Idyllic Aura Of a Picturesque Home

Surrounded by acres of vistas as far as the eyes can see, the 3BHK apartment in the Lotus apartment complex cherishes the rich history of Guntur city.
Designed For
Mrs. Shashikala
2-BHK Apartment
30 lakhs
Homes, as far as we can go back in time, have been influenced by the fashionable inclinations of each generation. And this has been a true and sturdy design ideology practised to this day, taking shape in the form of a contemporary design style. So, when Mrs. Shashikala came seeking a modern cosy haven, a contemporary design story was the obvious choice.

Surrounded by acres of vistas as far as the eyes can see, the 3BHK apartment in the Lotus apartment complex cherishes the rich history of Guntur city. Stretching over a 2,000 sq. ft. area, the home's interior never absconds on the charm of a modern lifestyle. Encompassing sharp lines, geometric shapes and an elegant colour palette, everything propagates a joyish ambience that the client is all about.

Diving straight in, the home greets you with a beige living room and the TV unit as the focal point. Ornate with Ambrato White marble slabs from Axi Marble alongside sections of gold-tinted mirrors, the TV unit wall also features a floating console table under the TV and a tall cabinet on the right, equipped with liner lights inside, which adds to the aesthetic appeal. Facing it, the seating area consists of grey plush sofas with gold-sprayed aluminium legs and a coffee table in the middle with a marble top and identical gold-sprayed legs as the sofas.

Moving on to the dining room, the dining table was beyond our scope, but we made the most out of the crockery cum vanity unit. Merged together, the entire unit (excluding the top shutters) is given a Frosty White finish while the carcass is bestowed with a Treeline Oak finish, both from Dorby Mica. On the top, however, clear glass shutters with brushed gold profiles, linear lights and the carcass finished with Treeline Oak, adds a certain wooden flair to the space. The bottom counter then flows over to the vanity section with a wash bowl from Euroqo sitting in front of a touch-sensitive smart mirror.

As for the kitchen, a modular upgrade was seen fit. Taking a U-shaped kitchen layout as a silhouette, our designers equipped the kitchen with modern and highly functional features including cutlery trays from Onyx, bottle pull-outs and tandem drawers from Hi-gold, soft close hinges from Hettich alongside Statuario Krypton marble cladding on the walls from Varmora and Granite countertops.

Velvety Bedrooms

Though the home has three bedrooms, attention seems to wander towards the master bedroom consistently. And for good reason! Ornate with foam-filled grey fabric, the gold-sprayed aluminium trims run down each section of the accent wall. The same colour seeps into other elements of the room as well, including the armchair, bed and even the carpet. However, the colour palette isn’t limited to grey but also includes white and sprinkles of blue and wooden accents throughout the room, resulting in an overall décor that creates an airy and warm atmosphere, fit to resolve modern stress full lives.

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