Décor | November 8, 2022

Fall Décor Ideas: 8 Best Fall Cushions For Your Home

Adding the right cushion to your home can effectively change the overall feel of the area, but did you know it can also uplift the entire look of the room? But let’s face it, there are countless designs out there, and they can be much more complex than you think. In case you can’t settle on one design, this blog will take you through our top picks for the best fall cushions for your home. 

8 Fall Cushion Design Ideas For Your Home 

Here are the best fall cushion designs for your inspiration this fall season.

1.  Stripey Threads Fall Cushion

Best Fall Cushions For Your Home

It will take something special to complement your stylish home interiors. Something trendy and eye-catching—the first entry on this list is exactly that. Filled with fall colours and clean straight lines, the cushion design evokes a sense of calm and would make the perfect addition to your living room.

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2. Fall Scrubs Cushion

When nature becomes a part of your home, it truly revitalises its interior. The design represents the waving woods and the wildness in the waters that autumn brings with it. Even the colours seem to represent the fallen leaves that once blossomed in the winter willows. This cushion design would go beautifully with a bohemian design story, but don’t shy away from getting it for your bedroom or living room.

Best Fall Cushions For Your Home

3. Portrait Of An Autumn Tree

Capturing the true beauty of autumn is harder than you can imagine, but this cushion design does it with extreme creativity. With each stroke of the brush, the depth of colour highlights the change in season. The cushion can bring a lot of vibrant and youthful energy into the room. But make sure it matches the rest of the ambience of the room since you don’t want to disrupt the design flow.

4. Light And Leafy Fall Cushion

Fall can signify ripening, the first harvest, or abundance, but it can also signify decay, decline, or even old age. However, what makes the difference is the way you see it. The next entry in this list tries to visualise it through its design. While the various leaves and plants may decay this fall, the colours used represent that they will blossom again when summer comes around. Furthermore, the best part of this design is that it will blend in with your home effortlessly.

Best Fall Cushions For Your Home

5. Rustic Fall Cushion

This set of three-throw pillows will give the space a slightly rustic feel and tempt you to sink into your couch. Moreover, the design doesn’t jump out at you but adds to your home’s aesthetic from the background. Even the interwoven design on the brown pillow seems to elevate the overall look.

6. Subtle & Sober Fall Cushion

If you want something beautiful and elegant in your beds or sofas, the next cushion should match your expectations. The seemingly simple design makes it a great addition to homes with simple interiors. These throw pillows have a calming nature and look extremely soft and cuddly. Furthermore, it may make you want to curl up in a ball with a book on a rainy day.

Best Fall Cushions For Your Home

7. Checked Fall Cushion

In case you want to create a chilled-out vibe in your home, this checked cushion design can help you achieve that. Even though the design itself is simple, adding it to the right couch can drastically improve the aesthetics. But don’t limit yourself to just your living room; it can work well in other areas of the home. 

8. Soft & Cosy Fall Cushion

Do you know what will make a cushion even more special than buying one from a shop? You knit the cover by hand! This custom-knitted pillow stands out and could become a major conversation starter. The upside of making it yourself is that you can go for any design, but if you make it for fall, make sure you go for fall colours.

Best Fall Cushions For Your Home

To sum up, make sure before you settle on a fall pillow design that it complements the rest of your home’s interior. And on the off chance, you fail to decide, you can check out more décor ideas from the experts at Aertsen.