A Concert of Modern & Classical Designs

The ornate wooden beading on the walls and low hanging pendant lights in the entrance foyer gives you a glimpse into what’s to come next.
Designed For
Mr. Karthik
4-BHK apartment
33 lakhs
Italian architecture has always mesmerised people from all over the globe. Be it the artistic beading on the walls or the fancy furniture, it never fails to astonish the onlookers. Perhaps that’s the reason Mr. Kartik settled on a neoclassical interior design. However, the designers threw a bit of modern style into the mix to liven up the place. The apartment in question is located in Vijayawada and follows a traditional floor plan. It is a four-bedroom apartment with a total square footage of 3096.

The ornate wooden beading on the walls and low hanging pendant lights in the entrance foyer give you a glimpse into what’s to come next. Across from this wall is the drawing room, which is separated by a beautiful aluminium square-framed folding door and Saint Gobain glass inserts.

The drawing room itself is the best representation of what the amalgamation of neoclassical and modern styles looks like. Take the textured wall behind the TV unit and the powder-coated welded metal frame rack. It’s more of a modern design. Whereas the furniture, along with beadings and the round picture frames on the opposite wall, is strictly classical.

Moving on to the living room, the shift in the colour palette is more than obvious. While the drawing room had blues and whites, the living room is dominated by beige-coloured walls and dark furniture. Taking the neoclassical theme to the next level, the walls are decorated with Indus art wallpaper surrounded by ornate beading. Further enhancing the neoclassical style are the plush classical sofas, the torchiere lamp, and one of the most unique coffee tables with a marble counter top.

Connected to the living room, the pooja room is decorated with tile cladding on the main wall and gokul pechai wallpaper over the wall panelling. Additionally, the idol is perched atop a platform that is atop the pooja storage unit.

As much as the entire pooja room adds to the classical theme, no other room does it better than the master bedroom. From the distinctive beadings on the bed's back wall, to the bed and furniture in the room, everything adds a mid-18th century vibe to the room. Besides the master bedroom, the home has three more bedrooms that are distinctively decorated.

To add the final touches to the home, the owner settled on a modular kitchen with a blind sink unit, bottle pull out, tandem drawers, convection units, and more. In the end, keeping up with the neoclassical theme, the home came out better than either party ever expected.

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