Minimalist Sophistication

The 3 BHK home follows a traditional floor plan and perfectly embodies the minimalist theme through its natural colour and material palette.
Designed For
Mr. Sandeep
3-BHK apartment
20 Lakhs
As Jennie C. Jones, an artist known for her minimalist style of artistry, once said, there is a poetic nature to minimalism that is about striking a balance between full and empty. And that is exactly the ideology Aertsen followed while designing this 2,100 sq. ft. home in Prestige High Fields, an apartment complex located in the Financial District of Hyderabad. The area is an IT, real estate, and architectural suburb and is set to experience rapid development in the coming years.

Keeping up with the theme, the interior follows a blend of Scandinavian and rustic styles. Both design ideas come together perfectly to build the home Mr. Sandeep always dreamt of. The 3 BHK home follows a traditional floor plan and perfectly embodies the minimalist theme through its natural colour and material palette. Whilst the colour palette is dominated by muted greys, the design language is best manifested through the furniture.

Jumping head first, the entrance to the home opens up to a small foyer area with a three-seater sofa separated by a wooden partition from the living room. And it’s quite a well-known fact that most families spend the bulk of their time in this area, so the designers decided to put special emphasis on this room. The room is decorated with a concrete-textured backdrop, with a plush yellow sofa and a floral accent chair complementing it. To finish the look, they added a mirror-based art piece on the wall behind the sofa. And on the opposite side of the wall, the TV unit is installed on a combination of fluted panelling and marble slabs.

Moving to the bedrooms, the designers have used distinctive colour palettes for each, but the overall theme still remains the same. Of the three bedrooms, the master bedroom stands out the most because stepping into this room makes you feel as if you are surrounded by nature. The dominant colour in this room continues to be grey, along with white walls, a wooden wardrobe, and a splash of green through cushions and a headboard. Also, multiple plants are placed in the room, amplifying the Scandinavian style.

And how can you forget about the kitchen and dining area, which are separated by a single wall? The kitchen follows a linear design with two counters on either side. Adjoining the kitchen is the pooja area, which is separated from the kitchen by a wooden partition. And on the opposite side of the wall, the dining room houses a wooden dining table and chairs with plush cushions. Right beside it is the crockery unit, with glass cabinets on top and solid grey cabinets at the bottom. The black marble dado in the middle flows down the counter top, making it the perfect finishing touch for the room.

Finally, perhaps the best part of this apartment is the balcony, overlooking the entire housing complex. The balcony is surrounded by a variety of lush green plants and two outdoor armchairs, a perfect place for morning tea.

Overall, the house came out to be the literal embodiment of minimalist yet sophisticated design, and yet again, Aertsen gained a satisfied client.

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