily available – they are custom-made by craftsmen. You can also find one in some speciality design studios. If concrete countertops feel like a perfect fit, you should look for an artisan.

Available Colours: The colours for this material can be customised.

Price: ₹4000 to ₹8000 per square foot (Prices may differ depending upon where you get the countertop from)

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9. Crushed Glass

Bathroom Countertop Materials

The next bathroom countertop materials on this list is definitely the most eco-friendly option. If the name did not give it away – these countertops are fabricated using recycled pieces of glass and clear resin. Because glass can be found or painted in literally any colour, they are considered highly versatile and can accommodate a wide variety of design styles. The material is non-porous, making it easy to maintain, and when sealed properly, it’s also heat resistant. To top it all off, they are known for their vibrant colours that can make any space come to life.

Even though some speciality design studios may have crushed glass countertops ready to go, in case you have a specific design or theme in mind. It will take some time to be fabricated.

Available Colours: This material integrates several colours with the same countertop.

Price: ₹4500 to ₹9000 per square foot (The prices may vary depending upon the brand, design complexity and the location of the supplier.)

10. Tiles

Finally, how can you forget about tiles? Tiles are the most affordable bathroom countertop materials, right after laminates. Not to mention, tiles can be found in a wide variety of shapes, colours, sizes and patterns, giving them huge design versatility. As if that wasn’t enough, tiles can be arranged in various patterns and layouts, making every counter unique. And because of that very reason, individual tiles can be replaced in case of damage or chipping – giving it an upper hand over other materials. What’s more, you don’t have to use traditional ceramic tiles for the countertop – you can even use materials like marble and granite as tiles.

Bathroom Countertop Materials

As you might be aware, tiles are easily available across the country. Whether you get it from showrooms or any other source depends upon your choice. However, some specialty tiles have to be sourced from specific suppliers.

Available Colours: Tiles are available in a variety of colours and can be manufactured as per your requirements.

Price:  ₹600 to ₹3000 per square foot (The prices may vary drastically depending upon the type of tile and design)

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To summarise, those are our top picks for the best bathroom countertop materials. If you found this blog informative, explore our other blogs.