3 Most Popular Living Room Wall Colour Combinations of 2023

Wall colour combinations enhance the mood of the Living room. There’s a reason a living room is called the “living room”! The term was first introduced in the Ladies Home Journal, an American magazine published by the Meredith Corporation.

The article suggested these spaces be used more often to make them feel lived in, instead of being just a reserved space for fancy occasions. This gave birth to a revolution that transformed the modern living room into what it is today.

However, even still most people fail to make their living rooms lively, so this blog will take you on a journey of all the most popular living room colour combinations, which is arguably the best way of breathing life into any room.

Note: A friendly reminder, the choice of colour combination is highly subjective. While some people prefer lighter, more airy colours, others feel at peace in darker hues. This blog will have something for everyone and more importantly, what colour combination will render the desired effect in your home.

Top wall colour combinations for living room

Colours have a way of creating depth and giving any space meaning, which is otherwise empty of meaning. Our top picks for the most popular colour combinations for living rooms carry a touch of glam, vibrancy, goth and even royalty. So, without any further ado, here’s the list of all the colours and combinations.

1. Green

Green – Perceived by many as the shade of nature, the colour is popular among people trying to instil calming and serene decor in their homes. The various shades of green produce a variety of effects, some can instantly change a room’s energy while others can create a refreshing atmosphere.

Many design professionals describe their profound love for the colour by describing it as highly flexible for creativity and seen by most as positive. But if you know anything about colours, there’s no one determined shade of colour and it’s the same with green as well.

So, when we say green, these are the ones we mean:

Boxington by Little Greene

To begin with, the company describes the colour as a reduced lime added with red oxide of iron creating a relaxing and elegant backdrop.

The paint gives you an absolute matt emulsion finish, creating a contented atmosphere and paired with the right colour can give the room a premium vibe.

Wall Colour Combinations
Wall Colour combinations for living room:
  • For a contrasting accent – Indian Yellow by Little Greene or a citrus colour.
  • For coordinating colours – Light Bronze Green & Apple both from Little Greene.
  • For a dark ambient – Chocolate Colour from Little Greene or black paint.

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Dusky Olive Green by Lick

If biophilic interiors are your thing then you would love this paint colour from Lick. It comes with a matt finish fused with golden undertones, the colour takes inspiration from the suburban jungles of Africa. You can also get an eggshell finish if matt seems over-utilised.

Living Room Wall Colour Combinations
Wall Colour combinations for living room:
  • Off-white with a touch of grey from Lick can be easily put together.
  • Pink colour along with olive green creates a surprisingly popping aesthetics.
  • Driftwood or taupe with olive green creates a very cosy decor.

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2. Beige

Warm, neutral colours have grown in popularity because of their ability to create a comforting and soothing atmosphere. On the surface, neutral colours seem safe enough for a living room, but in truth, it can be a tricky task that needs an expert’s gaze. Moreover, beige being an earthy tone paired with brown creates a very welcoming decor, perfect for living rooms.

Travertine from Designers Guild

Creamy neutral with yellow undertones, the colour is highly versatile. Whether you want to warm up a space, which is otherwise cold and gloomy, beige is your colour; if you want to stop the colours from going too crazy, a beige backdrop holds them back.

Wall Colour Combinations
Colour combinations for living room:
  • For a cosy or more precisely bohemian style decor, pair beige with white (we recommend white ribbon from Warner House).
  • For an intense decor that pops, pair beige with Red Ochre from Edward Bulmer.
  • For a refreshing atmosphere in your living room, pair beige with JADEITE Paint – 27 from House of Hackney.

Shantung from Warner House

What if beige had a luxurious brother? The shantung paint from Warner House is exactly that, it has a silky with almost a crisp feel to it. Painting your living room with this shade of beige will create a lustrous decor and will need equally extravagant accents to get the most out of it.

Living Room Wall Colour Combinations

Colour combinations for living room:

  • For a rather velvety and soft, cosy living room pair it with pink. We recommend Pink Ground from Farrow & Ball.
  • For modern contemporary aesthetics pair this shade of beige with Green Ground as trim colour and Pale Powder for accents

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3. Yellow

Yellow in itself is a cheery, warm and sunny hue in nature, which can make any room feel lively, airy, spacious and blooming with joy. And you can bet designers will add their own flair to make the colour even better. Thus the emergence of pastel yellow paint for living rooms became a thing.

Brimstone from Paint & Paper Library

The mid-strength shade of yellow from Paint & Paper Library creates the perfect setup for your living room, which also promotes communication, in addition to making the space seem so much more inviting. You can also take a different route and use the hue as an accent colour and have the effect in your living room.

Colour combinations for living room:
  • For a contemporary aesthetic, you can use the classic white and yellow combination.
  • If you are looking for something intense and imposing, pair yellow with grey (we recommend Scree from Little Greene).
  • For funky and popping aesthetics, pair it with purple.

Yellow 02 Matt from Lick

While the previous shade of yellow is light and airy, this one takes a darker or more precisely a reddish turn. The almost golden wonder delivers warmth like the sun on your back in summer. Moreover, the matt finish eliminates the possibility of reflections, creating a truly premium vibe in the room.

Living Room Wall Colour Combinations
Wall Colour combinations for living room:
  • For contrasting aesthetics pair it with black, we recommend Tanner’s Brown from Farrow & Ball.
  • Pairing this shade with red will create depth and produce a luxurious decor. Check out Red 05 Matt from Lick.
  • For something unique, you can try dark green.

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To sum up – There is a variety of other colour combos that have taken home interiors by storm, however, we feel these are the ones that will continue to gain traction in the coming years. And it goes without saying, if you require any assistance with the decor, feel free to reach out to our design experts at Aertsen.