11 Unique Ideas To Help You Upgrade Your Bathroom Right Away

Unlike all the other rooms in your home, a bathroom is an entirely different animal when it comes to designing or decorating the space. First, this is the only space in a home that sees so much watery action, which can cause its own host of problems if proper precautionary steps aren’t taken. Then you have to worry about the electricals and a plethora of other issues, but that is often taken care of by the builder. So, there is not much you can do to upgrade your bathroom in that regard. What you can do is upgrade the fixtures that go into the bathroom and this blog will take you through the best bathroom upgrade ideas to help you shower in the best way possible.

1. Upgrade Your Toilet

Ideas To Help You Upgrade Your Bathroom

There is no guarantee that upgrading the commode will help you do “your business” better, but upgrading to a hidden tank toilet will guarantee a sleek and clean look. Not to mention, how this can also save you a ton of space, which makes it an especially great idea for small bathrooms. Or if you want to take it to the next level, you can also get a low-profile toilet. These toilets use a revolutionary design that modifies the cistern and the siphon so the toilet requires less water for every flush. It’s not just good for your wallet but also for the earth.

2. Textured Tiles In Shower Cubical

Have you ever wondered why bathroom tiles are textured? Their primary purpose is to prevent you from slipping while you conduct your daily ablutions. Even with such a vital function, you would be surprised to learn many people try to save money and risk a potentially deadly accident. Furthermore, when it comes to floor tiles for your bathroom there are a plethora of options available. You can choose from a variety of shapes, styles and colours, but we recommend choosing something with fun colours and looks. As it can add interest and a sense of whimsy to a space no one would expect it to be.

Ideas To Help You Upgrade Your Bathroom

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3. Integrate Storage

Ideas To Help You Upgrade Your Bathroom

Storage is a key part of any home and the same goes for your bathroom. It’s not just for your toiletries but also for cleaning supplies. The more storage options you have, the cleaner your bathroom will look. As for how to integrate storage, it depends on the available space and layout of your bathroom. The most popular options include medicine cabinets and a counter under the vanity unit, but the truth is modern technology and innovative designs have made customising any space easier than ever.

4. Enhance The Lighting

Proper lighting doesn’t just mean the light fixtures inside the bathroom. Natural light should be part of every room and the more of it, the better. Moreover, you can also add various styles of lighting fixtures to the bathroom. Consider wall scones on either side of the vanity unit, a chandelier if you have a large enough bathroom and task lighting above the vanity mirror.

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5. Get A Bath Tub

Ideas To Help You Upgrade Your Bathroom

Hot tubs can be tricky to fit into small bathrooms. But if you have the space, the comfort and relaxation it offers is unmatched. Picture drawing a bath for yourself at the end of the day and just submerging yourself in warm soapy water. It’s a lethargic wonderland worth spending your money on. This will also quadruple the value of your home instantly, as a bathroom in Indian households is pretty rare.

6. Heated Floor

Nobody likes waking up early in the cold mornings of winter, yet we do it nonetheless. But those cold early mornings can be made tolerable with the help of heated bathroom floors. Here, heating pipes are laid under the floor tiles and hot boiling water is passed through the pipes to heat the floors. Heated floors are a luxury not a lot of bathrooms have, so integrating the same will increase the value of your entire home. Furthermore, if you live in an especially cold climate, these floors can be a lifesaver.

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7. Improve Ventilation

Any space without proper ventilation can propagate bad odour, this is especially true for the bathroom where prolonged use of water is commonplace. Ventilation allows for an exchange of fresh air and improves air quality, not to mention, fresh air can prevent mould growth in the bathroom.

8. Mirrors

Ideas To Help You Upgrade Your Bathroom

The mirror is an essential part of a bathroom and if you are trying to upgrade your bathroom, adding a unique mirror in your bathroom will improve the aesthetical appeal of the space and make it feel modern. Some of the most trending bathroom mirrors come in enigmatic shapes and sizes, so you might want to check out some designer options.

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9. Wallpaper

People often shy away from using wallpaper in bathrooms. Because water may degrade the wallpaper and increase the chances of mold growth. But when you use the right type of wallpaper, these issues can be avoided effortlessly. The traditional wallpapers are not fit for a bathroom. 100% vinyl wallpaper is very durable and isn’t affected by moisture, which makes it perfect for the bathroom.

10. Wall Tile Design

Ideas To Help You Upgrade Your Bathroom

Besides protecting the bathroom walls from water, tiles are often used to decorate the space as well. And as far as your choices are concerned, tiles come in a wide variety of options. From colourful tiles to ones with beautiful patterns, it completely depends upon what kind of décor you are trying to establish in the bathroom.

11. TV/Speakers/Entertainment Centre

The final idea on this list is a TV or entertainment centre. After you are done installing all the other ideas in this blog, it’s time to sit back in your bathtub and spend countless hours watching TV or listening to music. This will also incorporate an additional layer of technology quadrupling the value of your home.

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To sum up – Hopefully, these bathroom upgrade ideas helped you increase your bathroom’s value. However, you should consider planning everything beforehand to avoid expensive mistakes and get the work done faster.