Design | February 23, 2023

Best Bed Headboard Design Ideas to Refresh Your Bedroom Décor

bed headboard design ideas

Integrating a Bed headboard design on your bed might not seem as important as they really are, but you cannot turn a blind eye to the aesthetical appeal of a headboard or even the various other benefits headboards bring along with it.

A headboard design might also seem like a simple task to settle upon, but it’s when you actually get down to doing it, the task presents its actual challenges. For starters, finding a headboard that matches your home décor and your expectation can be a daunting task on its own.

However, that’s not the end of it, the size, price, and design can create a slew of problems on their own. So, this blog will cut your problems down to half by giving you some great bed headboard design ideas for your bedroom.

Bed Headboard Design Ideas Ready to be Integrated

As more and more people get into personalizing their space according to their own beliefs, ideas, and requirements, bedrooms have transformed into the focus of redecoration, especially the bed headboard. So, here are the best bed headboard design ideas for your bedroom.

1. Rising Sun Headboard Design

Best Bed Headboard Design Ideas

As far as metal goes, it can be bent, molded, cut, and modified into your desired shape and pattern, and as an added benefit they are especially durable.

This headboard design sets itself apart with its unique design and the subsequent vibe it establishes in the bedroom.

Drawing your attention to this specific room, the golden headboard mimicking the sun permeates its elegance throughout the neutral bedroom, much like the sun itself raining down beams of sunlight on earth.

Also, the sudden introduction of a golden hue in the room, draws your gaze to the bed, establishing it as the focal point.

As you might have noticed, there are other elements in the room that compliments the headboard without overshadowing its elegance. Whether it’s the wooden bed or the bedsheets and pillow covers, everything seems to support the headboard while keeping things simple.

Is the design for you?

To determine if the design is a good fit for your bedroom, you have to consider a myriad of existing elements in your bedroom. The most prevalent of them are size, available space, and color. For most homes, the first two wouldn’t be the center of complication, but the same cannot be said about the third. The recommended color scheme for this headboard design is neutral, specifically white.

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2. Wicker/Rattan/Rope Headboard Design

Best Bed Headboard Design Ideas

Since the previous design is quite modern, it only makes sense to include a neo-classical/traditional headboard design. Weaved with white artificial wicker on a muted grey wooden frame, the headboard aggrandizes the room’s décor. Unlike the previous design, this one does not hold an imposing presence in the room, it seamlessly blends in with the bedroom but its design and purpose are held firmly by its beautiful craftsmanship.

The design isn’t really for everyone or more specifically for every home, while the headboard design is as simple as it can get, the blend of other design elements in the room elevates its role in the room’s decor. In case, you have your heart set on similar designs, we recommend sorting through both colors and materials for the weave, you can go as far as changing the patterns weaved with artificial wicker or rattan.

Is the design for you?

As stated before, the design isn’t for every home as it’s most suited for a sort of traditional neo-classical decor. So, if your home has a similar setting, go for it, this headboard design will be a great addition to your bedroom.

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3. Wooden Logs Headboard Design

Best Bed Headboard Design Ideas

Nature has a way of beautifying a space in a way nothing else can; a serene and warm vibe radiates in the bedroom because of this wooden headboard.

At first glance, the design is so extremely simple, yet it turns the bedroom’s décor onto its head effortlessly.

This sort of design gives the room a certain rustic and earthy touch, so you might want to follow up with similar design elements in the room.

When it comes to wood, the color can vastly vary depending on the wood being used and the girth of the log as well. If you want to get a similar color as the image above, the general rule of thumb is to shave the bark of the wood till the sap as you move closer to the heartwood the color shifts to a darker hue.

Even though you can use practically any wood for this design, we highly recommend oak wood as it has one of the most beautiful wood grains available in the market. We also recommend using branches so as not to waste a lot of wood. One thing to remember with this design is to use some sort of sealant to protect the wood from damage.

Is the design for you?

As the design itself is quite minimalistic, it would complement a similar interior design. However, you can also use different wood types to achieve different colors to match your bedroom’s interior design.

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4. Leather Upholstered Headboard Design

Leather has always been part of interior design, from armchairs to tabletops, it has long been the dominating choice for adding a sophisticated touch to a space.

So, why limit yourself to traditional rules, the next headboard design showcases the same. Instead of fabric, the headboard is upholstered with leather, creating a premium and versatile design that fits in with most design stories.

And you aren’t just limited to this particular design, you can integrate leather in a variety of headboard designs. However, leather comes with a heap of added effort, which entails regular upkeep.

Is the design for you?

This design can easily fit into most homes, so the design won’t provoke any issues. If you are willing to keep up with occasional maintenance, this headboard design will be a great addition to your bedroom.

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5. Wooden CNC Headboard Design

Best Bed Headboard Design Ideas

If your bedroom is lacking a bit of artsy touch, this headboard design will refresh your bedroom with expert craftsmanship and beautiful CNC designs.

The best part about this design is that you can play around with the color to match your bedroom décor. The artsy piece creates an extravagant vibe in your bedroom and will also become the centerpiece of your bedroom.

Moreover, if you want to take the headboard design a step forward, you can add similar design elements to other furniture in the room as well, so the entire room resonates with the same vibe throughout.

Is the design for you?

Such designs are entirely based on aesthetics and can be modified according to your preferences. So, if you like the design, go for it.

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6. Plush Upholstered Headboard Design

The last entry on the list is perhaps the most commonly found headboard design in homes today and for good reason. It can be easily procured, doesn’t cost as much, and looks great.

In case you aren’t looking to break the norm, fabric headboards are a pretty safe bet. In this specific design, the headboard seems to follow a rather minimalist design story, so pairing it with a neutral color palette is the answer.

However, you can play around with the pattern and color to match your bedroom’s decor and design.

Is the design for you?

If you are looking for something simple and minimal, this headboard design will be a great addition to your bedroom’s décor.

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To sum up – you will stumble upon a plethora of headboard designs, but the important thing to remember is to carefully choose the one which best fits your existing bedroom design and décor. Hopefully, this blog helped you settle on your new bed headboard design.