Biophilic Design Ideas To Add A Natural Essence To Your Home

One underappreciated and undeniable fact about nature is its ability to assassinate every shred of stress and worry in a matter of minutes. And it wouldn’t take a genius to deduce there is something astonishingly special about the fresh air, the lush landscapes, the vivid colours and an earthy atmosphere that affects the human psyche to such an extent.

This has been proven time and time again by various scientific studies conducted by highly regarded and respectable scientists from across the globe. So, it only makes sense to integrate the beneficial natural elements into the home as well. However, it’s not as simple as it might seem, the design needs to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Achieving the same can be a complicated and confusing task, to say the least. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of Biophilic design ideas you can mimic in your home.

Note: Biophilic designs are not inherently different from others, but the things which set them apart are the materials and colours used in them. For instance, even though metal is a naturally occurring mineral, it’s rarely part of the picturesque image people have about nature. Hence, using materials such as wood, stone, bamboo, linen, cork, wool, leather, rattan and ceramic would create the desired Biophilic aesthetics and it’s the same for colours as well.

1. Large Windows & Mirrors

Biophilic Design Ideas

If you know anything about Biophilic design, it would not be news to you that natural light and fresh air are of the utmost importance for establishing the desired décor. Often more of something does not essentially mean good, but that’s not the case when it comes to natural light and fresh air. These two are one of those rare things which your home could never have enough of. And windows coupled with mirrors are the best way to quadruple both without disrupting the existing design.

Windows explicitly, are great for introducing natural light and fresh air. And it goes without saying, the larger the windows, the better the results. Such is the idea behind these enormous glass walls which take up the entirety of the living room of this home. Even the doorway or pathway is larger than what you would find in most homes. It allows fresh air to enter the home, and permeate throughout the space.

This design would further play to your benefit if your home is surrounded by trees and vegetation. Mirrors, on the other hand, help reflect the light and scatter it across the home and the same goes for plants as well. Making the space seem greener and much more vibrant. You can also opt for mirrors with a wavy unpredictable shape and if possible, one with a wooden frame to match the material palette of a Biophilic design.

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2. Breathe Life Into A Wall

Biophilic Design Ideas

Plants as you would guess are the centrepiece of a Biophilic home, but you can take them to a whole new level by integrating them on a wall. These walls can create visual interest like nothing else, not to mention, plants can have a therapeutic effect on your health. Also known as living walls, it comes integrated with an irrigation system and may require extreme expertise to install onto a wall. They are meant to mimic naturally growing plants outdoors, and similar to them, they also tend to evolve over time.

Though living walls can add lush vegetative aesthetics to the space, these walls require a long-term commitment. And equally important, these walls require proper lighting for a longer life cycle. While these walls are great as they are, you can also use them like artwork, making them the centrepiece in the room.

Moreover, these walls have the same benefits as potted plants, but that doesn’t make them a replacement for regular plants. Learn more about how to decorate a home with plants in case you need help with that.

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3. Rough & Rugged Furniture

Wood has been the go-to material for furniture in Biophilic homes for as long as we could think of and it is in tandem with the ideology it is based upon. But no such qualms are restricting you from messing around with the finish and feel of the wood. A weathered and distressed look for the furniture quite seamlessly fits in with the nature-inspired aesthetic of Biophilic homes. Unsurprisingly, they also lend the space a sense of roughness and ruggedness found in nature. These pieces of furniture also have a way of introducing earthy and grounded décor, known for creating a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere. Also, vintage or thrifted furniture can have a similar but rich footprint. So, you might want to consider those options as well.

4. Consider Adding A Courtyard

Biophilic Design Ideas

Courtyards are one of those spaces that give you absolute freedom to create something unique inside your home. And in a Biophilic home, this space can become the holy grail of natural beauty. A water feature, a tree or even a small fireplace are among the brilliant options you can add to the courtyard. Courtyards offer you an opportunity to interact with the outside world inside your home, along with introducing natural light and enhanced air circulation through the home. Moreover, it creates a  sanctuary which mimics nature a lot better than what you can do through the décor in the home, giving an authentic vibe to the space. Learn about courtyards & browse through the best indoor courtyard design ideas.

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5. Biomorphic Shapes

If you really think about it, Biophilia is about taking your home as close to nature as possible without disrupting the functionality of the space. Above all, nature is filled with all sorts of shapes and they are literally everywhere. From the orbicular shape of a quaking aspen tree leaf to the unpredictable shapes of stones. So, if you are trying to build your home interiors based on the same principle, why would you stick to just the traditional shapes? A great alternative to traditional shapes is biomorphic shapes. To put it simply, biomorphic shapes are defined as the shapes found in nature, irregular and unpredictable. You can add these shapes to your home through furniture, fittings and décor, the idea is to seamlessly blend together, the shapes with your interiors.

Biophilic Design Ideas

In conclusion, to build a true biophilic home, you need to get to the root of biophilia. Which describes the innate need of humans to get closer to nature and co-inhabit with it. Hopefully, this blog helped you find the right ideas for your home and if it did, consider checking out our other blogs.