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5 Window Seat Design Ideas To Enjoy The Blazing Sky Of The Setting Sun

We all have that corner in our homes that, for all reasons and purposes, we regard as “the spot” for mental healing and relaxing in general. It can be in your bedroom, living room or any other part of your home. For many, it’s a cosy seating area right in front of the window, beholding the vast expanse of the endless sky or scanning through the intricacies of nature around your home. But, creating a window seating design that resonates with your definition of “chilling” can be harder than you think. Hence, we have put together a list of the best window seating design ideas so that you can gaze through the blazing sky of the setting sun with coffee in hand and peace in your heart.

1. Create a Reading Nook

 Window Seat Design Ideas

Kickstarting this list, the first design caters to all the bookworms of the world. Smothered in blinding white walls, the window seat is perched atop a platform and nestled inside a flat arch. The seating is accommodated by a wooden frame which stretches upwards on either side and is fixed over the concrete platform. Featuring blue cushions and backrests, and a couple of throw pillows, the area also houses bookshelves beyond the cushions. The window itself is installed above the seating area, which gives you a clear view of the vast blueness of the sky. This design is especially a great idea if buildings surround your home and a serene view of nature wasn’t an option, to begin with. Coming to the room, the areas come together like jigsaw puzzles, whether it’s the popping colours, modern vibe or airy and calming décor.

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2. Turn It Into A TV Screen

Unlike other window seats, this one is the simplest yet the most splendid option on this list. While offering a serene and calming view of the surroundings of the home, it also adds depth and character to the room itself.

The design aims to create a large window with a wooden frame surrounding it and a floating wooden platform under it. This platform can be used to sit on and peer into the vast abyss of nature, or it can also be used as a study table by just adding a chair in front of it. That’s not even the end of things, you can decorate the platform with various décor items and make it the focus of the room. However, windows as large as these can hinder the level of privacy you might want in your home, so don’t forget about adding long curtains and blinds along the window for an added level of privacy. You might also want to add accent lights or spotlights to improve its functionality and use case at night.

 Window Seat Design Ideas

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3. Add A Bench

 Window Seat Design Ideas

A lot of people think a window seat has to be integrated with the architecture itself, however, that is not true at all. While window seats that are part of the architecture might have a natural immersion in the room, a later-made window seat has its own perks. One way of doing this is by adding a bench in front of the window. Coming to this particular design, the bench is custom-made to meet the requirements of the room. The bench also features several subtle design elements which both hide and enhances the aesthetics of the overall design. For instance, the long bolster pillow hides the edge where the window and bench end, while also offering you a backrest. The window seat design feels like an airy and cosy space to entertain your guests or spend countless hours reading books or whatever else that brings you piece.

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4. Build One

Another way of integrating a window seat is to simply build one. Nothing too sophisticated, but one that looks good and facilitates your requirements. And this window seat design is perhaps the perfect example of that. Put together using thick wooden boards, which are drilled right into the walls of the room. The structure is then given a wooden laminate finish and the same is mirrored on the accent wall to maintain a cohesive design story in the room. What’s more, the overall vibe of the design is as simple as it can get. Yet it has a certain charm about the small cosy corner that allures you to spend your lazy mornings and enjoy the dimness of the evening in it. All that is left is to add a mattress, pillows and get comfortable.

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5. Turn It Into A Library Wall

When nothing makes sense, adding furniture can solve the issue. In this design, an entire modular unit is integrated into the wall and around the window with a plethora of storage racks and cabinets for storage. In case you are a profuse reader, you can always store your books and turn the wall into a library. But, the reason this design is on this list is not the storage but the in-built window seats, the storage is just an added benefit. The window itself is nothing too sophisticated, just a clear glass pane fixed in place using a black wooden frame, hidden away from the view. One thing you should consider is that this design requires a substantial amount of space in the room to pull off right, so plan the size of the unit beforehand.

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To sum up – Before settling on any window seat design, you should consider the space and type of window you have in your home. And based on the available space and window, you should choose the design. Hopefully, this blog helped find you the one and if it did, you should check out our other blogs.