Life Style | July 18, 2023

10 Trendy Work-From-Home Accessories For Personalising Your Home Office Design

Do you want your Home Office Design to be trendy? What began as a necessity a couple of years ago has turned out to be the most desired work environment globally. Everybody and their grandmas are working on one thing or the other from the comfort of their warm abode. While it’s on the verge of becoming the norm, many people who are used to a more traditional setting struggle to adapt to WFH. And the reason behind that could be the myriad of distractions one would encounter while working from home. According to some research, what most people find helpful in adapting to the new and improved working environment has to do with mimicking the office space. To be even more precise, it’s not the office space one must mimic, but the clean & organised atmosphere that comes along with it. So, to help you improve efficiency and focus, this blog will take you through the most trendy work-from-home accessories.

1. Stylish Task Chair

home accessories - A  ergonomic  chair

While a modern ergonomic chair can get the job done quite well, it doesn’t do much for the décor. Since you are working from home, you don’t have to use those bland office chairs. Instead, you can get these stylish chairs, which are both comfortable and a sight for sour eyes. This brown task chair is clad with smooth velvet, while the feet have a gold-sprayed finish. Moreover, the chair is equipped with everything a modern office chair has, ensuring superior comfort.

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2. Desk Lamp

Desk lights are one of those things that most people think are overrated or unnecessary, but the people who use them regularly would disagree. But regular lamps don’t quite pack a punch like this slim and curvy desk lamp, painstakingly crafted to bestow elegance upon your WFH setup. Moreover, these lamps have minimal wiring, so you don’t have to worry about creating clutter with all the wiring.

Home accessores - A desk Lamp

3. Desktop Organiser

Home accessories - Desktop Organiser

Keeping your work area neat and tidy is sometimes the difference between being productive or distracted. You must come up with a system to keep the space organised and clutter-free. Desk organisers can help you do that quite effectively, but the thing is, they aren’t quite pleasing to look at. The solution is this unique desk organiser. It has minimal looks, ensuring zero distraction while facilitating space for all your essentials.

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4. Cable Holders

Cables in any sort of work setup can be a pain to conceal properly; one way or another, they find a way to poke their heads out. Besides making the space look like a cluttery mess, cables can become hazardous if not arranged properly. While going wireless is an option, let’s face it, not everything is compatible with wireless systems. So, until the world starts producing everything with wireless tech, you can use these cable holders. Just paste them to any surface and pass your cables through them to keep them organised and hidden.

Home accessories - Cable holders

5. Desk Mat

Home accessories - Desk Mat

If you want to protect your desk from developing a patina while giving the setup a stylish finishing touch, get yourself a desk mat. These mats are available in various materials, from rubber to premium versions of the mat in leather. Besides, it adds a layer of suave to the setup and makes you look like a professional.

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6. Storage Bins

While some work does not require much paperwork or files, folders and whatnot, others tend to take up a lot of storage. If your work falls under the latter category, these storage bins will help you store all the paperwork in style. They are made of wicker, providing a lightweight storage solution without taking up too much space.

Storage bins best Home accessories to organize your things in your home office design

7. Small Plants in Home office design

Small Indoor plant can vitalize your energy in your home office design

Regardless of whether it’s a work-from-home setup or not, every space should include indoor plants. Their presence is especially vital if the area is associated with high-stress environments like work. So, if your room is lacking a natural aura, introducing small potted plants on your desk can only do good for your space. It will keep you refreshed and will help lower stress levels.

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8. Wireless Charger

Give your setup a sleek and futuristic look with wireless chargers. Except it or not, we all have the need to check our phones every 20 mins, and that’s me being generous. Which makes having a wired charger no less than a hassle. Not to mention, the same habit leads to degraded chargers. Instead of getting those clutter-causing wired chargers, upgrade to stylish and sleek wireless chargers.

Important Home office design accessories is Wireless charger

9. Air Purifiers

Air  purifiers is one of the best accessories to keep your home office design fresh

Since you are going to spend prolonged hours cooped up in a room, the least you can do is improve the air quality. When you breathe easier, you focus better and be more efficient. However, in order to enhance the decor, get one that compliments the room. Like the one shown in the image, its symmetrical lines and eyeful design make it the perfect fit for a stylish WFH setup.

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10. Scented candle for home office

Regardless of how many things you change or buy for your WFH setup, it wouldn’t feel complete if the space do not smell right. Although air fresheners are effective, scented candles possess a distinct aesthetic charm. These candles also create intrigue and help personalise the space.

Scented Candle can make you smell good at our home office design

These were our top picks for the best trendy work-from-home accessories for a great home office design. Hopefully, this blog helps you get ready to work from home.