Décor | Design | December 31, 2022

8 Must-Haves for a Child’s Bedroom Design

The things that help shape a child’s personality and social psychology are incomparable to those of an adult. It takes a lot of different stimuli to help preserve and shape a child’s personality. Let’s look at some of the things that help your child’s development in their formative years and how you can integrate them into their bedroom design.

1. Vibrant colours

Colour can have a significant impact on children’s lives, according to various studies conducted by researchers across the globe. These studies show that colours can help develop creativity, productivity and the ability to learn. However, the choice of colour can also have different effects on children’s moods and behaviour. For instance, certain colours can induce excitement, while others can cause them to be calm or even docile.

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2. Integrated play area

Most children are teeming with energy and excitement, so giving them a space to release all that energy in their bedroom can help their development tremendously. Furthermore, it promotes the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being of children. Play teaches children collaboration, as well as important lessons about the world around them.

3. Extensive storage

As children grow up and their needs change, so too should their bedrooms. In order to accommodate a growing child, adding storage to the bedroom design is key to provide not only a place for them to store their clothes, but also their toys, books, and anything else they may need. Additionally, storage space will help you declutter the room and prevent any injuries that could be caused by clutter.

4. Pattern & Textures

Textures and patterns on the walls and ceilings are often neglected, but they play an essential role in taking the room from ordinary to extraordinary. A well-decorated room can also induce creative thinking early in a child’s life and propel them to integrate that into their lives.

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5. Natural Lighting

Regardless of your age, natural light is one of the key features that no room can afford to ignore. Studies have indicated frequent exposure to natural light increases serotonin production in children, which helps them feel happy and stay calm. Natural light has also proven to have favourable effects on a child’s internal clock, improving sleep quality and overall well-being. Furthermore, light also has positive effects on the room itself – it creates an illusion of space in the room.

6. Artificial Lighting

Even though natural light is one of the most vital aspects of any home or room, it can’t be daytime all the time. This issue can be mitigated via the use of proper lighting across the room. Illuminating each and every corner of the room can help your child stay energetic for longer and stay productive.

7. Décor

The impact of room décor is greater than most people realise. Décor creates a specific atmosphere in a room based on the décor elements used. While some décor can lift your spirits and keep you motivated, others can help you unwind. The décor in a growing child’s room will aid in their emotional and physical development.

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8. Creative art

Proven to help children develop individuality, self-respect and appreciation for art. Integrating artwork in their bedroom will introduce them to the vivid world outside. Moreover, it also benefits the room by adding depth and meaning to the walls artwork is hung on.

To sum up, creating the perfect bedroom for your child can be a tricky endeavour, to say the least. However, hopefully, this blog helped you give your child the best environment to grow and flourish in their lives.