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Best Accent Wall Design Ideas to Dress up a Naked Wall

Accent walls are the perfect way of adding spark to a rather mundane room, and it has been done so for over a century. What started as a way of adding visual interest to any room in the 1980s is followed to this day.

Originally, the idea was to paint a wall in a room with a contrasting colour to the rest, providing a focal point that attracts your gaze. However, in recent times, accent walls have evolved into a variety of styles from bold and bright to subtle and understated. So, to solve the conundrum of choosing one, this blog will walk you through several great accent wall design ideas to beautify the walls of your home.

Tips for creating the perfect accent wall

Before jumping into the accent wall design ideas, you should first take into account a general rule of thumb that separates your home’s colour palette into three portions – 60 – 30 – 10. The rule states 60% of the room should be covered in the dominant colour and 30% of the room in the secondary colour, while the rest 10% of the room should be used for the accent colour. Following this simple rule will prevent you from making any mistakes while decorating your home. With the rule out of the way, let’s dive into some tips to create the perfect accent wall in your home:

1. Look beyond solid colours

The entire purpose of an accent wall is to break the continuity and create a visual distraction that attracts your gaze. And this can be hard to achieve with homogeneous walls throughout your home. Integrating enchanting patterns, diverse materials and textures seem to enhance the aesthetical appeal of a wall profoundly, this is besides giving you sensory stimulation.

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2. Accent walls are great for neutral rooms as well

Accent walls are often discriminated against in a home with a neutral colour palette. Because of this baseless belief that they are hard to integrate into a neutral room. But we suggest embracing the neutrality and adding splashes of brown to create an accent wall that can bring intrigue into the room.

3. Choose the right wall

To make the most out of your accent wall, you have to choose the right wall as well. An accent wall which isn’t really visible will never have the desired effect or worse it can make the entire design incoherent.

4. Don’t give up on wallpaper

Wallpapers are a great way to create an accent wall, they also give you the wiggle room to mix things up in case you want to change the accent wall. There are a variety of wallpapers available in the market that can instantly revitalise the room, we recommend using wallpaper with unique patterns and chic colours.

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5 Best accent wall design ideas

With all that out of the way, let’s jump into the best accent wall design idea to take your walls from boring to stimulating.

1. Cyberpunk Mural Accent Wall

 Accent Wall Design Ideas

The best part about modern interior design is that it gives you space to innovate and think out of the box. The first entry on this list is the best portrayal of that, the mural on the wall makes for the perfect backdrop for the stylish furniture uniformly scattered in the room. Besides, it gives the room character while creating an uplifting and exciting décor. The mural seamlessly gives the room a certain energy which is perfect for most living rooms and will become the centre of conversation among your guests.

2. Rustic Metal Accent Wall

 Accent Wall Design Ideas

If you vibe with industrial or rustic interiors, this accent wall will match your energy. Employing a mosaic pattern, the accent wall is composed of metal tiles in a variety of sizes. However, what’s applaud worthy is the craftsmanship and level of artistry. For instance, the tiles are given a rusting and rundown vibe using textured paint which is something very rarely seen in homes today.

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3. A Concert of Wood and Concrete Accent Wall

Composed of wood and concrete, the accent wall creates a clean and sleek aesthetic while maintaining a minimalistic design. Several vertical concrete cladding slabs sit beside each other, while on the other side, fluted wooden slats complete the wall. The absence of paint just goes to say, you don’t need an exuberant amount of materials to make an accent wall stand out.

4. Wood Grain Accent Wall

 Accent Wall Design Ideas

There are possibly a handful of walls that can enamour anyone right from the moment you enter the room. This is not because of a lack of craftsmanship or skill, but rather the expense attached to it. The following accent wall design falls under this category, the accent wall features a series of wooden planks placed next to each other. The accent wall takes advantage of the naturally occurring grain patterns to beautify the wall. Furthermore, gold-plated aluminium trims are introduced erratically to enhance the overall design. The entire wall propagates a rustic décor throughout the room while maintaining a premium and modern aesthetic. 

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5. MDF Accent Wall

It doesn’t take a highly sophisticated design to create a highly sophisticated accent wall. For instance, in this accent wall design, simple materials like MDF strips are attached to the wall creating squares throughout the wall and then painted over with white paint. The design creates a uniform and clean aesthetic, but don’t limit yourself to the colour white, you can paint over it with whatever colour best suits your room’s décor.

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To sum up, these were our top picks for the best accent wall designs, hopefully, they helped settle on one. Even if they didn’t, check out our portfolio of work for more inspiration.