Breach The Boring!

Superior productivity demands modern interiors, and nothing does it better than vibrant colours and fun walls.
Designed For
Mr. Santosh
12 lakhs
Toggle Now. As imaginative as their name is, their previous workspace never really reflected that. Ergo, the entire space was redecorated. Located in Madhapur, the workspace follows an open floor plan and can house up to 40 employees effortlessly. Mr. Santosh, the commander and chief, desired a more modernistic working environment for his employees.

While scouring the internet for the best interior designers, he stumbled upon Aertsen. The designers at Aertsen knew exactly what he was looking for; a vibrant colour palette with progressive ambiance. Complimenting the bright colours used on the walls are a combination of profile, pendant and monorail lights throughout the office.

It’s not just the colours that bring the place to life; the space is decorated with various graphical elements that further enhance the decor and make the space feel more lived in. Moreover, the space is crawling with plants hanging from the ceiling, adding to the overall aesthetic of the office.

Furthermore, the open floor plan makes the place much more breathable, along with adeptly placed windows that let the sunlight in, encouraging higher productivity. Adding to the ambiance is the variety of modular furniture; from counter stools to office chairs to sofas, everything adds value to the overall setting.

Moving towards Mr. Santosh's cabin, the ambiance exudes the feeling of comfort and abundance. This might be because of the combination of orange and grey-colored walls and this is amplified by the relaxing area decorated with low-hanging lights, a low-profile coffee table, and some wall art.

The office has undergone a significant transformation when compared to how it appeared before the project. It has since been transformed into a space with vibrant colours, modular furniture, and a motivated workforce in place of plain and boring desks and monotone coloured walls.

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