Maximize Your Space 7 Small Bedroom Ideas for Modern Living

Space saving ideas

Here are the 7 clever space saving small bedroom ideas for modern living. Space has been a cause of concern ever since humans made the enormous leap from living outdoors to indoors, surrounded by walls and roofs. Traditionally, this cause of concern has been addressed by people in many different ways, some useful, others not so much.

However, with the rise of modern technology and design thinking, this age-old issue has been resolved in the most ingenious ways possible. This blog will walk you through the best space-saving ideas for small bedrooms, so you can maximise space and improve functionality.

1. Layout Is The Mother Of Space Planning

Clever Space-Saving Ideas

Similar to how an architect conceptualizes and plans the structure of a building before its construction, effective utilisation of space requires thoughtful layout planning.

In a bedroom, we all have that recognisable layout in mind, with the bed pushed to the middle of the wall and bedside tables on either side. Though it works for most bedrooms, that does not guarantee the best results for small bedrooms. So, don’t shy away from pushing the bed to the corner if you need to.

Opt for tall ceiling-length wardrobes to save space and incorporate other things. You can also look for low-profile furniture to make the room feel taller and create an illusion of space.

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2. Max Out Natural Light

The importance of natural light in any room or space can not be emphasised enough. In addition to attracting freshness and warmth to the space, natural light is a great way of making any room feel bigger and brighter.

Hence, you should incorporate as many windows as possible. Ideally, one large enough window would work fine. You can enhance the light’s effect by incorporating mirrored surfaces or actual mirrors, whichever works best for you.

Clever Ideas for compact bedrooms

3. Incorporate Built-In Storage

Small Bedroom storage ideas

The best part about modern living technology and ingenious craftsmanship is that it enables you to customise your furniture according to your requirements.

It can be on the underside of the bed, on the headboard and anywhere else possible. Moreover, you can also integrate floating shelves or turn your window into a window seat with storage.

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4. Neutral Colours

Neutral colours are part of a wide variety of design styles, from Japanese to the Mediterranean and many more.

It’s one of the go-to colours for establishing an airy and calming décor. But did you know how neutral colours execute such an effect, the answer is that light bounces easily off neutral colours and scatters throughout the room.

It also makes the room feel much bigger by creating an illusion of space. While incorporating colours, you don’t have to limit yourself just to paint, you can also opt for design elements with a neutral colour, This neutral colour will stand as the calming decor in Small Bedroom Ideas

Clever Space-Saving Ideas - Neutral colorus

5. Multipurpose Furniture – A Best Space saving idea

Multi Purpose Furniture a tip to clever space saving

Multipurpose furniture is the holy grail of saving space when you have to deal with small limited space. While you can go all the way and get a bed that folds onto the wall, or you can just use the essentials.

Some of the great ideas include a study table that folds into the wardrobe and ottomans that can be used as a coffee table.

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6. Embrace Minimalism is another space saving idea

You may go around integrating all sorts of techniques to save space, but by far, the best way to make space where there isn’t much is to have less stuff.

Minimalism helps you achieve a simple, zero cluttered décor that emphasises more on comfort and standard of living, rather than over-decorating a space with a variety of possessions. Minimalism cuts back on the things you have and keeps the things you really need in a room.

Small Bedroom Design Ideas

7. Alcove Storage

7 Small Bedroom Ideas for Modern Living

If you are running out of space in your bedroom, adding an alcove on the wall might just get the job done.

Moreover, an alcove will add interest and depth to the room. Or you can also use the alcove as a small nook for your study unit, or the dresser or you can just add some shelves for more storage which is a better space saving tip in this modern living.

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To sum up – This Small bedroom Ideas can be a daunting task to maximize the functionality in this modern living era, to say the least. However, we hope these space saving ideas and tips helped you make the most out of the space you have, check out our other expert advice blogs for more great insights for home improvement.