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6 Interior design trends about to explode in 2023

From the remote villages of Scandinavia to the hustling and bustling cities of California, you can observe the traces of evolution in interior design era after era. It seems every few years people reinvent the way things look, whether it’s a bed or a coffee table. Evolution is woven into the strains of our DNA, which vindicates our need for something new. So, following this tradition, these are our predictions of new interior design trends in the year 2023.

1. Hue to Hue

Interior Design Trends

Towards the end of 2022, there has been a significant decline in the use of beige and neutral colours for home interiors. At the same time, we also saw an increased interest in a vibrant colour palette among our clients. We predict this pattern of behaviour will shape a new design trend.

The rise of vibrancy in homes can also be observed in the interior design awards from dezeen awards, which is given to an attic turned into a living space by Van Steyen Interieur Architecten. The space is justified by relaxing geometry with pops of yellow across the room.

Regardless of how timeless neutral colours are, over-usage of those colours in most places has pushed people towards a more vibrant décor. Even design professionals describe the routine demand for minimalistic design is on a decline with each passing month. It’s not hard to understand why, as people slowly abandon work-from-home culture, they want to come back to a home that lifts their moods after a long day at work.

2. Rise of the handcrafted décor

The past couple of years fuelled the rise of mass-produced, easily acquired plastic design elements – furniture included. However, 2023 has started liberating people to think bigger and clearer, marking the beginning of the era of expert craftsmanship, and environmentally friendly unique designs. Discarding overwhelming extravagance, people are radiating towards a subtle presence of luxury in their home interiors.

According to our predictions, instead of unnatural plastic-dominated designs, a re-emergence of wood, inlays and specialised handiwork will be more prevalent. This is also backed by the plethora of carpenters across the country, who report an uptick in demand for specialised work for various aspects of interior design.

 Interior Design Trends

One of these handicrafts has taken the centre stage in Indian households – woodworking. Previously favoured in northern India, the trend has made its way to the rest of the country. So much so that it can be seen in a variety of design elements, be it furniture or other wooden fixtures.

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3. Nostalgic interior design

Nostalgic Interior Design Trends

The ultimate form of luxury can be experienced through the design that existed when kings and queens ruled the lands. Modern designs seem to have tarnished home décor when compared to palaces and villas that existed before our time. Though expensive, design stories such as French country and Neo classical styles have made a comeback, its adoption by people is predicted to speed up in the second quarter of 2023.

However, it would be far-fetched to say, these designs will be implemented in their truest form. They will be altered with more modern styles, creating a true hybrid that would induce nostalgia while camouflaging in modern functionality.

4. Curvy Interiors

Curves, arches and other round elements have existed in interior design for some time now. In the past year, this style has started to gain more traction and will see its slow growth throughout 2023 as well. Curves have a way of softening the overall feel of any room, it adds personality, warmth and cosiness while making the room much more inviting.

As more and more people get over the pandemic scare and start inviting people over, curved design becomes a great option as they provide a highly welcoming décor. Furthermore, curved designs tend to create and save a lot of space in the room, which makes the design perfect for small homes.

curve Interior Design Trends

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5. Velvety textures

Imbuing luxury in a home without making it overly intimidating is a difficult task that design professionals deal with on a regular basis. According to experts, velvet textures rest somewhere between elegance and profligacy. This is also the reason many people try to keep their distance from the material.

However, when used appropriately, velvet can add a sense of richness that can elevate even the most ordinary objects. As per our research, velvet in all of its iterations – crushed, flocked, devoré and brocade have grown in popularity among homeowners and designers alike. Moreover, the material is commonly incorporated in furniture upholstery, accent walls, art pieces and other décor elements.

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6. Sustainable interiors

As the era of millennials took over, it came with a host of environmentally friendly trends in all aspects of life. And interior design is one of them, which is portrayed through the many many protests, demonstrations and boycotts across the globe. The revolutionary design reflects the commitment to protecting the environment.

The design calls for a variety of sustainable materials, such as recycled steel, sheep’s wool, plant-based polyurethane rigid foam, reclaimed wood, bamboo, hempcrete, cork, straw bales, organic cotton, felt, jute and more. Experts predict more people would move towards such a design in the coming months, years and decades.

Interior Design Trends - sustainable

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To sum up – Even though there are a couple of other smaller trends in interior design that are rearing their heads, these are the ones that have the most potential to revolutionise the way people decorate and design their homes in the future. Hopefully, this blog helped you stay up to date with the latest interior design trends of 2023. Happy Designing!