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How to get rid of Empty Corners with Interior Design?

How to get rid of Empty Corners with Interior Design (Banner)

A design aspect that can give even the most talented designer nightmares, corners have tormented people for millennia. Nothing ever seems to synchronise, fit or emanate with the interior design. This is especially evident in spaciously large rooms, placing the wrong thing in the corner would make the room look cluttered, whereas the right one is unbelievably hard to find. If you have encountered a similar conundrum in your home interior, this blog will take you over the best ways to fill the empty corners in your home.

11 Ways you can make the corners of your home beautiful

These tips will help you kick the empty corners in your room with interior design. You can incorporate these tips in most rooms of your home, it’s all up to you.

1. Picture frames/ Paintings/ Artwork

How to get rid of Empty Corners

The most undemanding method of filling up any corner of the room is through hanging picture frames/ paintings/ artwork. Besides filling up the corner, the design element adds a layer of protection to the wall, increases the value of your home and most importantly, adds personality to the corner. However, you have to ensure the sequence or pattern doesn’t make the corner look cluttered.

2. Oversized Plants

If there was one thing that can make the corner of your room come to life instantaneously, it has to be the addition of a plant in the corner of the room. The size of the plant can also play a key role in the appearance of the corner, so the simple principle is to have a bigger plant. This will also add colour to the corner of the room while animating the space.

How to get rid of Empty Corners

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3. Floor Lamps

How to get rid of Empty Corners

Having a floor lamp in your home will inevitably add a sense of elegance to the room. However, placing the same in the corner of the room will shed light on the area. You can take this a step further by choosing an incredibly creative and unique design for the floor lamp.

4. Make it a pet corner

For those of you with your own furry friends, you can assign the corner to your pet’s bed. This will not just fill the corner, but will also make the corner appear cosier. Not to mention, your pet will definitely appreciate it. Make sure you choose a bed that pairs well with the rest of the room.

5. Add a bar trolley

How to get rid of Empty Corners

We all need a drink or two now and then, so having a small bar trolley in the corner can solve that issue, also filling in the awkward space in the corner. Or if you are feeling a little extra saucy, you can also integrate a bar counter in the corner of the room.

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6. Armchair

When you have your friends and family over, seating always seems to be an issue. So, adding an armchair in the corner can transform the area into a cosy space, you would want to curl up. And in case there’s a window near the corner, you can enjoy the picturesque view from the armchair.

7. Bookshelves

How to get rid of Empty Corners - Book shelves

For an avid reader, this tip will be a delightful fix. There are a plethora of great designs available for bookshelves especially made to be placed in the corners. However, you can take a different route and add wall-mounted bookshelves with a console under them. This will add depth to the corner and make it functional, rather than having an empty corner in the room.

8. Create a small seating area with a coffee table and all

A great idea to fill up a spacious home is by adding small seating areas in the corners of the room, these can also turn into spaces for different settings or moods. While the main living room can entertain your guests, this small seating area can become a more intimate space for you and your family.

9. Study unit/ home office

How to get rid of Empty Corners - Study unit

In recent years, people have started loving the whole work-from-home thing. While it gives you a lot more time to spend with your family, it also makes working harder because of a variety of distractions. The answer to this issue is to create a space where you can entirely focus on work and a study unit/ home office in the corner of the room. But, make sure the corner is well-lit and is equipped with all the necessary equipment.

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10. Dressing Table

Sometimes meticulously planning the layout of the room with the things you already have is all you need. Ideal for your bedroom, a dressing table in the corner of the room can fill up the corner. Depending upon the space available to you, you can choose the design of the dressing table. In the case of a small space, a minimalistic approach can make your room feel spacious whereas a larger space calls for something more sophisticated.

11. Pegboard

Besides being an awesome way to organise things, playing around with the colour of the pegboard can really brighten up the corner. Moreover, you can hang a variety of stuff on it, allowing you to personalise the corner. You can also create written text, using the pegs in sequences.

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Corners in a room might seem like a challenge to decorate, but in truth, it presents you with an opportunity to create something especially beautiful. We have come up with the 11 best ways you can cover the awkward corners, but don’t limit yourself to only these, create something unique and new.