Design | April 19, 2023

7 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas You Can Steal Right Now!

It’s the space where you wash away the stress of a long day, a space for solidarity, thoughts and calm. And enhancing this space with beautiful tiles can only enhance your experience in return. Even though tiles, thus far have been widely used in bathrooms across the globe. The designs often fail to inspire an atmosphere suitable for achieving the best bathroom décor. Lucky for you, we have put together the best wall tile design ideas for your bathroom. So you can integrate the design ideas in your own bathroom right away.

1. Green Herringbone

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Combining a herringbone pattern with running bond style tiles, the thin slats of the tiles flow through the walls to create a uniform aesthetic that seamlessly blends serenity and elegance. The dominance of green in the bathroom portrays its proximity to nature and its charm and beauty. However, the floor is given a white and black patterned design to rid the room of monotony.

2. Vainy Marble

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Covered by white marble cladding, the walls exude endless luxury through every inch of the space. The black breccia veins on the marble add a layer of visual stimulation that flows to other aspects of the bathroom. But the use of marble doesn’t end with just the walls, marble seemingly engulfs each and every aspect of the bathroom.

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3. Chevron Blue

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

The deep hue of the chevron-patterned tiles creates a sense of allure while the gold fitting in the bathroom inflates the luxurious décor. The beauty of this design lies in the overall décor of the bathroom, where the beige backdrop makes the deep blue tiles pop out even more. Due to the dark shade of the tiles, going overboard with the tiles will result in an overly dark bathroom that can have adverse effects. So, we recommend limiting this tile design to a section of the bathroom.

4. Dichromatic Grid

More often than not, symmetry and simplicity are all that is needed to introduce balance in life. Perhaps that’s the approach this tile design takes to create a calming and uniform décor. The grid-patterned tile design can often be found in public bathrooms, hotels and other commercial establishments. And that’s not by any means an accident. It’s one of the safest bets when it comes to tile design. It is because of its ability to fit into any setting. The colour of the tiles further solidifies the same principle and creates a sense of stability.

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5. Blue Honeycomb

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

The honeycomb tile design has been around for ages and doesn’t seem to be going out of style any time soon. This is in part because of its ability to add interest to any wall instantaneously. This tile design takes advantage of the same and adds a luxurious flair by incorporating blue tiles along with gold colour grout between the tiles.

6. Abstract Triangle

This unconventional and abstract tile design is inspired by a modern contemporary design style, hardly seen in Indian homes. It has a very cheery and vibrant effect on the bathroom design. It will make your mornings bright and energetic while making your nights soothing and calming. The design takes advantage of triangle tiles that play around with colours. If it wasn’t in a bathroom anyone could have mistaken it for an accent wall for a living room.

7. Blue Fish Scale

New and unique tile shapes aren’t very hard to find, but there isn’t really anything else like fish-scale tiles. Curvy, stylish and versatile, the fish tiles can beautify a space effortlessly. This tile design has incorporated a highly sought-after colour palette with the tiles to create visual interest and a sense of lightness, purity and order.

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Chances are you would come across countless other bathroom tile designs on the internet, these were our top picks for a beautiful and peaceful bathroom. Hopefully, this blog helped you settle on one that tickles your fancy and if you need any further help with your bathroom decorations, feel free to reach out to us.