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10 Holy Pooja Room Wall Tiles & Marble Design Ideas For Your Home

Wall Tiles and Marbles What makes one room better than the other is never the purpose of the room but rather how much time you spend in each. Nevertheless, most pooja rooms don’t encounter as much traffic as the others in the home. However, they are often described as the best ones in the house. This might be because of the level of effort people put into decorating it, manifesting the devotion in their hearts on the walls of the space. Yet, finding diversity in the aesthetical appeal is often harder than most people realise. Hence, we have compiled this list with our top picks for the best pooja room tiles and marble wall design ideas for your home.

1. Flute Marble Cladding

Pooja Room Wall Tiles & Marble Design Ideas

Marble on its own is more than capable of introducing elegance to any space. However, if you want to create something genuinely luxurious, this flute marble cladding can help you achieve that. Unlike ordinary tiles, these tiles are made by joining cylindrical cuts of marble and then cut into desired shapes. These marble tiles can have a particularly picturesque effect in a room if the type of marble is veiny and polished expertly.

2. 3D Tiles

Elaborate and intricate tiles such as these are often the result of months of craftsmanship. And predictably, they offer an aesthetical appeal like no other. However, modern technology has made it pretty easy to produce these tiles in a lot less time and for a lot less money. More importantly, these tiles have a way of adding interest and depth to rather boring walls, along with tactile textures that engage all your senses. As stated before, even though the prices for these sorts of tiles have come down significantly in the past decade, they can still accumulate costs when used extensively.

Pooja Room Wall Tiles & Marble Design Ideas

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3. Mosaic Leaf Tiles

Beautiful artistry has been correlated to temples and the deities in Indian culture for as long as we can think of. Even today, temples across the country are designed in a way that they feel nothing less than a work of art. Replicating the same in your home exactly might be far-fetched, but that should not stop you from creating a similar décor and ambience through this tile design. Unlike others on this list, these tiles are not available in the traditional square shape. Instead, these are available in the form of individual leaves which are laid down on top of each other to create the design.

4. Origami Tiles

If modern and stylish walls are more your thing, this gleaming and glistening wall tiles design should be at the top of your mind. It creates a modern and elegant décor, likely to make your wall look better than the center piece of the space. These triangle tiles are fixed on the wall in an offset position so they protrude out creating beautiful patterns and a layered aesthetic. You can go as far as to modify the colour of these tiles as per your preferences.

5. Carved Wooden Tiles

Pooja Room Wall Tiles & Marble Design Ideas

There is nothing better than wood for adding warmth to a space, and a pooja room can use such aesthetics to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere. The intricate patterns make these tiles especially desirable and the carved circles over the tiles add a sense of symmetry to the walls. However, these tiles alone might overwhelm the space, hence we recommend adding a neutral palette of beige to balance things out.

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6. Dessert Dune Wall Cover

Clearly inspired by the natural formations of the sand dunes of the desert, these patterns on the marble wall cladding seem delicate and graceful, yet feel strong and expressive. The best part about this design is the patterns on the marble can be enhanced even further by the type of marble. For instance, this marble is brown with relatively brown veins, but marble with other colours may look even better.

7. Back-lit Marble Cladding

Pooja Room Wall Tiles & Marble Design Ideas

This is perhaps the most extravagant design on this list, veiny white marble with a plethora of slits engraved through it. Equipped with backlights, the wall establishes an enlightening and ornamental décor. Moreover, light piercing through the slits illuminates even the most minute details adding a layer of beauty to the white marble wall. And how often do you see ambient light being used in this way, the design is quite unique and would enhance ant space instantaneously.

8. Marble Tiles With Bronze Inlay

The beauty of simplicity is often unappreciated, and sometimes all you need is a bit of simplicity to enhance the appeal of a room. Birthing a tranquil minimal aesthetic, the design stands out because of its ability to blend in with any design ideology seamlessly. You can also play around with the colours in this case. Instead of white marble, you can also use beige marble tiles or instead of bronze inlays, you can use gold inlay.

Pooja Room Wall Tiles & Marble Design Ideas

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To sum up – To be completely transparent, the possible number of wall tiles or marble design options are only limited to your imagination. All it takes is figuring out what resonates with you and your devotion. However, we hope this blog helped you settle on the right wall tiles or marble design. Feel free to modify the designs as per your preferences and requirements. Happy designing!