Design | December 29, 2022

7 Leading Space-Boosting Bathroom Design Ideas

Ever wondered how hotels fit so many highly functional features into their mostly small bathroom designs? In hindsight, these features seem simple enough to integrate into any bathroom. But contrary to popular belief, the design, the layout and everything else is meticulously planned by an expert to create space yet keep the bathroom beautiful and functional while accommodating all the necessary amenities. To help you mirror the same aspects in your own bathrooms, this blog will take you through the best space-boosting bathroom design ideas.

Note: Some of these ideas may require intervention by an expert, so we recommend avoiding DIY for your safety and the wastage of resources.

1. Consider multifunctional storage options

Bathroom Design Ideas

Multifunctional furniture isn’t something new, people have been using such furniture in their homes for decades. However, you can integrate the same principle in your bathroom as well. Things as small as mirror cabinets to drawers under the sink unit will help you mitigate issues with space.

2. Use the walls efficiently

In a small bathroom, using each and every inch of the space efficiently becomes paramount. Installing wall-mounted racks, hooks and baskets to store towels, accessories and other bathroom essentials can help you save a ton of space. You can also use the tail end of the bathroom door to hang essentials.

Bathroom Design Ideas

3. Avoid Partitions

Even though partitions create a clean aesthetic and make everything uniform, it also restricts flexibility in storage. Instead of partitions, you can use shower curtains to separate the areas without constricting flexibility. This will also enhance your ability to move around in the bathroom.

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4. Minimise bathroom accessories

One easy way to make space is to simply reduce the number of things that occupy the bathroom. Sort out the things that are unnecessary or you can live without and get rid of them, or at the very least organise them with the help of organisers. This will make your bathroom clutter free and make it seem bigger than it really is.

5. Use light and bright colours

Bathroom Design Ideas

The use of bright colours in any room will make it seem bigger because light tends to bounce off bright colours and scatter in a room, creating an illusion of space. However, be sure not to add too many contrasting colours as it would distract your gaze and reveal the actual space in the bathroom.

6. Bigger the mirror the better

Mirrors are absolutely great at creating depth in any room, it reflects light to all the dark corners of the bathroom. So, getting a larger-than-usual mirror for your bathroom is a must. Moreover, the best part about mirrors is that they barely take up any space in the bathroom. You can kick it up a notch by integrating mirrors on various surfaces of the bathroom.

Bathroom Design Ideas

7. Large Window

A window plays a vital role in the layout of a bathroom. It doesn’t just introduce light in the room, it also lets in air and makes the bathroom feel fresh and order less. However, the important thing is a large window creates an illusion of space and from a privacy standpoint, there are a plethora of ways you can maintain proper privacy. Frosted glass, blinds and window films are all great for privacy without choking natural light.

Dealing with a small bathroom can be a daunting task, hopefully, these ideas will help you make your bathroom much more spacious.