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Earthy Interior Design Ideas For A Nature Inspired Living Room

On the cosmic scale of things, planet Earth is home to the whole of humanity and other living things sustained within it. Much like the walls of your home, Earth’s ozone layer protects us from the extremes of outer space. The two have countless similarities, leading us to believe homes should also reflect nature’s beauty and charm. If that is something you agree with! Lucky for you, this blog will take you through five different Earthy interior design ideas for your living room. So, you can draw inspiration from them and take your own life closer to nature.

1. Clean & Warm Living Room

Earthy Interior Design Ideas

Designed to achieve minimalism and warmth, the living room is shrouded in neutrality with an emphasis on earthy colours and materials. The space inspires an airy and clean atmosphere accompanied by a natural aura. Another aspect of the room that needs your attention is the furniture, nearly every piece is sourced from designer studios from across the globe, to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Perched over the beige marble flooring, the space features an Ivory L-Shaped sofa along with a nested coffee table in front of it. Facing the sofa, a tan leather armchair & footstool adds to the earthy charm of the room. Moreover, the space is sprinkled with large green potted plants and wooden doors with rattan panels instead of glass. These décor elements keep the space coherent with the design ideology, as natural light pierces through the glass windows to enter the room from the left. Learn more about this minimalist home in Mumbai.

2. Layered Tribal Living Room

A tribal theme in the room is pretty obvious, but it’s the layered aesthetic which makes the room feel much more appealing. The plethora of textures and colours on the various textiles of the furniture and décor items creates a warm and eclectic atmosphere. Even though the room is surrounded by neutral beige walls, the tribal décor items bring the whole room to life.

Furniture also plays a key role in creating the natural and earthy atmosphere. For instance, the beige sofa has a coarse burlap finish and the red area rug has a weathered and vintage look to it. The room is devoid of any artificial materials and over-the-top colours, which gives it that folksy vibe.

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3. Sourced Makeshift Living Room

Earthy Interior Design Ideas

In the right hands, the budget for re-decoration is a joke. This living room is a true testament to that sentiment, filled with found treasures, work from local artists and pre-loved items, minimising the costs beyond belief. Besides the makeshift décor items and abandoned nests on the wooden console table. But, the best part about the beauty of this room is how not a single wooden element of the space is deprived of its natural colours.

Whether it’s the wooden console table, the wooden flooring or even the burlap footrest. Brown is obviously the prevailing hue in the room, which also gives the space character. However, it’s the decor that really steers the design towards a natural aesthetic, especially the abandoned nests, dried tree branches in a vase and potted plants. Find out more about the Australian home.

4. Timeless Neo-Traditional

Earthy Interior Design Ideas

There are only a handful of designs which go so well together, enhancing the charm in each other’s style. The living room crafted with a neo-traditional aesthetic carries hints of earthy tones throughout the space and remains grounded in natural elements. The prolific use of teak wood, brass accents and upholstery gives the room a protective and tranquil atmosphere.

The walls painted white have a smooth cement finish and feature several indo-traditional artworks and décor items. Meanwhile, the furniture in the room boasts colours such as blue, grey, brown and white which are deeply rooted in nature. Moreover, the space features a handful of potted plants scattered across the space, however, the space has a plethora of windows highlighting the natural beauty surrounding the home. Learn more about the Bengaluru home.

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5. Muted Modern Living Room

It barely ever happens that we get to feature a home which has a tree inside the home. But when it happens, they are one of the best. As far as this living room is concerned, it features a variety of plants along with the previously stated baby olive tree. Surrounded by grey and white walls, the living room also features a massive window that takes up an entire wall and offers views of the tree line surrounding the home.

Meanwhile, the tan sofas in the middle add warmth and interest to the space. The earthy tones also seep into the décor items, such as the wooden square panels arranged together on the wall or the jute pouffes. Learn more about this home in Bengaluru.

Earthy Interior Design Ideas

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To sum up – There are countless design options for you to choose from, but an earthy interior design is one of the best that can add a natural touch to your home.