Best French Country Bedroom Interior Design Ideas You Can Steal Right Now!

A sanctuary can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. For a sailor on the sea, it can be their bunk bed; for a corporate executive, it can be their office couch. But what’s common among them is a space where they can relax, recharge, unwind and escape from the rest of the world. But unlike them, for most people, the same sanctuary is in their homes, and we believe it should feature all the qualities that would help you achieve a soothing respite from the rest of the noisy world. Looking at recent trends among homeowners and interior design enthusiasts, French Country design is one of the most sought-after design ideologies for bedrooms. Hence, we have compiled a list of five French Country bedroom interior design ideas you can integrate into your home right away.

Note: In a perfect world, people would adopt this beautiful design ideology in its purest form. However, modern-sophisticated lives demand certain modifications, which was the case for these design ideas as well.

1. Royal French Bedroom

French Country Bedroom Interior Design

This bespoke bedroom, impregnated with golden accents, represents vintage craftsmanship imbued with modern luxuries. The bedroom is separated by folding glass doors and held together using an MS frame. It features ornate patterns which obscure the view inside the bedroom.

Inside, the bedside accent wall has an overwhelming presence, providing a focal point in the room. Saturated with several rectangular beadings, the MDF accent wall curves over the edge and flows to the ceiling. Though the structure or the specialised accent wall does not require a pillar, designers introduced one to add an aesthetical appeal to the space.

French Country Bedroom Interior Design

The furniture and the textile in the room are carefully curated to resonate with the design ideology, especially the ornate braiding on the textile which compliments the wallpapers embellished with ornamental motifs.

Moreover, the colour palette seeps into the furniture – a white base enhanced with golden accents. These pieces of furniture carry all the traits you would expect from French country design. Vintage décor elements such as bun foot, cabriole leg and club foot make up the entirety of every piece of vintage furniture in this room.

Designer’s Input: The key reason, this bedroom has a glass sliding door is to let in natural light into the room. You might not have a similar layout in your home, so we recommend including a window inside the bedroom.

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2. Uncluttered Country Bedroom

French Country Bedroom Interior Design

Lost in the symphony of serenity and airy décor, the bedroom stands tall as nothing less than a work of art. The room has one of the most unique designs we have come across in a while. And the major reason behind that is the study cum TV unit in the middle of the room, the sheer ingenuity and creativity convinced us to add this design to our list. On the side facing the bed, the wall has an arched nook featuring the TV. On the other, a study unit is nestled between two racks covered by glass shutters. And did we mention linear lights illuminating the interiors of the rack?

However, a clever layout alone is never enough to make a space look and feel the best, this is where the design tips the needle towards success for this bedroom. Camouflaging among the snowy walls of the room, the accent wall takes advantage of wooden rafters and floral wallpaper, this is accompanied by a wide-open window pouring in natural light.

French Country Bedroom Interior Design

Moreover, the bedroom features one of the most beautiful vintage furniture collections, either sourced from antique furniture stores or custom-made, we can’t tell the difference. The bedroom also quite effortlessly disguises modern features in French country aesthetics. For instance, even though the exterior glass-panel doors of the wardrobe create an antique look. The linear lights, soft close hinges and accessory trays in the wardrobe, keep it in tandem with modern modular wardrobes.

Designer’s Input: The bedroom design requires a substantial amount of space to pull it off right. So, if you lack the space, we recommend skipping this design.

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3. Muted French Bedroom

French Country Bedroom Interior Design

French country design style, in more ways than one, is the polar opposite of modern design style. But what happens when they are merged in a bedroom? This bedroom design idea is perhaps the most delightful result. Featuring both traditional aesthetics and modern décor elements within the same space, the bedroom is a fusion of traditional style with a modern flair. Indulging and pampering a muted colour palette, the bedroom exudes boundless elegance, which also makes the room feel nurturing and modern.

Furthermore, the combination of the two distinct design styles captures the best parts of either style. On one hand, the beaded walls, cornices and POP ornamental patterns on the ceiling inspire nostalgia. On the other, the chandelier, scones lights and furniture are reminiscent of a modern design style. Especially because of the profuse use of golden accents, this also creates the perfect balance between the two styles and also acts as the glue between the two.

Taking a closer look at the furniture, they are mid-century modern to be exact. Originally, French country furniture featured embroidery, and ornate-ornamental patterns that propagate a sense of antiquity. But, the furniture in this room is straightforward and functional, which both creates interest and remains coherent with the design theme.

French Country Bedroom Interior Design

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4. True French Country Bedroom

Enveloped in a Victorian-vintage ornamental pattern, the bedroom features textile wallpaper on the walls. This is accompanied by blinds, bed covers and wardrobe doors with the same ornamental pattern pasted all over them. The consistency in the pattern gives the room personality along with establishing contrast and tension in the room. Reminiscent of a French Country home, the room houses a plethora of unique antique furniture.

French Country Bedroom Interior Design

The room has a soothing neutral colour palette and it’s decorated with vintage décor elements including wall scones, table lamps, a chandelier and ceiling curtains. These décor elements go as far as to include furniture rarely found in modern homes. For instance, the divider screen, used as space to change clothes and the antique Bonheur-du-jour study desk with several small drawers. The designer also went a step further to create a French country aesthetic in the bedroom by adding wooden radiator covers on the walls.

Moving on to the furniture, as stated before, the room is home to the most unique antique furniture collection. Some pieces that especially stand out are the bergere chairs & footstool and the bedroom bench that has fluted legs, often only found in vintage furniture. But the grand centrepiece of the room is the plush large bed with Grosvenor upholstered headboard and bed frame. The overall vibe of the bedroom is very airy and calming harbouring a nostalgic aura.

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5. Modern French Apartment Bedroom

Surrounded by snowy white walls, ornate with wall beading and accompanied by vintage moulding and trims. The bedroom is a beautiful concoction of French country and modern design styles. While the walls are reminiscent of French countryside homes, the rest of the space is permeated with modern furniture. One of those modern pieces of furniture is the extensive wardrobe, equipped with glass doors, black metal profiles and linear lights inside. This wardrobe adds a certain charm to the space which is an unfounded prospect in French country homes.

French Country Bedroom Interior Design

Moreover, the bedroom also has a tall wood stove burner for heating. It features crown moulding on the top and reeding over its body. The décor of the room is minimal and avoids any imposing features which could overwhelm the neutral aesthetics of the room. However, the lighting fixtures in the room shine brighter than anything else. Minimal & Modern, every lighting fixture seems something straight out of a designer collection; this includes pendant lights, floor lamps and even the table lamp.

The furniture stays in line with premium quality and compliments the rest of the décor. Curved edges, matte finish and muted colours encompass the furniture of the room. The bed especially attracts your gaze; upholstered with a velvet finish, the headboard has an enigmatic design. The overall vibe of the room has a luxurious aftermath, fit for a modern haven.

French Country Bedroom Interior Design

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To sum up – French Country interior design is a truly timeless style, however, blending the same with modern aesthetics will only intensify the beauty of the space. Hopefully, this blog helped you settle on a French Country bedroom design. And if you need any further help with remodelling your home, book a design consultation today!