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Home Gym Ideas To Get In Shape From The Comfort Of Your Home

Gyms remain uncharted territory for a huge chunk of the world population, and there are various reasons for it, including self-consciousness, unsure about how to use the machines, recurring costs, injuries and procrastination. While a home gym can get rid of all those hurdles easily, incorporating a home gym can be an exasperating task. The most common dilemma people face in such a situation is regarding space. Because not everyone has the same available space, no single design would work for everyone. Lucky for you, we have put together a list of gym design ideas for a variety of spaces. So regardless of your available space, you can start designing a home gym right away.

Small Home Gym Ideas

A small home gym often requires some sacrifices. One of them is a lack of large equipment but if you are a beginner, you probably do not need them.

1. Single Wall Home Gym

Home Gym Ideas

Even though this unit is custom-made by the homeowner, nothing is stopping you from either doing the same or hiring one of the woodworkers around the city to get it done. The unit itself barely takes up any space while facilitating a pull-up bar, gymnastic rings and plenty of storage space for weights and whatnot. You can also add a small weight bench for “bench presses” and other exercises. Moreover, we recommend attaching the unit directly to the wall for safety and in case you want to take this up as a DIY project, here is a guide from Joshua Banning on how to build this home gym.

2. Minimalist Home Gym

Home Gym Ideas

Chances are if you are a beginner to working out, you would not need a lot of equipment, to begin with. That makes this gym design a perfect fit for you. Made entirely of wood, the unit features a pull-up bar, gymnastic rings and racks for a barbell. As a part of the same setup, a wooden rack is attached to the wall that holds a retractable weight bench. This weight bench can be removed from the rack and attached to the main unit for bench presses and other exercises. This is one of the most budget-friendly means of getting a home gym, and it doesn’t even need a lot of effort to install the gym.

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Medium Home Gym Ideas

In case, if you have some more space to spare, a small to medium-sized home gym can be facilitated in your home. Here are some great ideas:

1. Patio Home Gym

The patio of a home is a great space for installing a home gym, there is something about exercising surrounded by nature that brings a certain level of calmness to your mind, body and soul. Coming back to this design, the walls are replaced by glass panels to retain the natural ambience, while modern design elements are added to the space to elevate the décor. The room houses equipment most people need for an entire workout routine, from a weight bench and treadmills to an entire dumbbell set. Even the floor has a rubber layer for protection from the weight and grip. Additionally, the room has enough space to move around freely.

2. Contemporary Home Gym

Home Gym Ideas

Unlike the previous option, this gym idea is inside the home and seemingly lacks the same sophistication. However, this too has most gym equipment anyone would need for an entire workout routine, the only difference being a gym-like atmosphere. But what it lacks to create the right ambient, it makes up for it by being easy to put together. All you need to do is get all the required equipment and arrange them next to each other. You can also go as far as to install a mirror on the wall, which most gyms feature. We recommend installing rubber flooring, as that can provide you with superior grip during various activities.

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Large Home Gym Ideas

If you have this kind of space available in the house, people probably come to your home to work out rather than you going somewhere else. These home gyms often feature every gym equipment you would ever need and more.

1. Dedicated Home Gym

Home Gym Ideas

Mimicking an actual gym, this home gym features every machine you can imagine. From a dedicated dead-lifting area and punching bag to the treadmill and cross trainer. The room also features a metal false ceiling and rubber flooring, just like a lot of commercial gyms across the globe. No corner of the room has been left to fate, accent walls, professional-grade equipment and comprehensive lighting are used to turn this garage into a dedicated gym for the homeowner. The gym is perfected down to the arrangement as well, which does not obstruct the pathway. If you have the space and the budget to get this home gym, we would highly recommend doing so.

2. Professional Home Gym

Equipped with a plethora of gym equipment, the room is dedicated to putting together a professional-grade gym. Surrounded by glass walls, the gym has a treadmill, a cross trainer, multiple medicine balls and an entire dumbbell set. The gym also features storage space for storing towels and other essentials. Moreover, the room has ample space in the middle for exercises that do not require any machines. We recommend adding a few more pieces of gym equipment like a weight bench and others in the room since it has the space. One thing we really liked about this gym is the inclusion of plants, as this will also help elevate your mood besides adding colour to the room’s décor.

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Most likely you are either a beginner or tired of overcrowded commercial gyms. Whatever the case may be, we hope this blog helped you get a home gym for your own home and if you need any further help designing your home gym, get in touch with us.