Design | September 29, 2022

5 Points to keep in mind when choosing the right interior designer

Finding an interior designer these days is a piece of cake, but choosing the right interior designer is definitely a whole task.

It’s like traveling to a new country and knowing what you want to see but not knowing how to. In this scenario, you look for a tour guide who’d help you make your travel experience unforgettable. Right?

Similarly, the right interior designer will ensure the journey of revamping your interiors to be absolutely delightful.

 choosing the right interior designer

1. Be Clear

The first most important step is to be well aware of what you’re looking forward to.

Ask yourself what’s your style? What are the changes you want to bring in? Explore different styles, imagine yourself in different interior aesthetics until you reach to a point where you know exactly what resonates with you

Clarity is essential in this journey because it will save you a lot of time. Make sure you identify your style so you’ll be able to hire the right person for the job.

 choosing the right interior designer

2. Follow The “Rule Of Three”

Meet up with at least three interior designers.

In most scenarios, two from the three will give you very similar perspectives and ideas, and the third one will stick out to your perspective.

It is very important for you to explore with more than one interior designer because you’ll be exposed to different styles and aesthetics.

Make sure you go through their portfolios and make yourself comfortable with asking questions because at the end of the day interior designing your house is not only a professional project but it’s also a personal matter.

At Aertsen, our interior designers are great listeners and are here to answer all your questions and present to you a wide range of aesthetics to choose from.

3. Budget Plan

Have a budget plan in mind. If you’re unsure about your budget, research until you have a clear idea about how much all of it would cost you. The whole project could turn into a complete nightmare to you and to the interior designer if you don’t set a budget for it.

Be completely honest with your interior designer when it comes to the budget because there’s nothing worse than not discussing expectations and having both the designers and your plans shattered.

This will ensure that the budget that has been set will be used accordingly by the interior designer keeping in mind the client’s expectations.

In case you’re unsure on how to set a budget, reach out to institutions that will help and consult you with your budget for interior designing.

We at Aertsen, understand how difficult it might be sometimes for the client to set a budget, so we offer consultation sessions to help out clients to make the best out of their given budget.

4. Meet Your Interior Designer

This is probably the most essential part of the whole journey.

Now at this step let’s assume you’ve narrowed down your choices and found the one. Meet your interior designer face to face and share your ideas and plans.

There must be chemistry between your ideas and plans to the interior designer’s skills.

In this meeting, ask the interior designer about their past clients, experience and the feedback the designer received after the completion of those previous projects.

Aertsen believes that communication is the key at all times.

We’re always transparent with our work and we ensure we discuss all the details in depth, from the screw design to the biggest wardrobe!

We’re here to cover every detail and to ensure that we provide you with the best experience.

5. Use A Contract

Here’s our take on this, the right interior designer will initiate the contract themselves.

This speaks volumes on the work ethic the interior designer follows.

Interior designing doesn’t happen overnight but it also doesn’t need to take years.

In this process, you have every right to think of timelines and deadlines.

Make sure you’ve clearly communicated those timelines with your interior designer, discuss policies and make sure everything is covered.

It’s important because it gives a clear picture to both of you about what you expect from each other for the duration of the project.

The above points pretty much cover the steps that’ll help you in finding the right interior designer. Choosing the right interior designer is as personal and important as picking the appropriate builder and architect.

Putting together the proper team from the start will ensure that your future house is everything you hoped for and more.