Best Alternatives to Wall Paint for Your Home

Paint is the go-to for decorating walls for most people, and it has been that way for the longest time in history. However, as the newer generation breaks into their homes, they try to integrate their own take on home decor into the space. And this has given birth to a plethora of trends for decorating walls that avoid directly using paint. Moreover, these trends have really taken up speed among people today, so this blog will take you through all the best alternatives to wall paint for decorating the walls in your home.

1. Wall Panelling

Alternatives to Wall Paint

To put it simply, wall panelling is a layer of insulation (made of MDF, wood, PVC or fabric) over a stone wall. Wall panelling is one of the best ways to add energy and vibrance to any wall of your home. Besides the enormous bump in aesthetics, wall panelling also prevents damage, hides unappealing electrical cables and makes the room virtually soundproof.

2. Decals

Perhaps the easiest way to reinvent the walls in your home is to embellish them with some beautiful decals. They are not just easy to integrate, they are even easier to remove or replace in case you want to change things up a bit. In addition, they are also one of the cheapest ways to beautify your walls which involves the least amount of effort.

Best Alternatives to Wall Paint

3. Exposed Brick Walls

Alternatives to Wall Paint - Exposed brick walls

An exposed brick wall is a highly versatile décor element that can be seamlessly introduced into a plethora of design stories. Scandinavian, industrial, eclectic and contemporary, to name a few. They also bring a sense of rawness to a room that most things can’t, while making your interiors stand out from the rest.

4. Murals

If you have come across a mural on walls around your city, you know how beautiful it can be. So, the question is who is stopping you from hiring a talented artist to paint a mural on the walls of your home? These murals add colour and positive energy to the walls that would otherwise go unnoticed. However, experts recommend using bright colours and painting murals only on walls that are completely visible to get the full effect.

Alternatives to Wall Paint - Murals

5. Tapestry

Alternatives to Wall Paint - Tapestry

Tapestry is a form of textile art that is traditionally woven using a loom but can also be woven by hand. Adding tapestry to your walls will make them a major conversation starter since most tapestries are colourful and can make the room feel more lived-in. Moreover, these fabrics don’t even have to be that large to beautify a room. Since we are on the topic of beautifying homes, checkout the top interior design trends of 2022.

6. Wallpaper

One of the most challenging tasks in interior design is painting a wall with a complex design, and maintaining such walls is even more challenging. However, integrating wallpaper on the walls is a much easier alternative that can make your walls stunning instantaneously. Moreover, wallpaper adds more than just colour to the wall, it gives the wall characters, dimensions and patterns. You can also choose the material used for the wallpaper; from liner to 21stcentury non-woven, the possibilities are endless.

7. Paintings

Besides showcasing your interests, paintings are a great way to customise your home to reflect who you are as a person. Paintings are excellent at turning rather mundane walls into ones that draw people to them effortlessly. While hanging paintings, it’s recommended to use multiple paintings on a wall to create a story that resonates with the onlooker.

8. Hang Decor Elements on the Walls

Another great way to personalise a wall and turn them into a piece of art is to hang decor that you are proud of or interested in. Akin to the previous point, this will not only give your guests a deep look into who you are as a person, but it will also turn the mundane wall into one that is blossoming with life and joy.

9. Stacked Limestone Cladding

While you can use conventional tiles on your walls and get the job done, using stacked tile cladding will give your wall a textured finish. Onto why use limestone, in particular, it delivers a truly rustic style filled with natural tones and shades while being a reminiscence of ancient architecture. One thing to remember though, tiles can be quite a task to maintain, so we recommend using cleaning agents that have a neutral pH and strictly avoiding citrus and vinegar-based products to clean the wall.

10. Book Shelves

Alternatives to Wall Paint - Book shelves

If you ever run out of ideas for an empty wall, slapping on enigmatic shelves can provide depth not just to the wall but also to the room as a whole. But just adding shelves to the wall is not enough, you need to make sure those shelves are filled with equally intrinsic things. You could display a myriad of books or embellish the shelves with unique art pieces.

Regardless of which option you choose to decorate your walls, make sure it matches the rest of your home. Alternatively, if you need further assistance with your home interiors, you can read through our expert advice blogs for more inspiration. Happy decorating!