Design | December 9, 2022

6 Television Unit Design Ideas for Your Home

So many of us have spent countless hours staring at the TV, watching our favourite shows and movies. But how many of us have really considered what the complete unit looks like? Besides aesthetics, a modern television unit brings a lot of functionalities to the room and saves space.

As people started focusing more on the functionality of their homes, these beautiful modular TV units blew up in popularity. Also, a television unit doesn’t just end with the TV itself, the unit is part of the complete set, which includes the back panelling, the modular unit and the storage space within it.

All TV units are identical to each other in functionality, but the design and the wall behind the unit may differ as per the décor, design and ambience of the room. Furthermore, an extravagant accent wall can attract your gaze towards the TV unit, making it the centre of attention in the room. Having such an accent wall in a more intimate setting might be unnecessary, i.e., most bedrooms with a television unit are much more minimal in design.

Six Television Unit Design Ideas for your Home

Here’s a list of television units that will make watching television more fun.

1. Rustic floating TV unit

Television Unit Design Ideas

The first one to make it onto the list comes directly from the vaults of Aertsen. Featuring a floating unit provides ample space for storage without making it obvious. Even though the unit is quite large, taking up almost the entire wall, can feature televisions of most sizes and won’t make them look out of place.

Moreover, the crucial role in doing that is played by the beautiful accent wall behind it. Designed with exposed concrete slabs and accompanied by fluted wooden panelling, it makes for the perfect background for the TV, while the harmonised colour palette used for the modular unit completes the look.

2. Entertainment Centre TV unit

Television Unit Design Ideas

The idea behind this design is simply to house multiple shelves and cabinetry that can store books, art pieces and multimedia devices in the TV unit itself. The giant furniture piece becomes a dominant presence in the room, besides taking up the entire wall with rows of shelves and the television in the middle. However, the size of the TV plays a key role in this design.

Unlike other television units on this list, this one doesn’t feature an accent wall as the wall itself in a way is an accent wall that becomes the centre of attention in the room. Furthermore, the shelves are separated by thin partitions, which makes everything stored on the shelves uniform and provides a clean look.

3. Free-Standing Modular TV Unit

Television Unit Design Ideas

A free-standing modular unit is perhaps the simplest TV unit design found in homes today, it consists of a modular unit with cabinets and that’s it. Moreover, the design doesn’t take up much space and can easily fit into any home, but because of its simplicity, the design needs to be intricate to make it stand out.

As the example presented above, the designer had to make the wall especially attractive to help the TV unit feel in tandem with the rest of the home. The TV unit is nestled into a cave design, with the rest of the wall covered in sectional wooden panelling. Finally, multiple décor elements were added to the television unit to add the final touches to the unit.

4. Contemporary Floating TV Unit

The next TV unit design idea is the textbook example of perfect modular furniture blended with extraordinary interior design. While the modular TV unit on its own is highly functional, classy and provides all the features you would need from a TV unit, adding an accent wall behind it makes it one of the most beautiful walls in the home.

The unit features a wall-mounted/floating modular unit, which has a stacked design with small cabinets on top & bottom. Moreover, the unit feels quite spacious and creates marvellous aesthetics in the room. The aesthetics are further elevated by the vertical white marble cladding on the back wall, minimal décor elements on the modular unit and pendant lights in the room.

Just having a  great accent wall isn’t enough, throwing in a beautiful sofa can upgrade your screen time drastically. So, check out the best sofa design ideas for your living room.

5. Ligneous Hutch TV Unit

Television Unit Design Ideas

The hutch TV unit design is all about cabinetry or shelves stacked on top of each other while making space for the TV in the middle. Not to confuse this design with the entertainment centre, which is generally bigger than the hutch design, they do carry many similarities.

Besides, this design is a more customised version of a hutch television unit, it has more storage space both on the top and on the bottom. It also features a handful of open cabinets for art pieces on the side and space for the TV itself on the right. The unit follows a similar colour palette to the room it’s sitting in, creating harmony in design.

6. Modern Floating TV Unit

The final entry to make it onto the list is quite simple on its own, but the accent wall behind it makes it seem so much more than what it is. Fluted panelling comes together with textured marble cladding to create a show-stopping backdrop to an undemanding TV unit.

The unit consists of a floating modular unit with minimal storage along with some common décor elements, the rest is exaggerated by the design of the accent wall. But one thing that stands out about this television unit is that it also features a study table on the side. This is because the unit is designed for a bedroom, which has a more intimate setting. So, the inclusion of a study table doesn’t disrupt the design.

Hopefully, one of these TV unit designs managed to match up with your expectations. If they did, feel free to reach out to the experts at Aertsen for the best modular furniture for your home.