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6 Wonderfully Beautiful Kid’s Bedroom Design Ideas

Did you know that kids learn the majority of things in their formative years? It’s true! They learn from their environment, especially the place where they feel the safest – their bedroom. So, if you want to encourage your child’s growth, it’s essential to create a well-planned and safe space that promotes creativity. However, we understand that designing such a room can be difficult, which is why this blog exists. To provide you with the best kid’s bedroom design ideas!

The best kid’s bedroom design ideas

As a parent, you want to give your children the best care and space possible. With these kid’s bedroom design ideas, you can help design a room that will do just that. By creating a space that is both functional and stylish, your child will have a room that they can enjoy for years to come.

1. Space wanderer

This bedroom features a unique dichromatic colour palette that instantly creates a feeling of luxury and sophistication. The olive-green walls are paired with white tones to create a sense of calm, while the bed is integrated with drawers that can also be used as a desk. This is a great example of how to transition between two pieces of furniture while maintaining consistent design.

The room has a premium feel to it but doesn’t discriminate in adding some fun and whimsy with subtle decor elements. For example, the large astronaut decal on the wall or the creative design of the shelves. The room is further personalized for the child by adding picture frames and bobbleheads of their favourite characters from pop culture.

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2. Scandinavian bedroom

From an intense colour, we transition to a Scandinavian design story which is known for being cosy and calming. And the bedroom perfectly portrays that through every design element in the room. The room quite eloquently blends in all the colours and textures that can help lift your mood and induce creative thinking.

Moreover, the rustic elements create safe and sustainable decor that can harbour calmness and warmth for your child to feel safe. The bedroom’s design and layout facilitate enough storage space and furniture that can meet all the requirements of your child. The study unit especially stands out as it signifies a place to learn and grow. Consequently, it receives a lot of sunlight, features comfortable furniture and is surrounded by lots of plants.

3. Bedroom in a jungle

Creating a jungle theme, the room is ornate with artificial leaves, a green colour palette and wooden fixtures in the room. The low-height bed inside a wooden frame makes the room feel cosy instantly. This is further escalated via the use of the softest textile for the bed. And since the bedroom is for a kid, a variety of decor elements are added to resonate with the child’s age and interests.

4. Warm & caring bedroom

Drenched in shades of pink and grey, the next bedroom design establishes itself as the hotspot for warm and caring decor. From the curtains and drapes to the lighting and finishes, everything is carefully designated for the room to create a space that genuinely harbours the innocence of a child. The bedroom also has a large study unit directly opposite the bed, which adds depth to the room and gives the corner meaning. Furthermore, sunlight flows into the room via the wide-open window, making the room feel more lived in.

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5. Chic kid’s bedroom design

A bedroom is more than just a space for you to relax, it’s a sanctuary that sweeps you away from the tense lifestyle everyone has created for themselves. The best way to do that is through a soothing colour palette and a spacious layout in the room. Ornate with wooden rafters, decals and plush fabrics the room propagates serenity in the midst of sophistication.

Furnished with beautiful furniture and elegant decor elements, the bedroom also features a giant window that enriches the room with lots of natural light. If you have the space to integrate this design into your child’s bedroom, go for it!

6. My Little Pony

Inspired by a popular kid’s TV show – My Little Pony, the bedroom is enveloped in pink and youthful energy. Beadings on the walls, neon lights, wooden flooring and the wide open window letting in natural lights, everything feels in tandem with the room to create a design story that portrays the child to whom the room belongs.

The bedroom also features a spacious sliding wardrobe finished with a glossy texture, bouncing light all over the room and giving it a contemporary look. Added are a study unit and a vanity table, completing the room with everything a growing child would need to relax and feel comfortable.

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To sum it all up, even though all the bedrooms on this list have vastly different characteristics, they also have something in common, which is their ability to give your child a place they can call their own and a place that makes them feel safe.