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10 Designer-Approved Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Contrary to its name, modern design is not exactly modern. The truth is it originated in the early 20th century as an alternative to Victorian and Edwardian styles of interior design. And due to the myriad of socioeconomic changes during the era, the living room also saw a plethora of modifications. Originally, living rooms were called parlours and were meant to receive guests in a formal setting. Later with the advent of televisions, living rooms saw a drastic change in both the layout and atmosphere. And the effect of those changes can be seen in living rooms today. Even though the concept of a modern living room is a bit outdated, that doesn’t stop people from finding a connection with the design style. A leading theory suggests that the appeal of modern living rooms stems from their emphasis on simplicity, minimalism and functionality. So, to help you make the most out of your living room, we have listed below our top picks for the best modern living room design ideas.

Note: Modern and mid-century modern designs are very closely related and often share similar characteristics. The main difference is modern design tends to be rigid and takes a no-nonsense approach towards decorating a space, whereas mid-century modern enjoys more freedom with colours and accents. We have included some of those options in the mix as well to give you a wider range of options.

1. Covered In Whites

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

White is often used to create an airy and calm atmosphere in homes and otherwise, but what makes this one special is how the colour is used. It encapsulates the entire room, yet the colour doesn’t feel overwhelming or overused. The reason behind that could be that the designer has also introduced secondary colours such as beige, black and green throughout the space. These secondary colours don’t just complement white quite well but also create interest to balance out the decor.

2. Incorporate Wallpaper

There is almost nothing better to spice up a room than wallpaper. Besides creating visual interest, wallpaper can give the space depth and character. And the good news is wallpapers are available in a variety of styles, so finding one for a modern living room wouldn’t be very difficult. However, ensure not to go overboard with wallpaper, as it can make the space look overly cluttered. More importantly, installing wallpaper can be difficult, so you might want to hire experts to get the job done.

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

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3. Include An Egg Chair

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Egg chairs are one of the most unique pieces of furniture, found only in a handful of homes in India. Including chairs such as these in your living room can give it an airy and whimsical touch. Many designers go as far as to integrate a swinging egg chair into the room to make the space look stylish and airy. While egg chairs are an option, you don’t have to feel limited to just them. We have a list of various types of chairs used in homes throughout history. Check out your options before settling on one. The main idea is to include a unique piece of furniture that adds intrigue to the space.

4. More Is Better

In the world of interior design, the notion of “more is better” rarely holds true. But in this instance, it seems to have a favourable impact on the living room decor. If you have a large enough space in your living room, including multiple sofas and coffee tables can create a luxurious ambience reminiscent of a high-end hotel. And with this sort of setting, you also have the freedom to entertain more people at once.

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5. Over-Sized Artwork

Decorating living rooms with artwork is nowhere near a novel concept, but incorporating a large piece of art requires more than just wall space. You need a certain level of design knowledge to find the perfect place to hang the artwork. Often these artworks are meant to be the focal point, and the furniture layout is planned accordingly. However, the architecture of your home may cause difficulty, and appropriate steps are required to mitigate such issues. So, we recommend consulting an expert before doing it yourself.

6. Incorporate Pops Of Colours

Most people want their living rooms to feel like a pleasing and welcoming oasis where communication can flow and life can prosper. And there is nothing better than colours to create such an atmosphere. Injecting the right colours and combinations into a space can transform it into a welcoming and comfortable environment. Take this living room for an example – without the blue sofa or the other colourful decor elements, the room would feel bland or even mundane.

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

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7. Create Depth

Interior design or home decoration is often looked at as a two-dimensional process. In reality, designers evaluate all aspects of the home before making any changes. Architecture is one of those aspects designers use to add depth to the room, as shown in the image. To enhance the depth even further, you can bring in low-profile furniture. This concept is particularly helpful for people facing spacious constraints in their living room, as incorporating depth can create an illusion of a larger room.

8. Build A Bar

The perfect host takes care of all his guest’s needs. Whether it’s a casual conversation or an evening filled with libation, a bar in the living room is the perfect sight for soar eyes. So, you can invite your friends over for the latest movie and some drinks to go along with it. As for the type of bar, you have several options. You can either go for something like the one in this image or create a bar wall. Or, if you want a lavish bar experience, we recommend opting for modular furniture.

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

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9. Peek Into The Backyard

If you have a backyard and you don’t have a glass door leading out to it, sorry to say, it’s not being used to its full potential. People pay a pretty penny for homes like these, so introducing a sliding glass door or even just a large window can enhance both your living room decor and the home’s value.

However, incorporating a glass door into the living room necessitates specialised knowledge and entails alterations to the architecture. So, you might want to evaluate all your options before starting anything.

10. Mix It Up With Patterns And Materials

To create a modern living room, you need to aim for the things that contribute the most to creating the desired atmosphere. Introducing symmetrical patterns along with diverse materials will give the area an engaging flair. It will make the area feel lived in and add the modern aesthetic most people look for. You can do this through the carpet, sofa upholstery, throw pillows and curtains.

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

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In conclusion, for anyone looking to revamp their living room, these ideas will help you achieve the desired aesthetics. You just have to infuse your own personality with these ideas to get the best and unique result. If you need any further help revitalising your living room decor, book a design consultation with our design experts.