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Future-Proof Your Home: 9 Energy-Saving Appliances You Need

Over the last decade, electrical appliances in home have seen tremendous improvements over their predecessors. And with each passing year, they have gotten better and better at streamlining daily lives and simplifying household functions. However, what most people often overlook is the fact that there are multiple other factors apart from the advertised features and specifications that should be considered before purchasing any appliance.

For instance, the environmental impact that a product might have or how the product is manufactured. Even though these things don’t directly affect the buyer’s life, it definitely adds to the consequences their future generations will have to deal with. Although, the good news is governments and companies across the globe have started opening up to climate-conscious behavior with many of them adopting a sustainable process for their operations, manufacturing and supply chain. Yet, there are others who chase profits beyond everything else, so it all comes down to you, the end user, to make the right decision. And to help you make the right decision, we have listed some of the best electrical appliances in home.

1. Washing Machine

Best Electrolux Appliances

As far as washing machines go, the UltimateCare 300 front-load washing machine from Electrolux might not look a lot different from others. But it’s packed from head to toe with features and technology. Because of Electrolux’s in-house R&D and excellent design, it can handle a load of up to 7.5 kg while the EcoInvertor motor fitted in the machine ensures 50% less energy consumption and a vibration-free, quiet and reliable performance. Electrolux is hyper-focused on their customer’s well-being – hence equipping the machine with the HygienicCare function was a no-brainer. It allows the machine to spray a soft vapour that removes 99.99% of germs and allergens one of the most important electrical appliances for your home.

Some of the washing machine’s other highlights include six different temperature settings, the AddCothes function that allows you to add more clothes within 15 mins from the start of the cycle and AutoSense, which adjusts the time, water and energy consumption automatically.

Features: 12 programs, AutoSense, Variable Temperature, Quick Cycles, Child Lock, EcoInverter Motor and HygienicCare.

2. Refrigerator

Electrolux Refrigerator Top and Most rated essential electrical appliances in home to store veggies, food, drinks and meat.

Up next is the 600L UltimateTaste 700 French door refrigerator with enough space to fit in all the veggies, meats, bottles, produce and condiments your family needs for the week. Besides being equipped with a plethora of storage accessories, it also features TasteLockPlus which keeps the food fresh for longer periods of time. And when it’s not prolonging the food’s shelf life, it creates the perfect environment for your food with its EvenTemp feature. But by far, the most fun feature of the refrigerator has to be the Twist & Serve, it allows you to serve up ice cubes in the most fun way possible.

Features: An exuberant amount of space, TasteLockPlus – for longer shelf life, EvenTemp – to eliminate temperature fluctuations, TaseGaurd – for fresh, clean and hygienic refrigerator and Customisable door storage.

3. Kitchen Hood/Chimney

Kitchen Hood or Chimney an essential kitchen electrical appliances in home

Kitchen Hood or Chimney an essential kitchen electrical appliances in home Surely, the importance of the chimney isn’t lost on anybody. Besides, drawing the smoke out of your kitchen, it also absorbs the heat in your kitchen, so you can be comfortable while cooking. This might be an unpopular opinion but, chimneys are one of the most important aspects of the kitchen. Hence, getting the right product is vital for both your health and your safety. The UltimateTaste 500 island kitchen hood from Electrolux is one of the best options available in the market. Designed and engineered in Sweden, it’s the personification of cutting-edge home appliances.

Its wide 90cm hood canopy hovers over the entire hob and draws every bit of smoke, grease and heat away from the kitchen. And when it comes to filtration, it’s equipped with a combination of filters that keeps your kitchen feeling fresh. Moreover, the chimney uses a centrifugal motor that ensures less energy consumption and clean air.

Features: Stylish and sleek design, Easy-to-operate touchscreen controls, Adjustable fan speed, Dishwasher-safe filters and Auto thermal cut-out safety switch.

4. Hob

Best Electrolux Appliances for your kitchen

Hobs are obviously the stars of the show here, the entire kitchen is designed and built around the hob. While you might get away with less storage space, a kitchen is meaningless without a hob. And if you are anything like most people, you would want the best there is. This is where the UltimateTaste 700 3-burner built-in gas hob from Electrolux comes into the picture. Sitting at the epitome of quality and technology, the hob is brimming with features that are both sustainable and efficient. Equipped with StepFlame settings, it sways fire to its will to deliver precise heat controls. So every time you switch on your hob, the temperature is precisely the same.

Features: 3 Burners, StepFlame – for precise heat control, FlameShield – reduces heat loss, Powerful 5.2kW burner and Automatic flame failure safety device.

5. Single Oven

Become a baker with the single oven from electrolux

We all have a baker in us who wakes up every Sunday to concoct a brand-new delicacy. To empower that baker in you, the right tools are of utmost importance and by all means, the UltimateTaste 500 built-in single oven from Electrolux is equipped with all the features that enable you to do the same. The oven produces bakery-style soft and fluffy bread by using the SteamBake technology. But it can do so much more, like assisting in cooking any dish to exactly the right temperature using the smart food probe. The oven also comes with a Pyro program to make the cleaning process as easy as wiping the surface.

Features: Dedicated pizza program, Several cooking functions, SoftClose Hinges, SteamBake for bakery-style bread and Smart food probe comes out of the box.

6. Dishwasher

Best Electrolux Appliances for your home

You might like to eat on the most beautiful crockery, but let’s face it, nobody likes cleaning them after you are done eating. A dishwasher mitigates this issue by simply cleaning and sanitising the dishes without much effort. And it doesn’t just eliminate the need for human intervention, but it also saves your time. However, getting the right product is quite important in this case, as maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is of the utmost importance when it comes to things around your food. Meanwhile, the UltimateCare 700 freestanding dishwasher is perfect for this job.

It’s equipped with the SatelliteClean feature, which shoots multiple jets of water on every corner of the dishwasher ensuring thorough cleaning of each and every article. The feature also uses double rotation movement that continuously changes the angle of jets to ensure maximum coverage.

Features: MaxiFlex drawers accommodate all types of utensils, SprayZone function – for intensive cleaning, SoftGrills & SoftSpikes – for supporting glasses, ExtraPower feature – for cleaning stubborn stains and Scheduled wash.

7. Coffee Maker

Coffee maker for every coffee lover by  Electrolux one of the important electrical appliances in home

If you are a coffee lover, we can safely say, you will fall in love with this coffee maker from Electrolux. The UltimateTaste 900 built-in coffee maker is capable of producing coffee that can put most coffee shops to shame. While the taste of the coffee depends highly on the beans, you can be sure about the process that goes behind producing the best quality coffee. Its smart and intuitive UI ensures the machine is easy to use and constantly delivers the best taste.

Features: Multiple coffee blend options, Thermoblock ensures precise temperature control and a fast brewing process, Dual dispensing nozzles, Easy intuitive UI and 15 bar pressure for a thorough extraction of flavours.

8. Vacuum Cleaner

Vaccume Cleaner for the hassle free cleaning and one of the best electrical appliances in home

Cleaning is a hassle on its own, not to mention, clearing out dirt from the unreachable areas of the space. In such cases, a vacuum cleaner makes your life so much easier. Now, coming to why the SilentPerformer canister vacuum cleaner from Electrolux should be your first choice. It’s fitted with a PowerPro System which combines a powerful motor and an optimised floor nozzle to deliver excellent cleanliness. The vacuum cleaner is especially good with problem areas such as the carpet, where additional suction power is necessary. Electrolux has gone a step further to wrap the floor nozzle with ErgoShock bumper wraps to eliminate the chances of damage or scuffing to the furniture, skirting boards and walls. It really is an all-around excellent cleaning solution for modern homes.

Features: 180° access to the dust bag, 360° manoeuvrability, EcoShok bumper wraps, DustPro nozzle – for efficient cleaning and PowerPro motor – powerful suction.

9. Air Conditioner

Electrolux Air Conditioners for the best electrical appliances in home

Perhaps, air conditioners were made for the Indian climate where the conditions are mostly warm throughout the year, and don’t even get me started with the summer. While there are a plethora of brands to choose from, only a handful of them are truly sustainable. This makes way for the UltimateHome 500 inverter air conditioner from Electrolux, which doesn’t just reduce your carbon footprint but also removes 99.8% bacteria from the air with its PureProtect filtration. It’s also outfitted with a convertible function, which is designed to utilise energy as per requirement, saving you a ton of money.

Furthermore, it’s equipped with a 360° cooling function, combining horizontal and vertical auto swings to circulate cool air throughout the room. So, if you want to avoid being warm and help stop global warming in the process, this air conditioner should be at the top of your list.

Features: 360° cooling function, I-Feel remote control sensor – to automatically set your desired room temperature, BlueTech Sheald for protection against corrosion and R32 refrigerant free.

To summarise about the electrical appliances in home, Electrolux has a wide range of home appliances for all your needs. Whether it’s cleaning or cooking a delectable meal, they have got it all. On top of that, they are completely transparent with how their products are made and dedicated to making the world a better place. We highly recommend checking out their products and experiencing first-hand what superior quality looks like.

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