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9 Home Décor Ideas: How to beautify your balcony design?

For many, balconies are more than just an extension of their living room, this is where their day begins with a cup of tea, this is where friends gather, and this is the place that connects their home to the rest of the world. Besides, balconies are a glimpse into who you are as a person. With such a reputation to uphold, you can’t leave out the balcony when designing your home. Hence, this blog will help you add the right elements to the balcony design and rejuvenate the area.

Note: Balconies can be tricky to decorate. Besides making it look beautiful, you also have to consider the safety and security side of things. So, we recommend involving an expert before executing your plans.

1. Ornate with string lighting

It doesn’t have to be Diwali for you to put up string lights on your balcony. Even though string lights don’t do much for the balcony during the day, at night they can beautify an area like no other. But just adding string lights isn’t enough – these lights need to be arranged and decorated in a way that doesn’t look cluttered.

2. Hang a chandelier

There are only a few things in the world that can add the type of extravagance that a chandelier can. It’s better to stick to the modern chandeliers for the balcony, as they can be smaller in size but if you have the space go for the big one. Chandeliers do more than just produce light, they also introduce warmth and have the ability to transform the area into something completely different.

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3. Choose Light colours

If you have a smaller balcony, this tip can make all the difference in beautifying your balcony. Choosing light colours for your balcony can make the space feel more spacious and airy, whereas opting for darker shades will make the space seem smaller. Besides, light colours are very efficient at reflecting heat away from the home and keeping your home cool.

4. Fill your balcony with blooms/plants

If there was a sure-shot way to beautify anything at anytime, it has to be through adding flowers to the area. Adding blooms to the balcony can easily add colours, purify the air and elevate your mood. Make sure you get a variety of flowers in different colours and spread them throughout your balcony.

5. Integrate outdoor furniture

There’s nothing better than sitting down on the balcony with a cup of tea and a book. Having a balcony is one of the underestimated luxuries in life, add to that a few pieces of furniture and you have yourself the best chill-out spot. A small coffee table, a couple of chairs or even a couch can improve your balcony three folds.

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6. Add floor pillows

If the previous option doesn’t seem like your thing or you don’t have the space for it, instead of furniture add floor pillows on the balcony. These floor pillows will make the space cosier than ever. Since the floor pillows are mostly on the floor, make sure you clean them occasionally.

7. Make use of the wall space

Akin to most balconies, you might not have a lot of space in your balcony to introduce a sundry of design/décor elements. In such cases, decorating the walls on the balcony can liven up the area like nothing else. Consider décor elements such as concrete textures, wall planters, shelves, trellis, artificial grass cladding and the numerous other options available.

8. Add a hammock/swing chair

Hammocks and swing chairs are one of the most unique pieces of furniture available and can make any space stand out. It creates a warm and cosy décor, perfect for a rainy day. However, make sure you have enough space because a hammock and swing need some space to function properly.

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9. Add a pergola

In case you have an open-roof balcony, adding a pergola or shade can protect your balcony from rain and provide shade during a particularly sunny day. Choosing the right material can also affect the décor of the balcony, for instance, a wooden pergola will add a rustic design whereas a metal pergola would create a rather contemporary aesthetic. You should also consider the pricing side of things, as depending on the material, prices can vary drastically. 

Hopefully, this blog on balcony décor ideas helped you up your balcony game. However, before going on a shopping spree for all the new décor elements you need to consider if they are all viable for the space you have.