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19 Essentials Every Bedroom Should Have

There are barely any other rooms in a home like the bedroom. Yes, you might fall asleep on the living room sofa from time to time. But the sense of safety linked with the bedroom is unmatched on the sofa. A carefully designed bedroom is put together with an individual’s needs, preferences and personality in mind. However, there are some things which every bedroom should be equipped with, regardless of the design ideology or the layout. These things are the most basic necessities for a bedroom to make the space peaceful and harmonious, so read through this blog to find out if your bedroom is missing any of them.

Essential Furniture For A Bedroom

Furniture can often dictate how efficiently the available space is utilised. Also, the right furniture can help you save a ton of space in the room. So, let’s take a look at some essential furniture for your bedroom.

1. Nightstand

Essentials Every Bedroom Should Have

Besides a bed, a nightstand is the next most useful piece of furniture in the bedroom. It provides easy and instant access to your belongings while you are in bed. This is in addition to offering additional storage space. People often use a nightstand to store things like table lamps temporarily, reading material, alarm clocks, phones and everything you might want to access easily.

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2. Lamps

Featured on the previously mentioned nightstand, a table lamp is an essential part of your bedroom. It offers task lighting, which as the name suggests, helps you focus on a specific task. These lamps are particularly effective at night for locating things in their vicinity without blasting your eyes with light. Table lamps are also used to enhance the décor of the space, so people often scour stores online and offline to find one which matches their home’s décor. Moreover, you may also include floor lamps in the bedroom, but they are not considered an essential item and are more often used for elevating the décor.

Essentials Every Bedroom Should Have

3. Full-Length Mirror

Mostly, the bedroom is the place you get ready for the day and the mirror plays a key role in helping you do the same. Having a full-length mirror right in your bedroom will eliminate the need for you to run into the bathroom to access the mirror. More importantly, a full-length mirror offers you a reflection of your entire attire. Whereas, most wall mirrors offer you a lot less than that.

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4. Dresser

A dresser in simple words, is a piece of furniture used to store clothes and other belongings. Though not a replacement for a wardrobe, this furniture is a great addition to the bedroom for additional storage space. Dressers can be found in a variety of styles, but the most commonly bought dresser consists of several sliding drawers. They help you organise your clothes and are a great alternative in case you don’t have the space for a wardrobe.

Essentials Every Bedroom Should Have

5. Bed Bench

Not that people often gather in someone’s bedroom, but most bedrooms lack seating space. So, adding a bed bench will add a bit more seating space for you or anyone you invite into your bedroom. Moreover, bed benches are used to add an elegant decorative element. It introduces textures, interest and character to the room.

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6. Armchair or Recliner

Aiding to the previous point, an armchair or recliner or even a rocking chair will give you an additional seating solution. It also acts as a retreat when you don’t want to be in bed. Additionally, designers like to use armchairs as an accent piece in the room to add interest.

7. Study Unit

Essentials Every Bedroom Should Have

Even if you are not the kind of person who brings the work home, certain tasks require focus. A study unit can aid that requirement and can also help you attend to any other task that requires your attention. Besides, it provides additional storage space in the bedroom. These units don’t even have to be large or bulky, more often than not, a small desk and chair can get the job done.

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8. Bins

Regardless of the room, every room should have a waste bin if you don’t mind littering in your own home. The design and size of the bin depend upon your preference and available space. Just make sure you clear it out regularly to avoid foul order.

9. Laundry Hamper

Keeping a space clean and organised is easier when you are equipped with the right equipment. A laundry hamper is certainly one of those things. Throwing the shirt or jacket in the hamper after a hectic day not only keeps the space looking clean but also helps you figure out what needs to be washed.

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Essential Décor Items For A Bedroom

Décor items go a long way to make a room feel personalised, and certain items are better than others in doing the same. Besides, these are the bare minimum your bedroom should have.

1. Window Covering

Curtains and blinds are perhaps much more important in the bedroom compared to any other room in the home. Besides an aesthetical appeal, they play a key role in enhancing privacy. Though natural light is necessary for your bedroom, the same can turn annoying during the weekend mornings, when a little extra sleep turns out to be so much more desirable.

Essentials Every Bedroom Should Have

2. Rugs

A rug does not physically affect you in any way, but it can profoundly affect how the bedroom looks. It has the ability to tie the décor together and harmonise a space. You can also look at it as the final aesthetical touch to the space or a way to emphasise the purpose of the room. For instance, placing the rug under the bed in the bedroom will instantly make the bed centre of attention. Not to mention, the tactile sensation it can deliver for your feet.

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3. Plants

Plants should be in every room, but in the bedroom, plants can add a cosy and refreshing touch. As you sleep in this room, plants can help you clean and improve the air quality. Besides, plants can introduce colours in the room and make the space feel lived in. However, avoid going overboard with the plants, it can easily get overcrowded and clutter. Learn more about how you can decorate your home with plants.

Essentials Every Bedroom Should Have

4. Wall Art

Artwork is a great way of adding beauty to any room, artwork can make the room feel finished. Artwork is also a peek inside your personality and tastes, which makes them perfect for the bedroom. Moreover, the wall behind the bed is often the focus of decorations, but that should not stop you from decorating other walls of the room.

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5. Fragrance

The way a space smells can have a drastic effect on how you feel. There are a plethora of options when it comes to fragrances for a space – diffusers, candles, incense sticks and sprays are all great options. However, diffusers and candles are the most popular for offering several scents.

Essentials Every Bedroom Should Have

Essential Bedding Items For A Bedroom

Apart from the obvious – a bed, a bedroom should include the following in your bed to promote better sleep.

1. Bed frame

If a squeaking, creaking and sliding bed is something you don’t want to put up with, a sturdy and stable bed frame should be on your shopping list. A proper bed frame goes a long way to improve the quality of sleep, also having a bed frame with a beautiful bed frame can enhance the décor of the space.

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2. Sheets

When choosing sheets for your bed, the quality, material and colours should be on your checklist. A bedsheet helps regulate body temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in the winter. And linen is the best material for sheets according to consensus, which is both soft and comfy.

3. Comforter

Essentials Every Bedroom Should Have

Especially vital, if you live in an area which is often cold, a comforter is a thick quilted blanket. A comforter is similar to a duvet but unlike a duvet, it offers a variety of colours and designs.

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4. Pillows

For obvious reasons, pillows are of key importance on a bed. Besides providing support and comfort, pillows complete the bed and help achieve deep sleep.

5. Mattress

A lot of people overlook the importance of a good mattress, this may cause a plethora of sleep-related issues along with physical pain. A hard mattress may cause discomfort, while an overly soft mattress may cause disproportionate support, resulting in back pain.

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To sum up – These are the most essential things a bedroom should have to help you achieve better sleep. Hopefully, this blog helped you improve your bedroom. Happy Designing!