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Beach Cottage Decor Ideas To Add Costal Charm To Your Home

Are you looking to add a bit of coastal charm to your home? Here are the 8 beautiful beach cottage decor ideas to get inspired. A home on the beach is perhaps the dream of countless thalassophiles across this blue globe. Or you are someone who just likes the view of a roaring ocean and the wheezing winds that comes with it. Regardless of which one best describes you, the important fact is that a coastal cottage design is a highly sought-after theme and nothing less than a challenge to create from the ground up.

Because of the time and costs that go into creating such a home and the obvious beachfront view, the prices for these homes have skyrocketed to oblivion. So, it’s safe to say, such a home is also a great investment opportunity. However, getting it right on your own can be a daunting task, to say the least. Lucky for you, we have researched and listed below the best beach cottage décor ideas to help you add that coastal charm to the home, you have been dreaming about.

1. Weathered Finishes

Beach Cottage Decor Ideas

The idea behind using weathered finishes in coastal home décor is to visualise the effect of water on various objects without actually harming any of the items.

For instance, wood can be given a weathered look using paint, while furniture and other décor items can be bought. Yet, we recommend using weather finishes with moderation, as they can easily take over the entire décor and limit other design ideas.

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2. Rustic Material

Materials such as wood, hessian fabric and wicker have been used in beachy home décor for as long as the concept of beach cottage homes has existed. This is either because of the availability of such materials around the area, traditionally or because of their complementary behaviour to the theme.

Wood, especially, is at the core of these homes, as the duality in its usage of it can be seen in both the architecture and interior of the home. These materials are also cohesive with the core values of a beach cottage home, where the materials are strictly coherent with nature.

8 Beach Cottage Decor Ideas for your home

3. Vintage Furniture

Beach Cottage Decor Ideas

Traditionally, beach cottage homes and vintage furniture don’t quite fall under the same category, but recent trends have brought the two together, giving rise to a boho beach cottage.

The best part about this idea is that even though the designs are different, they are quite synergistic together. It also adds a layer of interest and gives the space so much meaning.

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4. Use The Picturesque View

One guaranteed upside to having a home on the beach is the picturesque view that comes along with it. And not using the view in your home would be idiotic, as it fits in with the design like a jigsaw puzzle.

In most coastal cottage homes, this view is utilised through glass sliding doors which face the beach. Not to say the same can not be integrated into any other part of the home. But the commonality between them is that they are accompanied by a patio.

Beach Cottage Decor Ideas - Picturesque view

5. Keep Things Minimal

best beach cottage decor idea

Beach cottage homes are often thought of as peaceful and airy spaces for holidays and relaxation. To create such a space, a minimalist design theme is a must. This is one of the best beach cottage decor ideas for home interior design.

Pair it with an equally grounded colour palette, and you have yourself the perfect beach house. However, minimalism can also make the space feel a little bland, so we recommend using a wider colour palette.

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6. Themed Wallpaper

Wallpaper is the best way of adding interest and creativity to a wall. But in beachy home décor, the print or design of the wallpaper should be strictly nautical to maintain coherence.

This particular wallpaper especially stands out because of its vibrancy and depth. The wallpaper instantly brings the space to life. You can use this wallpaper in any part of your home. Just ensure enough of the wall is visible.

popular beach cottage decor idea

7. Stick To The Classics

A colour palette made of blue and white might be a little on the nose for a coastal home. Not to say it does not create an aesthetically appealing décor.

The colour palette is insanely popular in coastal homes, which draws inspiration from the sky and the seas. This colour palette is also pretty good at establishing a calming and relaxing space, you would expect from a beach house.

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8. Coastal Wall Art

When every other aspect of your home represents a coastal lifestyle, how can wall art stay far behind? The way you decorate your home does a lot more for the overall vibe of the space. It ties various design elements of the room together and adds depth to the walls.

Wall art also represents who you are as well as your personality. So, you would be happy to know, beachy home décor is all about extensively decorated walls and you can go all out.

Coastal wall pager  idea for beach cottage  look and feel for your home

To sum up – There are countless ways you can decorate a home with beach cottage decor ideas. However, when it comes to creating a beach cottage décor, it takes a different approach. Hopefully, this blog helped you decorate your home with the spirit of a coastal home.