Modern Alchemy

Harmony in Every Hue: A Captivating Interplay of Modern Elegance and Tranquility
Designed For
Ms. Saritha
25 Lakhs
Modern 3BHK Home Design in KPHB

Ms. Saritha's stunning 3BHK home in KPHB, Hyderabad, is a modern masterpiece of light, space, and color. Stepping inside, you're greeted by the airy feel of crisp white walls, creating a blank canvas for her tasteful design choices.

Dining area for Stylish Gatherings

The dining area is a perfect example of her modern-with-a-touch-of-warmth aesthetic. A sleek round dining table, stained in a deep, rich hue, takes center stage. It's complemented by a light sideboard and coffee table, creating a harmonious contrast. Pops of color come courtesy of the blue upholstered dining chairs, adding a touch of personality and tying in with the artwork on the wall.

Living Room: Conversation Central

The living room is an invitation to relax and connect. The white sofa, accented with throw pillows in shades of blue and green, echoes the colors of the dining chairs and artwork, creating a sense of visual cohesion. A geometric-patterned armchair in white, blue, and gray adds a touch of graphic interest.

Abstract Art for a Touch of Personality

A large abstract painting in shades of green and white graces the wall, infusing the space with a touch of personality and tying in perfectly with the colour palette of the furniture and rug. The geometric pattern of the rug, in light grey and blue, adds texture and visual interest to the floor, while also subtly defining the living area.

Lighting: Bright and Functional

Ms. Saritha's home masterfully blends form and function when it comes to lighting. Recessed lighting provides general illumination, keeping the space bright and airy. Pendant lights add focused task lighting to the dining table and coffee table, ensuring practicality and ambiance.

Minimalist Elegance: Beauty in Natural Light

Drenched in natural light from a large window, this room exudes brightness and airiness. The neutral palette, featuring light greige walls and crisp white bedding, sets a serene backdrop. Wooden accents add warmth and tie in with the natural light, while pops of green in pillows, plants, and artwork infuse vibrancy. Embracing minimalism, the clean lines and uncluttered surfaces evoke a calm atmosphere. A textured rug underlines the sleeping space, offering visual interest and coziness.

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Tanmayi Gonthukupudi


Gokul J Nair

3D Visualiser

Shashi Kumar

Project Manager