Design | February 22, 2023

5 Best Pooja Room Door Design Ideas

Having a pooja room in your home is in many ways a luxury, a luxury no Indian wants to give up on. This has resulted in nearly all Indian households having a pooja room or a dedicated pooja area, at the very least. This goes as far as to compel people to vest a space in their homes to the Gods and put in a considerable amount of effort to keep the space clean and looking lively. Thus, it only makes sense for you to make the space as beautiful as possible and one of the best ways of doing that is by focusing on the pooja room door design. However, coming up with fanciable designs when you lack any design experience can be a jarring task, hence we bring forth the best pooja room door design ideas to ornate your home.

Top modern pooja room door design ideas

We have scoured all the corners of the internet and checked under every rock to bring you only the best modern pooja room door design ideas, which you can easily integrate into your home.

1. Modern pooja room glass door

Best Pooja Room Door Design Ideas

To kickstart this list, we begin with a modern pooja room glass door design with a contemporary theme. Featuring an edged glass pattern with aluminium profiles, the pooja room door especially stands out without disrupting the design story flowing through the rest of the space. The swing doors are equipped with aluminium handles that blend with the profile to create a seamless design, and swings outwards to let you access the room. The design embodies a minimalist ideology and will easily fit in with similar interiors, however, you can play around with the colour of the profile to match it with your home, since the glass will complement most design stories regardless.

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2. Jali frame and glass door design

Best Pooja Room Door Design Ideas

This pooja room door design is as simple as it can get, however, the frame of the pooja room makes it extraordinary. So, we will focus on the entire structure rather than just the swinging doors. A wooden profile with patterned metal bars installed in it supports the structure, which is then topped with arched clear glass doors. Furthermore, since the structure gives you a clear view of the inside, it’s equipped with proper lighting making the space especially extravagant. The design adds a traditional vibe to the space, so we would recommend replacing the metal bars with glass.

3. Shutter door pooja room design

An enigmatic and sophisticated design is all it takes to make any space alluring, and the same goes for this pooja room embellished with a monotonic greyish-blue colour. However, the MVP of the pooja room is the folding shutter door, which is used to access the room. Gliding rails are installed on both the bottom and the top of the structure to help the door glide. The door itself is composed of wood with the style of the door featuring a concealed handle. The door along with the design and colour makes for a luxurious homage to the craftsmanship beautifying the room.

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4. Golden brown Lotus Pooja room door design

Best Pooja Room Door Design Ideas

The easiest way to make something stand out is by giving it a striking colour, and the next pooja room design is the perfect proof of that. While the rest of the home is drenched in a neutral shade, the brownish-gold door proves to be the focal point that attracts your gaze. The imposing presence of the door is largely because of the tall door frame that scales from the floor to the ceiling, whereas the various lotus patterns cut into the door entice you to take a peek inside the room. A luxurious presence isn’t the only factor that avails the door’s beauty, the craftsmanship and its placement in the layout all account for the vibe that the pooja room door is imparting.

5. Minimalistic pooja room door design

Best Pooja Room Door Design Ideas

Sometimes a lack of extravagance is enough to bestow your devotion in the design of your pooja room. Akin to the sentiment, the final entry on this list lacks a diverse colour palette, extraordinary patterns or even a similar decor to some extent. But what it lacks in flaunt, it makes up for it through a warm, calming and serene ambient that the design of the pooja room door establishes in the space. The door is divided into several squares with circle cut-outs and CNC patterns within them. These doors are not something found in many homes and hence sets themselves apart in aesthetics as well. It’s a simple design and echoes minimalism with every aspect of the design but still manages to add beauty to the space.

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Hopefully, these pooja room door design ideas helped you settle on one and if you need further help, you can check out our blogs on home improvement.