Design | April 12, 2023

Best Floor Design Ideas to Add Beauty Underneath Your Feet

Designers and homeowners alike have been guilty of obsessing over furniture, walls and colours of a home while overlooking the very floor that holds the enormous weight of not just the home itself but also the weight of your creative ideas. Even when the floors receive a shred of attention, it’s often in the form of a rug, which let’s face it – isn’t enough. So if you are looking to spice up the floors in your home, lucky for you! This blog will take you through the best floor design ideas that will give the most beautiful accent walls in your home a serious run for their money.

Note: The floor design ideas listed in this blog are not limited to any specific material, type or regional style. We have dedicated days of research to bring you these ideas; some of these designs are from professional floor manufacturers and might not be available in your country. But that issue can be mitigated by local artisans and craftsmen; Aertsen Living has its own network of expert craftspeople who can get the job done, so book a design consultation today.

1. Marble Floor Design

Best Floor Design Ideas

Marble flooring isn’t anything new. Palaces, monuments and grandiose temples across the globe are bestowed with marble floors. It gives them a luxurious and elegant touch. Though homes today integrate marble floors in one way or another, they fail to take advantage of their full potential. The reason marble flooring is amongst the top choices for a luxurious vibe is that it effortlessly adds sheen to a space like nothing else can. In addition, marbles are naturally available in a variety of colours and patterns, regardless of your home’s existing decor. In case you want your guest to admire the floor obsessively, opt for flowing abstract patterned tiles.

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2. Burnished Concrete Floor Design

Best Floor Design Ideas

Minimal home interiors often are plagued with uninspired floors, and designers often resort to wooden or plain tiles to finish the floor. Burnished concrete floor design provides a unique alternative. It fits in with the minimal decor and not just that, it’s also great for industrial and rustic homes. These floors are given a concrete treatment and then burnished using a wax-based finish to buff the concrete. These floor designs often produce abstract unpredictable patterns on the concrete floor without taking too much away from the home decor.

3. Double Herringbone Floor Design

While wooden floors are everywhere these days. They are outstanding at creating a warm, cosy and inviting space. They don’t have to be limited to the same old style. Double Herringbone floor designs were originally found in mid-century architecture. But they were made popular during the 16th century by architects of the time. The pattern provides a reinvented visual appeal to the space while retaining the overall vibe wood has. You can also polish or buff the wooden floor to enhance the aesthetic further. Alternately, use different wood types or even materials such as stone and tiles.

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4. Coloured Chevron Floor Design

Best Floor Design Ideas

Wooden floors are especially great for creating airy and calming decor, akin to this floor design idea. You don’t even have to stick to wood; tiles and marble can also be great alternatives for this floor design. However, the main goal here is to integrate tiles of different colours into a chevron-style pattern of the floor. These colours can be colours from your existing decor or others that complement the decor. This creates visual interest in the space it’s used in, so we recommend using this around the seating area in your living room or other areas that you want to highlight.

5. Patterned Tiles Floor Design

There’s nothing better than a little visual stimulus to attract your gaze, and this design idea is the perfect example of the idea. The black and white block-shaped patterns on the tiles consistently flow throughout the home’s floor. One thing you should remember, this sort of floor design can have an immense influence over the entire decor of the space. So, using it with a monotonic or a dichromatic space will have the best visual impact.

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6. Classic Black & White Chessboard Floor Design

Best Floor Design Ideas

These black and white chequered tile floors have existed and been used for centuries now, originally this floor design was found in grand palaces but it slowly made its way into homes in current times. However, the design retains its luxurious appeal and is regularly used with similar interior decor. We recommend using this design only in certain areas of the home, for instance, the foyer and living room.

It takes a lot of back and forth to select the right floor design for your home and rightly so. Since remodelling the floor is one of the most daunting parts of the decoration process. Hopefully, these design ideas helped you settle on one that tickles your fancy. Happy Decorating!