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Elegant Zen Abode

Marina Skies Bandlaguda


In the neighborhood of Bandlaguda, Hyderabad, you'll find the contemporary residence of Mrs. Rajani Jessica Mathew. Her stylish 3BHK home embodies both simplicity and elegance, offering a place of comfort. With its sleek lines and modern design, this place provides a peaceful retreat from the lively city life. Step inside for a fusion of modernity, where every detail is meticulously crafted.

Mrs. Rajani Jessica Mathew

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Urbanite’s Stylish Villa



Explore Mr. Pawan's Minimal Modern 3BHK Villa in the serene Situated in Manikonda, Hyderabad. This Minimal Modern abode embodies sleek simplicity and chic design. Situated in a tranquil setting, it offers a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a harmonious living experience amidst urban convenience.

Mr. Pawan

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Stylish Minimalist Ambiance

Nivrithi Homes Miyapur


As housing trends evolve, minimalistic design remains a top choice for many. Mr. Prashanth's 3 BHK flat in Miyapur exemplifies this, having been transformed into a sleek, modern place that perfectly embraces this enduring trend. From the streamlined furniture to the subtle color palette. It's an illustration of how design principles can create a harmonious and stylish living.

Mr. Prashanth

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Retro Modern Blend

GHR-Titania Kondapur


Uncover the essence of modern living at Mrs. Sushmitha's 3 BHK home, located in Kondapur's prestigious GHR-Titania apartment in Hyderabad. This exceptional residence blends with sophistication luxurious interiors and a stylish, exuding refined elegance throughout.

Mrs. Sushmitha

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Enchanting Charm Enriches

Marina Skies Kukatpally


The design theme of the residence is expertly complemented by modern neoclassical, adding a sense of grandeur and grace to Mr. Vijay's 3 BHK flat in Marina Skies, Hyderabad. As one explores the place, they are treated to a symphony of luxurious finishes, and subtle hints of classical aesthetics.


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Sleek Luxe Design

Sumadhura Horizon Kondapur


Discover the grandeur of Mr. Rawoof's luxurious 2BHK residence in Hyderabad, featuring opulent interiors that exude elegance and refinement. This magnificent place offers a harmonious blend of luxury and comfort, creating a sanctuary of style and grace.

Mr. Rawoof

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Radiant Serenity Dwelling

Jaswitha Luxor Kokapet


Experience Mr. Uma Shanker's modern residence. With sleek furniture and calming tones, it's a place of elegance. From plush seating to stylish accents, every detail is thoughtfully curated for a refined living experience. It's the zenith of impeccable taste and modern luxury.

Mr. Uma shanker

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Relish the Harmonious chic

Uvera Heights LB Nagar


Dive into the inviting ambiance of the lively city life. This 3BHK in Hyderabad welcomes you with its calm ambiance, offering a sanctuary for relaxation and renewal. Let the halcyon decor and inviting interiors envelop you.

Mrs. Bhavana Rakela

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Immersing in Elite Refinement

Aurobindo Kohinoor Hi Tech City


Explore this meticulously designed home for Mr. Mohanavamsi, where sophistication meets comfort. From the inviting glow of the Tania Trio Adjustable Chandelier to the serene ambiance of the tropical-themed bedroom, each place offers a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Mr. Mohanavamsi

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Stylish Classical Getaway

Nivriti Homes Miyapur


Welcome to Mr. Shekar Nelluri's home in Miyapur, where contemporary neoclassical design shines. This inviting space blends modern flair with timeless elegance, providing a perfect refuge. With its balanced mix of sleek style and classic allure, it's an ideal place to unwind.

Mr. Shekar Nelluri

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Enduring Elegance in Neoclassical

Frontline Seven Kokapet


Mr. Dukkipati Rajasekhar Rao's flat in Frontline Seven, Hyderabad, is a retreat where minimalist neoclassical style reigns supreme. Each room reflects a meticulous blend of modern simplicity and classical elegance, offering a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Mr. Dukkipati Rajasekhar Rao

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Brimming with Lavish Abundance

Om Sree Skypark Kompally


Where modern living design meets purpose, every place tells a story of style, functionality, and cultural significance. Each setting invites exploration and appreciation of the modern luxury of Mr. Prakash Patel's 4BHK. A classic grace of a traditional living room and dining room, from the whimsical allure of a surreal mural of a Puja room.

Mr. Prakash Patel

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Aesthetic of Magnificence

Aparna Cyberscape Lingampally


Discover the tranquility of Mr. Ragavendra's meticulously designed 3BHK retreat in Aparna Cyberscape, Lingampally. From the inviting living room to the serene bedrooms, each area showcases a seamless blend of contemporary flair and timeless elegance. With thoughtfully curated decor and luxurious amenities.

Mr. Ragavendra

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Graciously Soothing Fusion

My Home Tridasa Tellapur


The residence of Mr. Sarat offers Modern furnishings and eclectic decor come together to create a soothing environment. As you wander through the rooms, you'll notice how the area has a calming effect. It's as if the home itself is designed to provide a sense of peace and relaxation.

Mr. Sarath

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Marvel at Elevated Luxury

Aparna One Shaikpet


This exquisite 4BHK Flat in Hyderabad, designed for Mr. Anwar, exceeds the ordinary. Step inside and discover comfortable places adorned with lavish modern furniture. Experience a captivating blend of charm and grace, where every corner exudes elegance.

Mr. Anwar

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Stylish and Functional at a Glance

Sumadhura Horizon Kondapur


In the vibrant cityscape of Kondapur, this 3BHK flat exemplifies Mr. Aakash Jain's discerning style and desire for serenity. Imbued with his flair, the interiors are a harmonious blend of soothing wooden accents, warm beige tones, and an abundance of natural and artificial light. Designed as a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of daily life, every corner of the home exudes a sense of calm.

Mr. Aakash Jain

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Luxury Harmonized Dwelling

Bhavani Maruthi Nilayam Saidabad


Exploring the vision dwelling of Mr. Suman 3BHK abode situated within the esteemed Bhavani Maruthi Nilayam residency in Saidabad. A realm where interior ingenuity meets aesthetic brilliance, as each corner of this flat tells a tale of refined elegance and modern sophistication. From the inviting living places to the serene bedrooms, every element has been meticulously curated to create a harmonious blend of comfort.

Mr. Suman

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Avant-Garde Splendor

Sumadhura Horizon Kondapur


Welcome to Mrs. Sukanya's chic 3BHK residence in Kondapur, where modern opulence intertwines with understated refinement. The living room, suffused with natural light, emanates a sense of warmth. Adorned with plush furnishings and vibrant decor accents, every corner exudes contemporary allure and timeless charm.

Mrs. Sukanya

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A Blend of Livable Luxury

My Home Tridasa Tellapur


The entrance to Mrs. Chidvila Salian's 2.5 BHK flat in My Home Tridasa, Tellapur, opens directly to the living room. This open floor plan eliminates the need for a hallway, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere right from the first step inside. This artistic design choice fosters a sense of connection and spaciousness. Let's explore how this inviting layout sets the stage for the rest of the Flat.

Mrs. Chidvila Salian

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Silhouette chic bloom

Aditya Athena Manikonda


Experience Mr. Sunil's adobe at Aditya Athena, a deluxe 3 BHK flat where elegance meets comfort in every corner. With an undergo of a congenial blend of modern elegance and timeless charm. From the living area to the serene Pooja room, each space is thoughtfully designed to create an atmosphere of slackening and polish.

Mr. Sunil

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Grandiose Gambol Whimsy

Aparna Serene Park Serilingampally


Embarkon a journey through chic home vicinity and calming hideaways. Each room exudes its own unique charm, blending modern ease with enduring grace to create an inviting atmosphere. From light-filled living rooms to cozy bedrooms, every corner of these spaces is thoughtfully curated to provide a sense of slackening and comfort.

Mr. Madhukar

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Dove Gray Majesty

Harsha Sky High Film Nagar


Mrs. Niyanthi's lavish 4BHK flat at Harsha Sky High in Filmnagar's Blend of Enlight and contemporary allure. Here, Nirvana converges with modern-day allure seamlessly. Dove gray walls complemented by white trim and warm oak hardwood floors set the ambiance. Sink into the comfort of a plush ivory sofa and gilded navy velvet armchairs. Artistic accents like an abstract painting and curated gallery walls enhance the ambiance. Meanwhile, a cozy reading spot and sleek media console offer spots for slackening and entertainment. Neutral tones and natural wood accents create a serene atmosphere.

Mrs. Niyanthi

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Beyond Aesthetics

Habsiguda Hyderabad


Experience the luxurious and stylish 3BHK of Mrs. Sridevi's stunning residence in the dynamic locale of Habsiguda, Hyderabad. This exquisite home is a testament to the power of exceptional interior design, where every corner is adorned with crafted decor choices that seamlessly enhance the ambiance. Experience luxurious and stylish, where comfort meets entertainment, to modern efficiency, each space reflects a thoughtful balance of style and functionality.

Mrs. Sridevi

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Timeless Style in IT Hub Oasis

Aparna Luxor Park Kondapur


Experience modern luxury at Mr. Badri's 3BHK in Kondapur's IT hub, part of Aparna Luxor Park. A fusion of contemporary design and opulent interiors, the chic wood color palette adds elegance to every corner. Situated in Kondapur, it seamlessly combines convenience and exclusivity, defining refined living in the thriving IT landscape. Welcome to sophistication at its finest in Mr. Badri's home.

Mr. Badri

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Modern Alchemy

Indis KPHB


In this Modern Alchemy 3BHK home located in KPHB, white walls usher in a luminous and spacious ambiance. A round dining table, adorned with a dark stain, harmonizes seamlessly with the light sideboard and coffee table. The dining chairs, swathed in a vibrant blue fabric, inject a lively burst of color into the surroundings.

Ms. Saritha

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Peaceful Sanctuary

Preston Anvitas amari Kokapet


Mr. Srikanth Reddy steps into his sanctuary, a symphony of muted pinks and gleaming gold. The blush velvet couch, a sumptuous cloud of comfort, beckons him to unwind, its curves mirroring the gentle sweep of the hanging pendant lights. A sleek coffee table, a sun-kissed halo of metallic, reflects the soft glow, casting playful shadows upon the hardwood floor. Golden rays emanate from side tables, embracing the room in a warm embrace.

Mr. Srikanth Reddy

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A Cozy Artful Haven

IRIS by Sriven Hyderabad


Motivated by their aspiration to imbue their residence with warm hues, comfortable furnishings, and a touch of modern elegance, the family ventured across the city in search of the perfect professionals for the task. Almost serendipitously, they encountered Aertsen Living. Upon delving into the firm's impressive track record and portfolio, it became unmistakably apparent that this partnership was predestined.


IRIS by Sriven

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Serene Fusion: Timeless Elegance

Pranava's One Hyderabad


Driven by their vision to adorn their dwelling with inviting hues, cozy furnishings, and a dash of contemporary elegance, the family embarked on a quest across the city to find the ideal professionals for the task. Almost serendipitously, they discovered Aertsen Living. Upon delving into the firm's previous projects and portfolio, it became evident that the partnership was destined.

Arun kumar DVK

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Elysian Abode



Motivated by their dream to embellish their home with warm colours, comfortable furniture, and a touch of modern sophistication, the family started scouring the city for people best suited for the job. As if it was fate, the family came across Aertsen Living, and as the family explored their past work and portfolio, things soon became clear - the collaboration was meant to be.


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Wooden Grandeur

My Home Krishe Gachibowli


Located in the lively & charming city of Gachibowli, this 3-BHK apartment is an enchanting wonder meticulously designed to reflect the homeowner’s style. Mr. Ravi, the homeowner, wanted interiors that could get rid of all the stresses of life at the end of a long day. Hence, the home is saturated with soothing wooden accents, warm beige walls and an abundance of light from both natural and artificial sources.

Mr. Ravi

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Exuberant Luxury



Spanning over a 2,000 sq. ft. apartment in Vijayawada, also home to the Kanaka Durga Temple, one of the most popular Hindu temples in India. Perhaps it’s the beauty in the craftsmanship of the temple's architecture that inspired the designers to deliver exceptionally detailed interiors of this modern minimalistic home.

Ms. Latha

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An Artsy Warm Retreat

My Home Tarkshya Kokapet


The confines of this home are enveloped in earthy tones, modern furniture and eclectic visuals. And as you traverse through the rooms of the home, the space has a way of calming you down, freeing you of all the stresses of life. As we voyage through this 1,500 sq. ft. home, a tranquil aura is guaranteed to take over your mind, heart and soul.

Mr. Vishnu Vardhan

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Layered Chic Dwelling

LB Nagar Hyderabad


Often picturing the perfect home for yourself may seem simple in your head, but putting the same on paper never is. Mrs. Padmaja and her family were lost in a similar conundrum. As a result, Aertsen Living came to their rescue, seamlessly transforming their ideas into reality.

Mrs. Padmaja

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Aureate Euphoria

Bandlaguda Jagir Hyderabad


Along the Musi River, in the sprawling local of Velly View Enclave, a 2 BHK home became the focus of Aertsen Living’s latest renovation efforts. The 750 sq. ft. apartment, teeming with neutral hues, golden accents and extravagant lighting, mirrors the modern nuclear lifestyle. Though compact, the home facilitates all the luxuries of life, along with a calming and serene décor.

Mr. Srikanth

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Arcadian Décor in an Ethereal Home

Honer Aquantis Hyderabad


While brainstorming with the family, they put forth their expectations for each and every aspect of the home, clearing the way for a contemporary design language to glamorise the home. So, our designers, 3D team and on-site supervisors got to work, meticulously planning every step of the way to avoid any hurdles that might present themselves in the course of the project. A short 45 days later, the home was ready for the family to move in.

Mrs. Zainab

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Idyllic Aura Of a Picturesque Home



Homes, as far as we can go back in time, have been influenced by the fashionable inclinations of each generation. And this has been a true and sturdy design ideology practised to this day, taking shape in the form of a contemporary design style. So, when Mrs. Shashikala came seeking a modern cosy haven, a contemporary design story was the obvious choice.

Mrs. Shashikala

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A Lavish Retro-Futuristic Dwelling

My Home Bhooja Hyderabad


Located in an upscale area of Hyderabad, the home in Gachibowli doubled in value with this renovation project besides giving the family a getaway home when homesickness takes over.

Mr. Shri Hari

My Home Bhooja

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Natural Perseverance

Aparna Cyberlife Hyderabad


It’s quite easy to celebrate the beauty of the home, while it’s difficult to read into the story the walls weave. Moreover, the colour and material palette come together to create a symphony of nature that gives birth to a home that emanates the essence of nature.

Mr. Harshavardhan

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A Sanctified Matrimony of Old & New

Kokapet Hyderabad


Just beyond the threshold of Hyderabad city, a stone’s throw away from Osman lake, the 2 BHK home cherishes the serendipitous views of the green landscapes around it. Spanning over a 1,700 sq. ft. area, the home is reminiscent of a classical décor along with modern accents, birthing something truly unique.

Mrs. Renu

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Sanctuary Lacking Boundaries or Constraints

CBM Compound Visakhapatnam


The family of four residing in this beautiful 3 BHK home is serendipitous to picturesque beaches, serene landscapes and the rich cultural past of Visakhapatnam, Andra Pradesh. Mr. Tulasi Ram wanted to capture the beauty and heritage of the city in their home without surrendering a reflection of their own.

Mr. Tulasi Ram

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