Make your Walls POP with Unique Wall Paint Combinations

One of the more significant aspects of interior design is decorating the walls of your home, one that takes a lot of creativity and planning. But it can also be one of the most fun aspects of interior design. If you have the slightest understanding of colours and you know what you want your home should look like. This should be child’s play for you! So, put on your painting gloves and let’s get into some fun wall paint combinations for your humble aboard.

The colours you choose can have a wide range of effects on the interiors of your home. On the one hand, some colours are incredibly great at creating an uplifting ambience. On the other hand, the same colours might not go well with each other, so be careful about the colours you use. Or you could just use the wall paint combinations, we have listed below. 

Note: The wall colour combinations mentioned below are chosen by seasoned designers, who have designed over 100 homes across India. If you need further assistance, get in touch with our design experts.

10 Interior Colour Schemes to Invigorate your Home 

At first glance picking a colour combination for your home can seem simple enough, but many great minds have made blunders that have cost them heaps of cash. Moreover, being an Indian, you might want the colour palette to be Vastu complying, so read our blog on Vastu Shastra tips for your home.

Wall Paint CombinationsColours Used
Walls Showered in GreenVerdigris, Philippine Gold, Straw, Yellow Orange, Pale Taupe, Dirty White
Contrast of Black & WhiteDavy’s Grey, Tan, Mustard Green, Bright Gray, Rocket Metallic, Nickel 
Rose Gold LuxeOuter Space (Crayola), Medium Carmine, Puce Red, Tuscany, Timberwolf, Platinum
Exposed Brick and WoodRoyal Brown, Ochre, Sap Green, Oxley, Sinopia, English Lavender
Tropical WallsDeep Space Sparkle, Ash Gray, Gray (X11), Pale Taupe, Umber, Metallic Bronze
Colour Block WallsDeep Space Sparkle, Pastel Gray, Peru, Garnet, Electric Blue, Medium Carmine
Textured Off-WhiteSilver Pink, Shadow, Kombu Green, Silk grey, Anti-Flash White, Tan
Intense Green WallsKombu Green, Axolotl, Milk Chocolate, Brown Chocolate, Rich Black (FOGRA39), Gray (X11)
Here are all the colours used in each paint combination.

1. Walls Showered in Green

Wall Paint Combinations

There’s something about nature that creates a serene, uplifting atmosphere craved by most city folks. The first entry on this list is a direct result of that! Inspired by a natural décor, the walls take you back to the jungles of Sunderban. Showered in greens, the room lacks any inorganic elements used in modern homes. 

The colour palette is carefully selected to be in symphony with each other. They act as the background to the story about the furniture and fixtures in the room. The designer took the play of colours to the next level by choosing furniture with a similar shade. And also by adding paintings of things found in nature. If you are a sage stuck in the modern hustle and bustle, this colour combination for your walls will do wonders.

2. Contrast of Black & White

Wall Paint Combinations

Taking you from light to dark, this next house colour design is in many ways the exact opposite of the previous colour scheme. While the colours create a minimalistic design, the two contrasting colours are put together to create walls that exude confidence, elegance and sophistication. 

Pro Tip: The colour palette doesn’t end with the walls, as you can see in this image. The white curtains are in tandem with the colour combination. 

However, using a combination of such colours should never limit you from adding other colours. As you might have noticed, there are hints of wooden elements in the room, which breaks the continuity and also elevates the overall vibe of the room. If you want to see the overall impact of those wooden accents in the room, picture the image without the wooden elements.

3. Rose Gold Luxe

Trends come and go, but there are only a few that stick around for as long as rose gold has. While the trend began with jewellery, the colour has made its way to interior design. Besides being luxurious, the colour is very stylish and can be integrated into interiors to create a lavish décor. 

Pro Tip: While the colour palette compliments each other quite well, the same might not do well with other colours. So, make sure you either have the right furniture or get new ones.

In this home, the designer settled on coloured sections, but you don’t have to stick to that. Feel free to play around with various other patterns, getting a wavy pattern with a combination of these colours can have a great result.

4. Exposed Brick and Wood

Wall Paint Combinations

If there was a design that can instantly set the interiors of your home in a league of its own, it has to be an exposed brick wall. Besides giving your home an industrial look, it also brings a sense of warmth, character, and texture to a space. There’s zero involvement of paints on these walls per se, the actual colours come from the bricks themselves.

While the brick wall gives your home a unique look, it’s quite hard to come up with some complimenting colours for the home. However, adding wood to the interiors can elevate the already stylish design to a whole new level.

5. Tropical Walls

Wall from a Scandinavian design story, the wall features a variety of plants from what seems like an Amazon rainforest. A combination of white and various shades of green illuminate the room with a natural aura. The dichromatic colour palette flows through the wall, never dipping into being mundane but never too exciting. 

Such design has grown in popularity across the globe because of its minimalistic nature and the peaceful ambience that comes hand in hand. Moreover, the design has a prerequisite that the colours used in it are mostly of a lighter tone and are well complimented by other organic colours.

6. Colour Block Walls

Wall Paint Combinations

Now we are in uncharted waters since using such a combination of colours takes a brave and out-of-the-box thinker. Who finds beauty in chaos and isn’t afraid of vibrancy. As you can see in the image above, it’s not one or two colours, but more than four different colours that make up the walls in this room. 

Even though the thought of such a colour palette can be scary, the right designer can bring them all together in a way that creates a very artsy decor in your home. Furthermore, the wall isn’t limited to the various colours, a variety of shapes are used to give those colours meaning, which just adds to the beauty of the wall.

Pro Tip: Such extensive use of colours can be complicated, so we recommend hiring a professional to get the job done. However, if you can DIY your way to beautiful interiors, all the power to you!

7. Textured Off-White

The colour white never fails to create a calming and peaceful ambience in any home. But if you want to add a little curiosity to the walls, then adding textures to the colour can drastically elevate the ambience of your home. So is the story of this room, a combination of off-white textured paint and wood makes up the walls with touches of green that hint towards nature.

However, as elegant as the colours may make your home look, you would need equally unique and stylish furnishings and fixtures to complement the walls. If you want such modular furniture, Aertsen has a range of beautiful furniture that can be customised to your liking.

8. Intense Green Walls

Wall Paint Combinations

While the previous house colour design, just hinted towards nature. This colour combination brings the jungle home, the monochromatic decor can be intense but never fails to intrigue you. Even though there’s only one colour used on these walls, you can also use black for flooring, which will add mystery to your home.

Furthermore, if you use such colours in your home make sure you get furniture that is in similar dark hues as it will create a story rather than disrupt the design. The colours are minimalistic in nature but can also be perceived as fierce, and would need proper lighting to justify the design.

There are literally over 16,777,216 colour combinations that you can get for your home, but what matters is that it should convey who you are as a person. So, before settling on a home colour design, visualise what the finished product would look like. And you can do that through 3D visualisation, make sure you consult a visualiser before executing your plans.