4 Best Patio Design Ideas To Enjoy Long Evenings In Style

Whether it’s a romantic dinner or just a cup of coffee in the evening, a beautiful patio in your backyard can satisfy all your lounging needs. And with monsoon at the doorsteps, cosying up on a sofa with a book and a cup of tea in your backyard patio indeed becomes an irresistible idea. If you agree with that sentiment, lucky for you, this blog will take you through the best patio design ideas you can integrate into your backyard right away.

1. Backyard Getaway

Patio Design Ideas

Creating an airy space, mimicking a living room outdoors isn’t something people often do. However, the same idea also fills most nature lovers with eagerness and excitement. So was the inspiration for this patio design idea. Surrounded by trees, grass and shrubbery, the patio creates a serene and calming atmosphere. On a slightly elevated cement platform, three columns and a back wooden wall hold up the roof. For additional support, thin wooden beams run from one end to another. These beams aren’t painted black like the other columns to create interest and introduce variety in the colour scheme.

The patio features a white L-Shaped sofa decorated with vibrant colourful throw pillows and the sofa is accompanied by a rustic wooden coffee table up front. It also houses a wicker swing chair, a dining table and a plethora of plants in each and every nook and cranny. Though the space looks inviting during the day, the pendant lights hung from the roof and string lights hung along the exterior of the patio make the area equally alluring at night.

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2. Open Backyard

Patio Design Ideas

Jam-packed with potted plants, the backyard of this home has a carefree and cosy atmosphere. With the absence of a roof, warm and breezy winds sweep through this patio area, creating a lively and refreshing atmosphere. To facilitate all the furniture, the area is given a solid concrete floor, which also makes everything clean and easy to maintain.

The furniture used in the area seems mid-century vintage with a heavy influence of bohemian design style. In addition, the designer has gone as far as to use blue area rugs in a couple of places, which adds so much character to the space. However, we recommend including a bit more lighting here and there, along with a retractable shade to protect the area from rain. The overall vibe of the patio ingrains a sense of relaxation and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think the homeowners spend the bulk of their time here rather than inside their homes.

3. Double Decker

Patio Design Ideas

If you lack the space for the previous two options, but long for enough space for the entire family to hang out together, this vertical wonder has got your back. The structure reminds us of beach security booths and the pieces of furniture used in the patio are also reminiscent of the same setting. The ground floor of the structure has plenty of shade, meanwhile, the first floor receives piercing sunlight and cool blowing wind. It features a spiral metal staircase up to the first floor and we recommend adding a sofa on the top floor as well along with a pendant light to make the patio accessible at night.

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4. Polished Wood

If you are planning an outdoor seating area, why not bring the interior aesthetics outdoors as well? This patio design does exactly that, a polished wooden deck that climbs up the fence wall, while a black metal beam holds up the, you guessed it, wooden roof. The roof consists of thick planks of wood placed next to each other and a retractable rain protector under it. The retractable rain protector can be controlled remotely and glides under the support beam to open completely. It shields the deck from the hot summer sun and wet rainy days. Moreover, the patio houses sleek all-black armchairs accompanied by an all-black coffee table to match the black exterior of the home. Such designs are a great choice for homes that don’t have a lot of space outside their homes.

To sum up – Hopefully, this blog helped settle on a patio design for your backyard. Check out expert advice, if you would like to learn more about your home interiors.