Design | October 28, 2022

10 Best Home Bar Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

Do you know what’s the best cure for a stressful day? A bottle of chilled beer, your couch, and serenity, but how many of us really care how it’s stored? A bottle in the fridge, a bottle beside the bed, or any of the other hundred different places people store them. So, what’s the solution? An easy solution is to install a home bar, but if you care about what it would look like, this blog will take you through our top picks for the best home bar design ideas.

1. Home Bar With A View

 Home Bar Design Ideas

All most people want is a glass of beer at the end of a hectic day, but having a great view along with it is the cherry on top. The design is simple yet manages to exude incredible sophistication. The bar features upside-down wine glass hangers, a marble countertop, and golden accent pendant lights. To complete the ambience, the designers went with wooden flooring, modular cabinets, and chic bar stools. Check out the entire project, designed for Mr. Prabhakar.

2. Rustic Home Bar Design

If you want that farmhouse look for your home bar, this design has to be your best choice. Be it the wooden stools or the wooden counter, everything lines up with a rustic theme mostly found in farmhouses. The best part about this design is that it’s quite spacious and can store a lot of things at the same time. Furthermore, the bar features accent lighting, a white marble countertop, and a beautiful series of pendant lights that elevate the ambience.

 Home Bar Design Idea

3. Industrial Home Bar Design

Single wall bar designs have grown in popularity over the past few years, as they don’t take up a lot of space while providing a unique look. The bar unit features an exposed brick dado that separates the glass MS frame cabinets on top and the wooden cabinets on the bottom. To top it all off, the designers added an artistic metal art piece on the ceiling and industrial bar stools.

4. Old School Home Bar Design

Inspired by old western bars, this home bar consists of a single round wooden counter along with a single bar chair. This is a very intimate bar and isn’t for entertaining guests. Taking this design story to the next level, the designers placed an animal hide rug under the counter. Furthermore, the design can easily fit into any small space, making it perfect if you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

 Home Bar Design Idea

5. Lavish Home Bar Design

 Home Bar Design Idea

Perhaps the biggest home bar featured on this list, it’s decorated with all sorts of luxurious elements to suit a high-end lifestyle. The bar itself can accommodate up to eight people effortlessly, almost like an actual bar. Moreover, behind the bar, an enigmatic metal rack is installed to enhance the look and display the variety of alcoholic beverages.

6. Clean Minimalistic Home Bar Design

After the biggest home bar, it’s time to showcase the smallest. The bar, which sits on the balcony, is as simple as it gets, with a wine chiller, cabinets, and bar stools. The design also utilises the small space quite brilliantly to accommodate everything that is needed for the bar. The added benefit of this bar design is that you get that amazing view with every sip of beer.

7. Premium Home Bar Design

 Home Bar Design Idea

The bar is decorated with black walls and accent lights that deliver a premium look. The bar features a long counter in front with Spanish gold marble as a countertop. It brings contrast to a rather monotonic aesthetic. Moreover, calling the unit a home bar might be an understatement since it features all the elements you would find in restaurants and hotels. However, this spacious bar unit requires a lot of space to be properly integrated into a home.

8. Single Wall Home Bar Design

If you are running extremely low on space but still need an aesthetically pleasing and organised home bar unit, then it doesn’t get any better than this. It’s simplistic to its core yet manages to stand out, decorated with fluted wood panelling and an MS frame rack on the front that holds all the beverages. And finally, a marble countertop is set to rest any glasses or bottles while pouring the beverages.

9. Home Bar In The Sky

 Home Bar Design Idea

People seem to love having a bar counter on their balconies, as this is the third one on the list. And who wouldn’t? Coming to the home bar unit, it’s designed similar to a wardrobe that can be accessed by opening the doors. Inside, the bar is dominated by mid-eighteenth century wood and abundant storage space, along with careful lighting.

10. Classic Home Bar

The final entry on the list had to be special, so we present this classic mid-eighteenth century style bar counter. Its speciality blends into any home interior effortlessly and doesn’t require much space. The golden racks and dark blue counter go well together to create a unique aesthetic. You can even go further and play around with the colour palette.

 Home Bar Design Idea

To summarise, there are a plethora of designs available on the internet, but these are our top ten picks for Indian households. However, if you want something unique for your home, get in touch with the designers at Aertsen.