Essence Of Nature

Designed to uplift spaces with natural elements and textures.
Designed For
Mr. Dinesh
3-BHK apartment
30 lakhs
Embrace the Essence of Nature: Discover a world where tranquility meets beauty. Where lush landscapes and serene surroundings inspire peace and harmony. This rustic yet modern 3-BHK home spans 2,700 sqft. It draws inspiration from natural textures and color palettes. Combining rustic charm with contemporary flair, the design concept revolves around. A modern style infused with a touch of contemporary elegance. Throughout the place, wooden panels with gold inlay adorn the backdrop of the living room. It emanates an aura of warmth and sophistication. The interplay of natural textures and luxurious accents. Which creates a captivating focal point, inviting relaxation into the home's ambiance.

An innovative green wall encircles the vanity area, complementing the wooden details. It shutters while infusing the space with a vibrant atmosphere. Despite its east-facing orientation, ample sunlight floods the home. It is further enhanced by luxury hanging lights and a place to highlight key features.
In keeping with the requirements typical of Indian homes, generous storage solutions. It is fast integrated without compromising on aesthetics. Each texture and finish is with care chosen to reflect the family's personality. It's from glossy-rich finishes for storage compartments to matte. Rugged walls create striking focal points.

Every aspect of this cozy abode with great care is chosen, with a focus on visual connectivity. Continuous textures flow fast from one space to another. Creating a harmonious atmosphere throughout. Lively plants add a touch of greenery, infusing the home with life and vitality. In this summary, this 3BHK home is a harmonious blend of rustic charm. From its natural-inspired elements to its thoughtful design details. Every aspect is crafted crafted to create a captivating place. It reflects the unique personality of its inhabitants. While providing a comfortable and stylish living environment.

Bright, modern & beyond

With it’s dramatic and realistic moon-light, this space-themed bedroom brings new meaning to “a room with a view”. Complementary colors ,modern furnishings and a minimal vibe complete the space, giving a fun & creative space for the children’s bedroom.

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Komal Agarwal


Chandrakanth Kummari

Project Executive

Bharkas Ganesh

3D visualizer