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Most Popular Home Interior Designers & their Best Work

The home interior design industry is brimming with talented designers, but it takes that one stand-out factor which can make someone better than others. It could be a particular style, the use of new materials, integrating new age technology or even the brand they create around themselves, but none of them would have worked for them if they didn’t spend gruelling years hustling and working hard. Not to mention the consistent systematic rejection, so if you too are an aspiring interior designer trying your best to join the ranks of these brilliant designers, this blog will take you over some of the household names in the interior design industry.

Important Note: If you are not a designer, do not fret! You will still find the blog highly informative. The blog is the result of several days of deep research into projects, history and the early years of the designers.

What do interior designers do?

Everyone knows the simple answer, they design the interiors of your home. However, the job entails so much more than that. Besides being massively multi-faceted, their work begins by providing accurate professional advice for interior design services across the commercial and residential sectors. Their tasks also include providing initial design concepts, space planning, and product/material specifications, while these are hard enough tasks, they don’t even begin to scratch the surface of the mountain of work they do on a regular basis. However, their main goal is to deliver a space that matches all the client’s expectations.

Why hiring an interior designer is necessary?

Hiring an interior designer can make your life a hundred times easier, there are hundreds of things you must consider well before starting anything, not to mention the amount of time and effort that goes into a single project. But simply hiring an interior designer can make all these go away or, more accurately, become someone else’s headache. Design professionals spend years in the industry, which inevitably leads them to be in cahoots with a variety of vendors and suppliers who can help them save a ton of money. But most importantly, they can provide you with a complete visual story, so you can get an idea of what the finished project would look like.

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5 Best home interior designers

Here’s a list of our top picks of the best interior designers in the world. Moreover, the sequence of the list doesn’t signify the quality of work, they are all great at one thing or another and cannot be judged via one single factor.

1. Joanna Gaines

Popular Home Interior Designers

Born in Wichita, Kansas, Joanna Gaines is an American entrepreneur and interior designer. She first gained traction through the popular TV show “Fixer Upper” featuring her and her husband Chip Gaines. She also founded a lifestyle brand – Magnolia that sells a plethora of modern-farmhouse aesthetics.

When it comes to her design style, she is pretty versatile, the duo have transformed homes into a variety of styles, whether it’s a “mid-century-modern” look or it’s Scandinavian minimalism, she seems to have nailed every design style to the teeth. However, if there had to be a style she more often than not leaned towards, it has to be an updated rustic style influenced by various other design stories. Such an approach to decorating homes propelled her to mainstream media and made her a household name.

On the show “Fixer Upper”, she designed a widespread home – The Shotgun House. The house ended up selling for a whopping million dollars, which was originally bought for a measly $ 28,000 befitting its size. The appreciation in price came in the form of a makeover that transformed the home from a dingy little home to a delightful and compact abode.

Penetrating the multiple airy windows, the living room is permeated with natural lights. Even though the home is quite compact, with the meticulous use of natural light, furniture layout and colour palette, the inside of the home looks spacious. The home features an open floor plan that erases the lines between the living room and kitchen, while a single wall separated the kitchen from the bedroom. Above the bedroom, the available small space is turned into a small drawing room, connected to the kitchen via a ladder.

2. Nate Berkus

Popular Home Interior Designers - Nake Berkus

Often regarded as the most Googled interior designer and probably the youngest to reach the heights he has. Nate Berkus came into this world on 17th September 1971; he has always been a multi-faceted individual frequently featured on TV shows, and authored multiple books besides being a highly celebrated interior designer. He also runs a triumphant interior design firm – “Nate Berkus Associates” in Chicago.

Described by many in the industry as elegant, his design style balanced both modern and traditional aesthetics. Clean straight lines and a masculine vibe are accompanied by black, white, natural & earthy pops of colours. However, none of his clients have gone disappointed as his firm employed a multitude of design experts who can match up to the client’s expectations.

Over the years, Nate Berkus Associates have amassed a mountain of beautiful projects, but one can’t help themselves from having a favourite child and so does Nate. One of them is an NYC Town House transformed into a family home in collaboration with his husband Jeremiah Brent. The home, drenched in neutral colours and a contemporary theme encompasses the massive 3,400 sq. ft. area. The 1899 townhouse was transformed into a modern heaven located in the heart of New York City. In an interview with “Architectural Digest”, Nate describes he needed a space that conveys a story about him and his family. This led them to integrate a variety of things that best defined them, like the Van Cronenburg faucet in the kitchen or the butt load of attention to detail that went into building the kitchen.

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3. Kelly Wearstler

Popular Home Interior Designers - Kelly wrestler

Kelly Wrestler is an American interior designer, who founded her own design firm Kelly Westler Interior Design (KWID) in the 1900s. Even though her main focus was the hotel industry, she would hand-pick from the various requests from the residential and retail industries as well. The marvels of her work made her a household name, not just for the general public but among celebrities as well. Celebrities like Gwen Stafani, Camron Diaz and Stacy Sinder to name a few.

In an article from Forbes, Kelly Wearstler describes her design style quite eloquently. Her exact words were “a sort of falling in love over and over and over again”. The article then goes on to say, Wrestler looks at designs as “a way of storytelling, she always aims to tell evocative stories, adventures and full of soul, incorporating a mix of colours and materials. We think the article precisely captures the essence of her style, but to put it simply, her design takes sensory stimulation and smacks it dab in the middle of her design approach. Her work exploded with materiality, colour, and forms that hang between contemporary and vintage designs.

Because of her extravagant style and rise in popularity, Wrestler became the first choice for hotels and restaurants. One of her most popular works is The Avalon hotel, originally built in 1949 it underwent initial renovation in 1999. Putting together Wrestler’s dramatic style with the glamorous nostalgia of mid-century design. However, for its 10-year anniversary, the hotel was given a revamp by blending old Hollywood roots with a distinct 1950s vibe.

4. André Fu

Popular Home Interior Designers - andre fu

Landing his first major project in the early years of the 21st century. André Fu, then just 30 years old, executed a project of such magnitude for the Swire conglomerate. With a small team of three and zero hospitality experience, he took a bold step in conveying his own belief in hospitality in the designs.

Universal and transversal, ASFO (André Fu Studio) is an internationally acclaimed design studio based in Hong Kong. Lacking any borders, his work across the globe has revitalised modern luxury. Reflecting Fu’s signature artistic perspective and timeless sensibility, his work spans all scales and typologies, while mending the cracks between cultures. His portfolio of work is as versatile as it can get. In the recent past, he designed new amazing pieces for Louis Vuitton.

Among all those, wonderfully eccentric pieces are Louis Vuitton’s stylish objects – The Nomades collection still lies with all its beauty and glory at the iconic Pedder building in Hong Kong, designed by André Fu and a handful of prolific architects. However, the newly unveiled piece called Ribbon Dance, also designed by André Fu shows off all its seductive lines and voluptuous curves. The piece seemingly merges Fu’s sense of beauty with Louis Vitton’s iconic products.

5. Sunita Kholi

Popular Home Interior Designers - sunitha kholi

Last but not least, Sunita Kholi is an Indian interior designer, architectural restorer and furniture manufacturer. A highly decorated individual, accredited to restore and decorate Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House, prime minister’s office and Hyderabad house in New Delhi. And for her work over the years, she was awarded the Padma Shri by the Indian government in 1992.

Kohli, the president of K2INDIA, is known for her research-based style of design. Regardless of what style you throw at her, she produced results 10x more than your expectations. However, she often tends to lean towards a blend of modern and traditional Indian elements scattered throughout.

Looking at one of her recent works in a Gurugram apartment, her expression of Indian contemporary design prolifically describes her design style. Encompassing all the texture and shades of the great outdoors, the home admirably mimics the beauty of nature. Drenched in marble, wooden finishes and textured paint, the home is as close to perfection as it can get. Even though the home spans an enormous space, no corner of the home feels unattended. Whether it’s the designer furniture or the well-curated layout of each room, everything feels in tandem with each other.

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To sum up – These were the best interior designers the world has to offer, hopefully, one day your name might also be added to this list. We here at Aertsen, await that day with all the excitement in the world. If you want to keep up with the latest trends and news on the latest interior design industry, you might want to check out our expert advice section which can guide you through the sophisticated world of interior design.