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5 Vastu-Approved Pooja Room Colours

Pooja rooms in Indian homes are often the centre of the entire family’s devotion. As a result, these rooms, time and time again, have been the focus of meticulous planning and decorations. And one of the key areas people tend to focus on the most is the colours used in the pooja room. Despite the plethora of colour options available, choosing the right colours can be a confusing task, to say the least. This is because most colours are not Vastu compliant and may not be appropriate for the pooja room. So, to make your life a lot easier, we have listed five Vastu-Approved pooja room colours.

Note: Akin to any other room of a home, a pooja room should always be decorated with multiple colours. However, it’s the dominant colour that has the most profound effect on the décor and your life. So, the colours mentioned in this blog are meant to be used as dominant colours along with complimenting colours of your choice. Or you can just skip this entire blog and get in touch with design experts, here at Aertsen Living.

Pink: #1 Vastu-Approved Pooja Room Colour

Vastu-Approved Pooja Room Colours

People often depict pink as a feminine colour and in many ways that is true. However, the colour also symbolises love and passion; it’s also youthful and sweet. As far as Vastu is concerned, pink represents joy, happiness and purity, which makes it a perfect fit for your pooja room. Moreover, pink has an effortless way of making any space feel airy and charming, we recommend using lighter shades of pink so as not to overwhelm the decor.

Complimenting Colours

Pink has been used in interior design for decades at this point and has resulted in producing a variety of beautiful combinations. Here are a few you can implement in your pooja room:

Grey (Both light and dark shades of the colour), gold, white and red.

Gold: #2 Vastu-Approved Pooja Room Colour

Gold has long been synonymous with opulence and prosperity, it’s also looked at as a sign of wealth. Unsurprisingly, the colour grew in popularity among homeowners across the globe. Using Gold will have a purifying effect on your mood and décor, perfect for meditation and prayers. Besides, gold can do so much more than that by adding depth and warmth to the space. Yet, the colour is also available in a variety of shades and they have a varied range of effects on the décor.

Complimenting Colours

Gold is the colour of affluence, success and luxury. It has also been used almost everywhere and in every setting, let’s look at some that will be a great option for a pooja room.

Red, yellow, phthalo green and white

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Red: #3 Vastu-Approved Pooja Room Colour

Vastu-Approved Pooja Room Colours

Red is one of the most stimulating colours used in interior design, it’s imposing and makes its presence known. The colour is attributed to ambition, action and willpower. However, red can easily overpower a room when overused, so we recommend introducing a colour that can calm the décor. White is great if not the best colour for doing that, hence it can be paired with red to create the best atmosphere for a pooja room.

Complimenting Colours

Even though red is highly restrictive when used in a pooja room, it also berths astonishing aesthetics and an energetic mood. So, here are some great colour combinations you can use in your pooja room:

Beige, white, yellow and tan.

White: #4 Vastu-Approved Pooja Room Colour

White is perhaps the go-to colour for pooja rooms, this is because of its ability spread serenity in any space instantaneously. White is often associated with neutrality and cleanliness among other things. More importantly, according to Vastu, white is the best colour for pooja rooms as white symbolises purity and makes for a great intermediary to connect with the divine. White is also known to be easy to pair with any other colour in a space.

Complimenting Colours

Because white is a neutral colour, you can pair it with most colours. Nevertheless, white on its own can also help you transform a space like no other. But, if you were planning to mix and match a bit, here are some great options:

Green, blue, orange and pink.

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Yellow: #5 Vastu-Approved Pooja Room Colour

Vastu-Approved Pooja Room Colours

Widely recognised as bright, cheery, warm and sunny, yellow has a joyish effect on both your mood and décor. The colour is commonly used in common areas to create an uplifting mood and the same can be achieved in the pooja room by integrating the colour into it. According to Vastu, yellow is the colour of the goddess Lakshmi and it signifies illumination, intellect and superior stimulation.

Complimenting Colours

Though yellow is a bright cherry colour, when overused it can easily overwhelm any space. So, here are some great accompanying colour options:

White, beige, brown and blue.

Hopefully, this blog helped you settle on the best colour for your pooja room. However, according to Vastu, you should always avoid using black in your pooja room.