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10 DIY Home Decor Ideas: Decorate your home the way you like!

Step into a world of playful and imaginative DIY home decor! This blog is all about adding a touch of whimsy to your living space and bringing your creativity to life. From quirky wall art to enchanting furniture upgrades, we’ll show you how to infuse your home with personality and fun. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY-er or just starting out, our ideas are easy to follow and sure to inspire. So let your imagination run wild and get ready for a journey filled with magic and joy.

DIY decor ideas to upgrade your home

After several days of gruelling research, we have come up with these DIY ideas for your home. These are not just easy to follow along but will also help you upgrade your home’s aesthetics.

1. DIY Wallpaper

Wallpapers are one of those things that can incur costs worth a king’s ransom and let’s not get started with the time and effort it takes to install the wallpaper in your home. So, we came up with an alternative, in no way is it anything new, people have taken it way before we thought of it but that doesn’t make it any short of genius. All you need is an empty wall and a random object with a random shape; the random-er the shape the better the results will turn out. Once you have your random object, dip it in paint and dab it systematically on the wall with a consistent distance between them.

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2. Wall String Art

 Home Decor Ideas

Wall-string art might seem like a strenuous and arduous task but it’s simpler than you think. If you can get the silhouette of the image down perfectly, the hard part of the process is done. All left would be to nail studs to the outer rims of the silhouettes and run strings through them in a uniform pattern. These art pieces give your wall a sophisticated touch and also make your home decor prettier than ever.

3. Jute/Rattan/Cane Hanging Baskets

People have been decorating their homes with plants and pots for as long as we can remember. You can take that principle and kick it up a notch by hanging Jute/Rattan/Cane baskets for the same. This decor element will make the space more lived in and filled in, while the green plants add colours and freshness to the space.

4. Rope & Mason Jar Lamps

 Home Decor Ideas

If you are an avid browser of Pinterest, it’s highly plausible this next idea is no stranger to you. However, we feel this is a great idea which can give any space a modern contemporary look. Also, these lamps are quite easy to put together, contrary to popular belief. All you need is a rope, a light bulb and a mason jar, wrapping the rope around the neck of the jar and attach the bulb to the cap of the jar, now take a sturdy wire and hang it to the ceiling.

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5. Chalkboard wall

A great decor idea for your child’s bedroom but can also be a great fit for the living room, a chalkboard wall can instil your own personality on the wall due to its highly customizable nature. Moreover, it can be bestowed upon with a variety of drawings, notes and whatever else you can think of. Not to overshadow the fact that you can replace whatever is drawn or written over it with something new, it’s a versatile and unique idea that most people fail to think of.

6. Turn maps into wall art

 Home Decor Ideas

There are always cities, towns or areas on this blue sphere we all love to visit or live in or just admire, you can express your love for these places by framing the maps on your walls. Though there are several companies who can provide you with such pictures and frames. To stick to the topic of this blog, you can edit and modify the images and print them to frame them for your home’s walls. This great decor idea can also be a reminiscence of all the places you have visited and result in an entire gallery wall.

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7. Natural Silhouettes

Sticking to the theme of the previous decor idea, this next one might seem intimidating at first but in reality quite easy. All you need to do is to get a couple of canvases and a few different sorts of leaves from around your town, the more peculiar the leave, the more interesting the end result will be. Next, you would need some spray paint; after you have acquired the spray paint, secure the leave on the canvas and spray paint the entire canvas with the colour of your choice and voila!! You have an art piece for your wall.

8. Fabric Covered Plant Pots

 Home Decor Ideas

There are mostly very few options when it comes to customising the plant pots you place in your home, not anymore, however. And the answer to this is by using a variety of colourful fabrics to cover the pots, whether by wrapping or adding string to secure the fabric on the pot. You don’t even have to limit yourself to just fabric, however. You can also use burlap sacks, parchment paper or any other item that can be wrapped.

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9. String Light Photo Wall

Since pictures are intimate, this decor idea might be more appropriate for your bedroom. All you need are some string lights, clips and your pictures. Use the clips to hang the pictures along the string light and hang the string light on the wall. You can add or replace images as you make new memories, also this decor idea will make your bedroom look bewitching, especially at night.

10. Tablescapes

 Home Decor Ideas

Tablescapes are one of those things that can be easily personalised to your liking with the most common things one might find in a flea market for as cheap as they can be. A vase here, a table linen there, a candle there, these are all common thrift products found in pawn shops and gift shops. A small reminder, keep the colours in tandem and variety to a minimum, keep it simple.

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To sum up – Hopefully, these DIY decor ideas help you elevate the aesthetics of your home. If you need answers to any other queries you might have, visit the expert advice section on our website.