A Lavish Retro-Futuristic Dwelling

This apartment in My Home Bhooja (Gachibowli) is an embodiment of old western design elements morphed with modern design styles, in other words, a Neo-Classical design style.
Designed For
Mr. Shri Hari
3 BHK Apartment
30 lakhs
A western lifestyle in the United States can never have the desired nostalgic effect Mr. Shri Hari so longed for. Seeking that connection to the homeland drove Mr. Shri Hari to invest in a getaway home in Hyderabad. The 3 BHK apartment in My Home Bhooja (Gachibowli) spans over 2200 sq. ft. area and is an embodiment of old western design elements morphed with modern design styles, in other words, a Neo-Classical design style.

Located in an upscale area of Hyderabad, the home in Gachibowli doubled in value with this renovation project besides giving the family a getaway home when homesickness takes over. However, after several years in the luxurious apartments of upstate New York, they desired a similar experience in this occasional apartment they would call home. So, we drew up the plans layering several design elements from both modern and classical design styles giving birth to the brand-new interiors of this home.

The serendipitous tour of the home kicks off with the drawing-room, and an overwhelming sense of grandeur takes over upon entering the space, and the reason just might be the walls in the room. Drenched in neutral colours (Salt White from Asian Paints) and sprinkled with golden accents, the room is embellished with multiple accent walls and populated by plush elegant furniture. Beadings from Maria Decor, wall sconce, modern artwork, recessed lights, marbled floors and a glorious false ceiling integrated with diverse lights create an enchanting décor and sets the mood for the rest of the home. But, the one wall that swept us off our feet is the one right in front of the sofas; a grand square-shaped wonder uses Braziliano Natura marble from Qutone accompanied by accent lights along the edges of the marble and surrounded by beadings.

The drawing room then leads to the living room through a hall emulating one from a prehistoric castle with doors on either side leading to the master bedroom and guest bedroom. These parallel walls of the hall are bestowed with beadings, wall sconces and artwork, which work a great deal to hold your gaze while you transition to the more intimate space of the home.

On the other side of the hall, a beautiful living room awaits with a similar overall theme but introduces a wide window pouring with natural light. The space is filled with an L-shaped off-white sofa and a sleek coffee table in black with gold trims. Facing the seating area, the TV is fixed atop beaded walls along with a floating TV unit featuring a white marble countertop. While on the opposite wall, wallpaper from Asian Paints surrounded by beading introduces an artsy touch to the room.

Moving on to the kitchen, a breakfast counter along with an L-shaped layout features a multitude of features that every premium kitchen should be equipped with. The best-in-class kitchen hardware from brands including Blum, Onyx and Higold is incorporated into each and every corner of the kitchen to help you get the most out of cooking.

Stylish & Grand Bedroom

Designing a bedroom takes special attention and meticulous work to get the desired aesthetics, besides creating the right atmosphere and harbour superior living conditions. So, our designers poured in countless hours to design the bedrooms, giving special attention to the master bedroom. Also, it's worth mentioning, the kid's bedroom, though smaller in size, is a classic example of the perfect modern bedroom.

The result is a bedroom which would give the most luxurious hotel bedrooms a run for their money. Lathered in various shades of brown along with gold accents throughout the room, it features a console wall ornamented with a painting over beaded walls and upfront a console table with a white wooden top and gold sprayed legs. The storage solution doesn’t lag far behind either, featuring two swing wardrobes with glass doors, gold profile and premium laminates, they enhance both functionality and aesthetics of the room.

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